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The Darker Side of Sheamus, Mattel WWE Style


Since returning to the WWE, Sheamus has shown a more intense side that few were expecting to see. Calling back to his no-nonsense debut days, Sheamus has come back with a vengeance, showcasing his aggression on the likes of Daniel Bryan and others. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of his powerful return is the look he is currently sporting. With a new mohawk and wild beard, Sheamus is bringing out a scary side and looks more threatening than ever. Of course, wrestling figure fans will be waiting on this look to debut in the Mattel WWE figure line, but in the meantime, they have plenty of recent versions of Sheamus during happier times to be thankful for.

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Get “American Made” With a Closer Look at the New Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Hulk Hogan!

The fact that Hulkamania runs wild is no secret to the entire world, but many sometimes overlook the ultra-patriotic side of Hulk Hogan. Celebrating what was once as iconic a look as the red and yellow, the latest Ringside Collectibles Exclusive is a Mattel WWE ‘American Made’ Hulk Hogan!

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PROTO Images of the NEW Upcoming Mattel WWE Ultimate Entrance Stage!

Get ready to head towards the ring in style, fans! The Mattel WWE Ultimate Entrance Stage toy wrestling figure playset is new, improved & like nothing the WWE Universe has had available before. This newly updated playset is bringing you two playsets in one, with a classic entrance stage in front and backstage area right behind it to maximize a location for your wrestling figures to brawl.

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Mattel WWE Elite 36 Prototype Images Revealed!

There are now PROTOTYPE images for the Mattel WWE Elite 36! These images give a detailed look at what the Mattel WWE Elite 36 set will look like once released and making their way into the hands of the fans! The Mattel WWE Elite 36 includes:

  • Dean Ambrose
  • DDP (Diamond Dallas Page)
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Stardust
  • Goldust
  • Bo Dallas

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Sting Drops From the Rafters in Mattel WWE Defining Moments!

Almost as long as fans have been waiting for Sting to wrestle in the WWE, fans have been waiting for a WWE-licensed wrestling figure treatment of the legend. With some memorably fun figures produced for WCW and a few TNA figures that lined up with many older Jakks WWE wrestling action figures, Sting has been waiting in the shadows so to speak for his Mattel WWE wrestling action figure debut. One can say that he has now descended from the rafters as the violins play his entrance music when he debuts in the Mattel WWE Defining Moments.

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