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2015 Slammy Awards – Winners Revealed!

Update 1/8/2016 – The Voting Has Ended, we would like to thank everyone for voting!  Checkout the winners in our award presentation video:

Here at Ringside Collectibles we thought a few important categories were missing from the WWE Slammy Awards last week on Raw.  We’d like to give you the opportunity to vote for your favorite Wrestling Figures of the year!

Cast your vote below for the Slammy Awards!

A Legendary Feud Takes Flight with Mattel WWE WrestleMania 32 Elites!

Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker will go down in history as having one of the most deep rooted, brutal feuds of all time! With Brock Lesnar ending The Undertaker’s undefeated streak and Undertaker taking on Brock punch for punch, hit for hit, the two have faced off multiple times in the ‘reality era’ of WWE. They appear in the Mattel WWE WrestleMania 32 Elite series with a modern day look for The Phenom and a classic look for The Beast!

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Pairings Are Legendary for the Mattel WWE WrestleMania 32 Battle Packs!

WrestleMania season is right around the corner. Because of that, the Mattel WWE line is starting to fire up for some amazing variety. The Mattel WWE Battle Packs Series provides a couple of legendary pairings to get fans another chance to get their hands on some of their favorites.

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Pay Tribute to Stone Cold With Mattel WWE Defining Moments!

Gimme a hell yeah! Stone Cold Steve Austin re-emerges in Mattel WWE Defining Moments with a classic look and a tribute like never before. The latest Mattel WWE Defining Moments figure will feature Stone Cold with a memorable ring attire, complete with ring trunks, knee braces and a removable Austin 3:16 vest.

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Mattel WWE Series 59 Revealed With Pre-Order!

The Mattel WWE Series 59 wrestling action figure set brings another jumbo collection of eight figures of new and legendary WWE Superstars! The Mattel WWE Series 59 includes:

  • Honky Tonk Man
  • Sasha Banks
  • Eva Marie
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Triple H
  • R-Truth
  • Iron Sheik
  • Sheamus

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We Are The Nation…of Domination Mattel WWE Figures!

For many, RAW is and will always be WAR! For The Rock and Farooq, Raw is War once meant a time when they teamed together and dominated the WWF ring and the WWF Warzone. The Nation of Domination was where The Rock began his journey in becoming the biggest WWE Superstar in history. It was also where Farooq (aka Ron Simmons) became one of the most trusted, ruthless veterans of all time. The Nation of Domination grew their team and they get their first Mattel WWE wrestling figure treatments here!

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Don’t Turn Your Back on the nWo Wolfpac Kevin Nash Exclusive!

The time has come for the nWo Wolfpac to make a comeback! The group, which defied the evil nWo and became the hero stable working against the black and white, found its leader in Kevin Nash, who now appears as a Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive!

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Ringside Exclusive Ring Skirts and Mats Will Rock Your Figure Collection!

The Ringside Collectibles Exclusive WWE Authentic Scale Ring from Wicked Cool Toys is like nothing found in stores as it is, coming with a total of three ring skirts: RAW, Smackdown and WrestleMania. But at Ringside Collectibles, the ability to create your dream pay-per-view ring for your wrestling action figures reaches an entirely new level.

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Tommy Dreamer Returns to WWE!

By Robert Mulrenin

The innovator of violence, an ECW original and someone that the Dudley Boyz can always count on, Tommy Dreamer has returned to the WWE to take on the Wyatt Family! Sporadically seen since the closing of ECW in 2010, Tommy Dreamer has been rocking and rolling on the independent scene and proving he still has plenty of fight left in him. He has appeared in the Mattel WWE wrestling action figure line only once before, partnering (or brawling, depending on your memories) with Captain Charisma, Christian, in a Mattel WWE Battle Pack:


Sporting an ECW t-shirt & creating a ‘Dual Impact,’ this has been our only treatment of Tommy Dreamer in the Mattel WWE line so far. With a spot on look and gear, we could easily see a re-production of this same figure appear in the Mattel WWE Series line. What would be more exciting, however, is seeing a new Mattel WWE Tommy Dreamer figure released with another look.

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