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Mattel WWE Elite 34 Now Up for Pre-Order!

Mattel WWE Elite 34!
Mattel WWE Elite 34!

Mattel WWE Elite 34!

The Mattel WWE Elite Series 34 has finally been put up for PRE-ORDER on Ringside Collectibles! This set includes not only long awaited Legend debuts, but long awaited roster debuts. The set includes:

  • Hulk Hogan
  • Paige
  • Doink the Clown
  • John Cena
  • Bad News Barrett
  • Rusev

Hulk Hogan finally makes his non-Defining Moments, Mattel WWE Elite debut and it’s set to be ground breaking. This version of the Hulkster will carry a modern day look based on his return to the WWE in 2014. Fans have been looking to get their hands on as much Hulk Hogan as possible in relation to Mattel WWE figures, so Hulkamania is truly running wild for wrestling figure fans.

Paige’s wild ways are finally making their way to Mattel WWE figure form. Debuting as an Elite figure just further shows the popularity of Paige and her high demand. With her now classic purple ring attire and full articulation, fans can re-create all the strange behavior she does so well in their figure collections.

Doink the Clown has been a WWE staple since his debut in the ’90’s. More often spoken about and heard as the butt of a joke than seen, everyone will be laughing away when he debuts in Mattel WWE Elite 34. Wrestling figure fans can only hope that Dink is right behind, ready to be released.

The WWE Universe is still firmly planted behind John Cena, who leads the CeNation into battle week in and week out. It’s no surprise that he receives another Mattel WWE Elite figure, this time showing off a new set of colors with his now legendary ring attire. The CeNation is still as strong as can be.

We’re afraid we have some GOOD news for fans of Bad News Barrett…he will finally be getting a ‘Bad News’ Elite treatment in Mattel WWE Elite 34! Speculation has run rampant as to his accessories but fans are keeping their fingers crossed for a podium or at the very least, a gavel. Hopefully Wade Barrett returns to the ring before the debut of this figure.

Rusev has proven that he will crush anyone and everyone who stands in his way in the WWE. With Elite articulation, that only proves truer as he can power his way through your entire wrestling figures roster. The Russian hero answers only to Lana and Vladimir Putin, looking to make his mark as the most memorable Russian in WWE history.

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Ringside Fest 2014 Recap!

Another Ringside Fest has come and gone, this time with an all-star WWE lineup and some amazing looks at upcoming Mattel WWE wrestling figures! Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Bella Twins, Goldust & Stardust all had a great time at the event, signing autographs and taking pictures for fans as they got to see the newest Mattel WWE toys.

A Mattel WWE Defining Moments Hulk Hogan had fans oohing, ahhing and getting excited to let Hulkamania run wild as they finally get their hands on the Hulkster himself. The figure comes with a cloth shirt, old-school WWE Championship, bandana & chain, making a perfect first representation of Hogan as he enters the Mattel WWE line. He was also present at the event in WWE basic forms, both classic style and modern day style!

Dean Ambrose, who signed autographs at the event and met tons of fans, got a first look at his newest Mattel WWE figure, complete with street-fighting look that he has made famous since the disbandment of The Shield.

Fans of the ‘Bad Guy’ Scott Hall were treated to another look at the upcoming Mattel WWE Defining Moments Razor Ramon figure, complete in purple attire and ready to flick tooth picks at opponents!

Overall, Ringside Fest 2014 was a great success and fans were treated to closer looks of Mattel WWE figures that they didn’t get to see up close at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The fans were happy, the WWE Superstars were happy and Ringside Collectibles was thrilled to have so many loyal customers, fans and friends at Carolines on Broadway in New York City!

See more images below!


HULKAMANIA Finally Runs Wild With Mattel & WWE!

Hulkamania has finally arrived. Since Hulk Hogan’s return to the WWE family nearly a year ago, fans have been clamoring for Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figures. We have been treated to looks at them, but they are finally beginning to roll out in different forms with spot on, accurate Mattel WWE figures. The first Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figure shown at San Diego Comic-Con turned out to be part of the Defining Moments line.

With a classic style, bandana, old-school WWE Championship belt and a spot on version of the Hulkster, wrestling figure collectors freaked out when they finally got to see the finished product at Ringside Fest 2014.

Also on display at Ringside Fest 2014 was a Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figure in basic style. For fans of the basic series of figures, they will be getting their version of Hogan just as Elite collectors will receive theirs.

Probably the most surprising version of Hulk Hogan was his Mattel WWE Signature Series figure. Complete with sunglasses, red Hulkamania shirt and a modern day look, fans couldn’t believe it when they saw a version of Hulk Hogan that reflected his current look. Anyone looking to make Hulk Hogan their wrestling figure General Manager can do so with delight.

With great versions of Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figures both past and present, fans are wondering what looks they might come up with next either from Hogan’s storied career thus far, or what may be coming in the future.

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Celebrate Hulkamania With New Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan Figures!

Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan wrestling figure!

Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan wrestling figure!

As recently announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Mattel will finally be partnering with Hulk Hogan to release Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan action figures! While the possibilities are endless as to which figures could be released as Hogan has so many different, iconic looks, we were treated to a few of them at Comic-Con. One is an 80’s version of the Hulkster, and another looks to be a modern day version of everyone’s favorite legendary wrestler.

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_102[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_101[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_100[1]

This basic version looks to have a sculpt better reflecting how Hulk Hogan looks now, in all of his years young. With black pants, a red shirt and a prototype sculpt, it’d be perfect for anyone looking for a new General Manager of their wrestling figures. A modern day Hulk Hogan would make many wrestling figure fans thrilled.

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_091[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_035 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_015

The first ever Mattel WWE Elite Hulk Hogan will better reflect one of Hogan’s most popular eras, his time as WWF Champion in the late 80’s. With Elite articulation and a body mold to specifically fit Hulk Hogan like no other, this will also come with the style of WWF Championship belt at the time. It’s the definitive Hulk Hogan for any Hulkamaniacs who grew up in the 80’s.

With the nWo, Hogan’s 2002 WWE return and all of WCW, New Japan and beyond, there are tons of styles and looks that Mattel can produce throughout Hogan’s career. This is just the beginning, and fans should look forward to more Hulk Hogan figures to come in the future.

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The Mattel WWE Display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014! TONS of NEW Images!

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_049[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_050[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_051[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_052[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_053[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_054[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_055[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_056[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_057[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_058[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_059[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_060[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_061[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_062[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_063[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_064[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_065[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_066[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_067[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_068[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_069[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_070[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_071[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_072[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_073[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_074[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_075[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_076[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_077[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_078[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_079[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_081[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_082[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_083[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_084[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_085[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_086[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_087[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_088[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_089[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_090[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_091[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_092[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_093[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_094[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_095[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_096[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_097[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_098[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_099[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_100[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_101[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_102[1]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZoRvMVAU1Y

Arguably one of the most eventful San Diego Comic-Con’s ever for the Mattel WWE line, the Mattel WWE display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 showcased some amazing new wrestling figures and super detailed versions of extremely sought after Legends and Superstars!

– A Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan is now a reality, along with a Mattel WWE Razor Ramon, Mattel WWE Ric Flair and a Mattel WWE Sting! After a surprising reveal, fans got to have a close look at early builds of each on display.

– Showing off the latest Mattel WWE Elite 30, Mattel WWE Elite 31 and Mattel WWE Elite 32 sets, some standouts included the Legion of Doom in new, spot on attire and a Wyatt Family member Daniel Bryan. Also making their way into the display was a Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio and the Lex Express himself, Lex Luger.

– Big Van Vader himself, Vader has made his way back into the Mattel WWE line with an elaborate representation of his helmet and ‘It’s Vader Time’ tights! Also featured was a Mattel WWE Elite Rocky Maivia, the happy version of The Rock before he became the thrilling Superstar he is today.

– Fans have been clamoring for a Mattel WWE Paige figure and Mattel placed one on display just to give them a taste of what is in store! This accurate Paige figure looks as though she could begin screeching at any moment, just like in real life.

See images of the entire display and video above and below!

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_001 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_002 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_003 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_004 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_005 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_006 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_007 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_008 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_009 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_010 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_011 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_012 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_013 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_014 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_015 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_016 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_017 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_018 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_019 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_020 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_021 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_023 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_024 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_025 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_026 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_027 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_028 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_029 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_030 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_031 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_032 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_033 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_034 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_035 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_036 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_037 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_038 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_039 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_040 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_041 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_042 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_043 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_044 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_045 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_046 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_047 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_048

Mattel WWE San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Panel Coverage!

The Mattel WWE Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2014 proved full of surprises and amazing looks at upcoming Mattel WWE wrestling figures! Fans were treated to a panel that included Mattel designer Bill Miekina, Mattel’s Mitchell Cameron, Michael Cole, Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan, Paul Heyman and a surprise, completely unexpected appearance from Sting! The Stinger himself came in to debut his upcoming Mattel WWE figure and talk about his new partnership with WWE. Fans went wild! Watch the entire Mattel WWE SDCC 2014 Panel above and see close up images of the figures showcased and the panel members below. The upcoming figures shown include:

  • Razor Ramon
  • X-Pac
  • The Usos (Jimmy and Jey)
  • Batista (Bluetista version)
  • El Torito
  • Mankind
  • Jerry Lawler
  • Junkyard Dog
  • Eva Marie
  • Ricky Steamboat
  • Alexander Rusev
  • Lana
  • Bo Dallas
  • Adam Rose
  • Sami Zayn
  • Triple H and Daniel Bryan
  • The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg)
  • Andre The Giant and Big Show
  • Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker
  • Roman Reigns
  • Cesaro
  • Doink the Clown
  • The first EVER Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan
  • The first EVER Mattel WWE Sting

sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_001 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_002 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_003 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_004 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_005 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_006 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_007 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_008 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_009 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_010 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_011 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_012 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_013 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_014 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_015 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_016 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_017 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_018 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_019 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_020 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_021 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_022 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_023 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_024 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_025 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_026 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_027 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_028 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_029 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_030 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_031 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_032 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_033 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_034 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_035 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_036 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_037 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_038 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_039 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_040 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_041 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_042 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_043 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_044 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_045 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_046 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_047 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_048 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_049 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_050 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_051 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_052 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_053 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_054 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_055 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_056 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_057 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_058


San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Mattel WWE Panel Revealed!

The Mattel WWE San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Panel!

The Mattel WWE San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Panel!

Mattel and WWE have made huge, strong showings at the San Diego Comic-Con since partnering up in 2010, and 2014 looks to be no different. With perhaps their most exciting panel ever, the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con brings top WWE Superstars and Legends to the stage and multiplies the excitement! The official statement reads:

Thursday, July 24 • 10:15am – 11:15am

Mattel and WWE: Over-the-Top-Action!
Two of the world’s top entertainment companies have teamed up for the ultimate panel at SDCC. WWE Superstars and Mattel designers will talk about the all-new WWE Network and give exclusive sneak peeks of Mattel’s upcoming WWE figure releases! Incredible guest appearances by Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan, Michael Cole, Paul Heyman, and you never know what else will be unveiled. This is a panel you won’t want to miss, brother!

The inclusion of Hulk Hogan opens a floodgate of questions that Mattel will hopefully (and likely) answer. With so many different iconic looks throughout his legendary career, a Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figure comes with endless possibilities. With the nWo, Hulk Hogan’s classic runs as WWE Champion or even his return to the WWE in 2002, Hogan will have the more impact on the Mattel WWE line than arguably anyone produced as a Mattel WWE figure before him.

Daniel Bryan is currently on the WWE ‘disabled list’ but after his appearance at Money in the Bank 2014, is clearly still beloved. His appearance at SDCC 2014 is his only announced appearance for WWE in the near future, so it will give fans a chance to see him again and to check out more of his updated (and spot on) Mattel WWE figures.

Michael Cole has history with Daniel Bryan and the entire WWE Universe as they love to hate him but deep down, wouldn’t be able to live without him. With only one Mattel WWE figure to date, it’s possible that he could be announced in another line or just be showing up to give fans a hard time. Depending on which of Michael Cole’s diverse personalities we are getting, he will add an element of fun.

Paul Heyman, legendary in his own right, will likely have plenty to say about Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker, and even Daniel Bryan. With underlying conflict floating through the air, the pot will likely be stirred by Heyman and wherever he is, his ‘clients’ can’t be far behind. With two Mattel WWE figure treatments to his name, Paul Heyman can always be due for more.

Also, Mattel will be offering sneak peeks at upcoming Mattel WWE figures as they do every year. With so many amazing wrestling figures produced so far, fans still have loads of legends and modern superstars they want to see given the treatment. San Diego Comic-Con is always a big step in filling that need for collectors and fans!

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Hulk Hogan and John Cena at WrestleMania XXX!

Hulk Hogan and John Cena at WrestleMania 30!
Hulk Hogan and John Cena at WrestleMania 30!

Hulk Hogan and John Cena at WrestleMania 30!

Two of the most iconic faces to ever grace the WWE Universe are Hulk Hogan and John Cena. With Hulk Hogan’s return to a WWE ring on the way to WrestleMania XXX, he will be hosting the big event and has constantly eluded to the fact that he is not afraid of getting physical with any WWE Superstar that thinks he has lost a step. John Cena has never shown any aggression towards Hulk Hogan, but he has stated over the years that Hogan is one of his all time favorites, and with his problems he continues to have with the Wyatt Family, who better to call on than the Immortal Hulk Hogan for help? With a Hulk Hogan Mattel WWE figure on the horizon, fans will soon be able to re-enact Hulk Hogan rescuing John Cena from the Wyatt Family, whether it happens in the WWE or not!

Mattel WWE Series 39 John Cena!

Mattel WWE Series 39 John Cena!

John Cena sees more Mattel WWE releases than almost every other WWE Superstar, and his latest is a perfect representation of the leader of the CeNation. With his perfectly cropped haircut, huge muscles and shorts ring attire in WWE Series 39, John Cena is ready, will and able to defend his own honor anytime, any place. He will never admit to being anything other than indestructible, and despite the fear of the Wyatt Family he is experiencing, he would never ask for help from Hulk Hogan. If Hogan were to show up in his defense, however, Cena would be hard pressed not to accept.

Mattel WWE Series 39 Bray Wyatt!

Mattel WWE Series 39 Bray Wyatt!

Bray Wyatt is terrifying both John Cena and the WWE Universe with his cult-like attacks and targeting of Cena himself. With his first Mattel WWE release in Series 39, he is not only making his presence known in the ring, but in the wrestling figure world. The figure is a must have for those looking to really put the pressure on their John Cena collection. After all, one Bray Wyatt shouldn’t be able to successfully defeat over 100 John Cena figures, right?…Right?

Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan wrestling figure!

Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan wrestling figure!

Hulk Hogan has returned to the WWE and has (so far) stayed out of most of the affairs of the WWE Superstars. Looking as if he hasn’t changed a bit, Hulk Hogan could shock and surprise fans with a return to the ring in 2014 if he is in as good a shape as he claims to be. If he does return to the ring, a Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figure featuring his modern day look would be a necessity. Wrestling figure fans could face off their Hulk Hogan figure with any Superstar on the WWE roster that also has a figure, leaving an endless amount of possible fantasy match-ups. A boa accessory, bandana or sunglasses wouldn’t hurt, either.

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 28 Erick Rowan & Luke Harper!

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 28 Erick Rowan & Luke Harper!

If John Cena were indeed to receive back-up from Hulk Hogan in his challenges against Bray Wyatt, the Wyatt Family would be sure to follow. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have been part of the relentless attacks against Cena and would defend their Wyatt Family leader to the absolute end, even if it meant having to stand up to an icon like Hulk Hogan. With a Mattel WWE release in Battle Packs 28, both Harper and Rowan can join in on any conflict of Bray Wyatt’s against WWE figures, including Hogan.

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A Mattel WWE nWo Hulk Hogan Possibility!

With Hulk Hogan’s WWE deal return rumored to be imminent, the speculation runs rampant as to what his return will entail and how he will make his present felt both in the WWE and possibly at WrestleMania. While he most likely will be a favorite of the fans upon his return, Hulk Hogan’s wrestling history will be constantly discussed, analyzed and remembered. Among this is his time in the nWo, perfectly geared towards many different Mattel WWE action figures. Here are a few of the different looks that would make great Hulk Hogan wrestling action figures:

Mattel WWE Bash at the Beach 1996 Hulk Hogan!

Mattel WWE Bash at the Beach 1996 Hulk Hogan!

The nWo Hulk Hogan wrestling figure conversation simply can’t be had without bringing up Hulk Hogan’s original look when forming the nWo. At Bash at the Beach 1996, the WCW was taken by storm and it was the last time for years and years that fans would see the red and yellow version of Hulk Hogan they had grown to love. This may be the only version of the red and yellow that invokes evil feelings for many fans of the Hulkster.

Classic nWo Hollywood Hulk Hogan Mattel WWE figure!

Classic nWo Hollywood Hulk Hogan Mattel WWE figure!

WCW champion and villain too cool for words, Hollywood Hulk Hogan sported the black and white best he could. With the Hollywood bandana, defaced, spraypainted WCW championship and any number of lightning bolted tights, Hulk Hogan’s leadership of the nWo is classic World Championship Wrestling. A version of this Hogan as opposed to a version based on his match with The Rock at WrestleMania 18 would be unique and not something done in a classic style wrestling figure to date.

Mattel WWE Wolfpac Hollywood Hulk Hogan figure!

Mattel WWE Wolfpac Hollywood Hulk Hogan figure!

After the ‘Finger Poke of Doom’ incident and the re-inclusion of Hulk Hogan in the New World Order, Hogan began to sport a look that was a combination of nWo Wolfpac style and nWo Hollywood style. Though short lived, this look is memorable for many fans of Hogan. With WCW heading downhill shortly after, Hulk Hogan’s WCW days may very well have ended in the fans of many with this look.

nWo Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock Mattel WWE figure!

nWo Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock Mattel WWE figure!

When facing off with The Rock at WrestleMania 18, Hulk Hogan wore a black and white boa, nWo shirt and detailed ring tights and boots to step in the squared circle. One of his most memorable looks as a member of the nWo didn’t take place in a WCW ring, but when facing off against the Great One. Many fans who missed WCW’s original run only enjoy this version of Hulk Hogan, and thus he must be included on the list.

Hulk Hogan is a wrestling icon, quite possibly the most famous and recognizable wrestler in the world to this very day, and his time in the New World Order from it’s formation to it’s disbandment to it’s reformation in the WWE, he is as representative of the Black and White as one can get.

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HULKAMANIA RETURNS! As a Mattel WWE Wrestling Figure?!

With Hulk Hogan quitting his managerial job at TNA Wrestling and testing the ‘free agent’ market, speculation is ‘running wild’ as to whether or not he will return to what many consider his home, the WWE. So far, Hulk has teased returning to the company, though in what capacity remains to be seen. After numerous back surgeries and aging body parts it’s impossible to tell if Hulk Hogan could wrestle another match, but wrestling figure fans like to keep their interests elsewhere. If Hogan were to rejoin WWE, the question of his Mattel WWE action figure would become not an if but a when. Here are some of his most famous looks we would like to see in Mattel WWE form:

Hulk Rules! Hulkamania Height Hulk Hogan!

Hulk Rules! Hulkamania Height Hulk Hogan!

At Hulkamania’s highest peak, Hogan appeared at times in the above attire, pointing to his fans, preaching for them to eat their vitamins and say their prayers. The classic yellow and red look with a removable Hulk Hogan shirt would be unprecedented as the shirt has never been produced on a classic WWE action figure.

Bash At The Beach 1996 Hulk Hogan!

Bash At The Beach 1996 Hulk Hogan!

It was the day the Hulkamaniacs cried. WCW Bash At The Beach 1996 saw Hulk Hogan shock the world and turn on those he claimed to love the most, the people. Taking mere moments to become ‘the third man,’ this would be the last time Hogan would don the red and yellow for years and years to come.

nWo Hollywood Hogan!

nWo Hollywood Hogan!


‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan ran the nWo and did his best to run WCW into the ground, feuding with the likes of Bill Goldberg, his arch nemesis ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper and many more. nWo Hogan would have several wild black and white attires that proved he was nWo for life, right up to his return to a WWE ring and classic WrestleMania match with The Rock.

Hulk STILL Rules! Undisputed Hulkamania!

Hulk STILL Rules! Undisputed Hulkamania!

Since 2002, Hulk Hogan has been proving that Hulk STILL rules, as he has donned the red and yellow almost always ever since. This would be a ‘modern’ day Hulk Hogan, proving he can still hop in the ring with the best of them and proving that Hulkamaniacs worldwide will always love, support and cherish his presence.

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