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Ringside Fest 2015 Mattel WWE Figure Display!

By Robert Mulrenin

Ringside Fest 2015 was a huge success! Fans were treated to meetings with their favorite WWE Superstars, including WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Lana, Paige, Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler! While waiting patiently to meet them, they were able to have a look at some new, upcoming Mattel WWE wrestling action figures, including the newly announced upcoming nWo Wolfpac Kevin Nash Exclusive! Also on the way were the first Kevin Owens, Sasha Banks and Bailey Mattel WWE figures. They were peppered into a lineup of returning favorites, like Sheamus with his new and improved look, a Flashback style Chris Jericho, Paul Bearer, Undertaker and even new looks for Lana and Wade Barrett.

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Seth Rollins – Slimy or Calculated WWE Champion?

With the brutality of John Cena’s broken nose coming to fruition for fans of the WWE, suddenly the WWE Champion Seth Rollins’ time in the spotlight has been hotly debated. Many feel he has been a sneak from the beginning, selling his soul by turning on his brothers in The Shield to defeating Brock Lesnar with a cash-in of the Money in the Bank briefcase. Others, however, feel he has just used his time and advantages wisely, capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and amazing wrestling fans worldwide. His latest Mattel WWE figures reflect his underhanded yet powerful personality, showing just how valuable Seth Rollins has been to the WWE, whether fans like it or not.

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Super Toy Con 2015 Offers Looks at TONS of New Mattel WWE Figures!


The Super Toy Con 2015 had a last minute addition that made wrestling figure fans as happy as possible. Mattel’s Bill Miekina showed off tons of surprise new items from the Mattel WWE wrestling figure line and collectors couldn’t have been more pleased. With looks at brand new version of current roster superstars and some legendary surprises, fans will be looking forward to everything Mattel has to release for WWE throughout the upcoming year.

See the images from the event below including upcoming figures like Stephanie McMahon, a Mattel WWE Four Horseman Four Pack, Stardust’s debut Mattel WWE figure, the future of the Mattel WWE line with NXT superstars, a long awaited Mattel WWE Tito Santana, Ringside’s next Mattel WWE Exclusive and more!

When these figures become available, find them in the pre-orders section here!

Ringside Fest 2014 Recap!

Another Ringside Fest has come and gone, this time with an all-star WWE lineup and some amazing looks at upcoming Mattel WWE wrestling figures! Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Bella Twins, Goldust & Stardust all had a great time at the event, signing autographs and taking pictures for fans as they got to see the newest Mattel WWE toys.

A Mattel WWE Defining Moments Hulk Hogan had fans oohing, ahhing and getting excited to let Hulkamania run wild as they finally get their hands on the Hulkster himself. The figure comes with a cloth shirt, old-school WWE Championship, bandana & chain, making a perfect first representation of Hogan as he enters the Mattel WWE line. He was also present at the event in WWE basic forms, both classic style and modern day style!

Dean Ambrose, who signed autographs at the event and met tons of fans, got a first look at his newest Mattel WWE figure, complete with street-fighting look that he has made famous since the disbandment of The Shield.

Fans of the ‘Bad Guy’ Scott Hall were treated to another look at the upcoming Mattel WWE Defining Moments Razor Ramon figure, complete in purple attire and ready to flick tooth picks at opponents!

Overall, Ringside Fest 2014 was a great success and fans were treated to closer looks of Mattel WWE figures that they didn’t get to see up close at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The fans were happy, the WWE Superstars were happy and Ringside Collectibles was thrilled to have so many loyal customers, fans and friends at Carolines on Broadway in New York City!

See more images below!


The Mattel WWE Display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014! TONS of NEW Images!

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_049[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_050[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_051[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_052[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_053[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_054[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_055[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_056[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_057[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_058[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_059[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_060[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_061[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_062[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_063[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_064[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_065[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_066[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_067[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_068[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_069[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_070[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_071[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_072[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_073[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_074[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_075[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_076[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_077[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_078[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_079[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_081[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_082[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_083[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_084[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_085[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_086[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_087[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_088[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_089[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_090[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_091[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_092[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_093[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_094[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_095[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_096[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_097[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_098[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_099[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_100[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_101[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_102[1]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZoRvMVAU1Y

Arguably one of the most eventful San Diego Comic-Con’s ever for the Mattel WWE line, the Mattel WWE display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 showcased some amazing new wrestling figures and super detailed versions of extremely sought after Legends and Superstars!

– A Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan is now a reality, along with a Mattel WWE Razor Ramon, Mattel WWE Ric Flair and a Mattel WWE Sting! After a surprising reveal, fans got to have a close look at early builds of each on display.

– Showing off the latest Mattel WWE Elite 30, Mattel WWE Elite 31 and Mattel WWE Elite 32 sets, some standouts included the Legion of Doom in new, spot on attire and a Wyatt Family member Daniel Bryan. Also making their way into the display was a Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio and the Lex Express himself, Lex Luger.

– Big Van Vader himself, Vader has made his way back into the Mattel WWE line with an elaborate representation of his helmet and ‘It’s Vader Time’ tights! Also featured was a Mattel WWE Elite Rocky Maivia, the happy version of The Rock before he became the thrilling Superstar he is today.

– Fans have been clamoring for a Mattel WWE Paige figure and Mattel placed one on display just to give them a taste of what is in store! This accurate Paige figure looks as though she could begin screeching at any moment, just like in real life.

See images of the entire display and video above and below!

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_001 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_002 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_003 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_004 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_005 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_006 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_007 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_008 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_009 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_010 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_011 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_012 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_013 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_014 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_015 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_016 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_017 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_018 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_019 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_020 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_021 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_023 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_024 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_025 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_026 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_027 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_028 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_029 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_030 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_031 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_032 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_033 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_034 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_035 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_036 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_037 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_038 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_039 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_040 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_041 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_042 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_043 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_044 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_045 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_046 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_047 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_048

Mattel WWE San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Panel Coverage!

The Mattel WWE Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2014 proved full of surprises and amazing looks at upcoming Mattel WWE wrestling figures! Fans were treated to a panel that included Mattel designer Bill Miekina, Mattel’s Mitchell Cameron, Michael Cole, Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan, Paul Heyman and a surprise, completely unexpected appearance from Sting! The Stinger himself came in to debut his upcoming Mattel WWE figure and talk about his new partnership with WWE. Fans went wild! Watch the entire Mattel WWE SDCC 2014 Panel above and see close up images of the figures showcased and the panel members below. The upcoming figures shown include:

  • Razor Ramon
  • X-Pac
  • The Usos (Jimmy and Jey)
  • Batista (Bluetista version)
  • El Torito
  • Mankind
  • Jerry Lawler
  • Junkyard Dog
  • Eva Marie
  • Ricky Steamboat
  • Alexander Rusev
  • Lana
  • Bo Dallas
  • Adam Rose
  • Sami Zayn
  • Triple H and Daniel Bryan
  • The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg)
  • Andre The Giant and Big Show
  • Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker
  • Roman Reigns
  • Cesaro
  • Doink the Clown
  • The first EVER Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan
  • The first EVER Mattel WWE Sting

sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_001 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_002 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_003 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_004 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_005 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_006 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_007 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_008 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_009 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_010 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_011 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_012 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_013 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_014 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_015 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_016 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_017 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_018 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_019 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_020 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_021 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_022 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_023 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_024 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_025 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_026 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_027 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_028 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_029 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_030 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_031 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_032 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_033 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_034 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_035 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_036 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_037 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_038 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_039 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_040 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_041 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_042 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_043 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_044 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_045 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_046 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_047 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_048 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_049 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_050 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_051 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_052 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_053 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_054 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_055 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_056 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_057 sdcc_2014_mattel_panel_058


Lana and Rusev are in Complete Control of the WWE!

Lana and Rusev as Mattel WWE wrestling action figures!

In your Mattel WWE collection, Lana and Rusev own you! The Russian beauty and her beast of a WWE Superstar have taken the WWE Universe by storm. With a striking look being delivered by Lana and immense pain being delivered by Rusev, the sky seems to be the limit for these newcomers hailing from the motherland. A Mattel WWE wrestling figure of both WWE Superstar Rusev and WWE Diva Lana are on the horizon and shining on wrestling figure collectors like a red sun! Whether they are together or separate, both will be sought after by the fans.

Mattel WWE Lana wrestling figure!

Mattel WWE Lana wrestling figure!

Lana wears here incredible ‘well fitted’ suits to the WWE ring week after week and fans are as jaw-dropped by her beauty as they are by her harsh, intense words. Coming in multiple colors, when Lana is released as a Mattel WWE figure her fashionable suits will offer multiple options. She is striking in black, but some may prefer her blue suits or even a ravishing red.

Mattel WWE Rusev wrestling action figure!

Mattel WWE Rusev wrestling action figure!

Rusev’s intensity and beastly size will more than likely require a new body mold from Mattel to capture his physique perfectly and truly offer a great representation. With huge arms, a giant frame and a no-nonsense wrestling attitude, fans want to grab Rusev to complete their roster of newcomers who have burst on to the WWE scene. His trunks have seldom changed, showing off his huge, muscular thighs and bearing his name in a harsh blue or red and black. His Mattel WWE figure will most likely include his standard outfit. An Elite Rusev could include additional accessories as Rusev begins to grow and add to his arsenal.

Lana and Rusev as Mattel WWE wrestling action figures!

Lana and Rusev as Mattel WWE wrestling action figures!

All good, powerful things come in pairs and there is nothing more obviously meant to be paired than Rusev and Lana in a Mattel WWE Battle Pack. Lana’s introduction of Rusev make him a cold, calculated opponent on the way to the ring. For the two of them to be together and immortalized in a Mattel WWE Battle Pack would be a win for fans of the duo…and a win for Mother Russia!

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Evolution is a Mystery…Solved by Mattel WWE Figures!

Evolution Returns to the WWE in 2014!


Evolution Returns to the WWE in 2014!

Evolution Returns to the WWE in 2014

Evolution has officially reunited as an entire unit in the WWE with Ric Flair returning on the April 28th, 2014 WWE Monday Night RAW! Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista decided to reform the legendary group after WrestleMania XXX to deal with what they considered the unruly and wild group, The Shield. It remains to be seen as to whether or not Evolution will successfully stop The Shield in their tracks and if they do, whether or not they will remain a unit or disband. While the WWE Universe tries to unravel the mystery that is Evolution, they can re-create their sudden and surprising dominance through Mattel WWE figures easily with both current and upcoming Mattel WWE action figures!

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple H Wrestling Figure!

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple H Wrestling Figure!

Triple H has been spearheading the 2014 Evolution reunion with his position as a member of the WWE’s authority. Serving as COO and now more often as an active wrestler, The Game has set aside his need to be the King of Kings and joined forces with Batista and Randy Orton to try and stop Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. His Mattel WWE Elite 28 wrestling figure perfectly and accurately represents his modern day look as a performer and as the WWE’s harsh and intense authority figure.

Mattel WWE Series 37 Randy Orton!

Mattel WWE Series 37 Randy Orton!

Evolution’s youngest member and arguably its most successful over the past decade, Randy Orton comes off his WWE World Heavyweight Championship loss only to gain more momentum as his old group reunites. In Mattel WWE Series 37, wrestling figure fans get a WrestleMania-ready version of Randy Orton, representative of his dominant time leading up to WrestleMania 25.

Mattel WWE Elite Series 30 Revealed!

Mattel WWE Elite Series 30 Revealed!

The recently announced Mattel WWE Elite Series 30 wrestling action figures features many Legends that have the WWE Universe excited, but it will also feature the first Elite version of Batista since WWE Elite Series 6. The figure will likely reflect Batista’s return to the WWE in 2014, including his Royal Rumble win and his disapproval of the WWE and its fans. If those very same fans who loath Batista are lucky, he may even have some indicator representing him as a member of Evolution in his latest Elite.

Ric Flair Rejoins Evolution in 2014! Just in Time for a Mattel WWE Figure!

Ric Flair Rejoins Evolution in 2014! Just in Time for a Mattel WWE Figure!

Ric Flair made an appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw on April 28th, 2014 to give Evolution his well wishes, only to turn and shake hands with the Hounds of Justice, The Shield! Whether it’s a modern day version of the legendary Superstar or a classic version featuring one of his many intensely colored robes, the WWE Universe and Mattel WWE collectors alike have been clamoring for a Mattel WWE Ric Flair figure since the launch of the line! With another appearance on WWE television, they can only hope that an actual figure is now even closer to a reality.

The Thorn in the Side of Evolution - The Shield!

The Thorn in the Side of Evolution – The Shield!

If any Mattel WWE figure collectors or fans in the WWE Universe are simply unimpressed by Evolution’s display of power, they can stand behind The Shield with many, many Mattel WWE wrestling figures! Including Mattel WWE Elite versions of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, fans can easily enter their wrestling figure matches from outside the arena with plenty of options.

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Can Cesaro & Jack Swagger Remain the Real Americans?

Mattel WWE Series 37 Zeb Colter!

Leading up to the WrestleMania 30 Tag Team Championship match, Cesaro and Jack Swagger have had their share of differences. Jack Swagger, once a main event player and powerful rookie, has taken a back seat as of late to his unsolicited partner, Cesaro. Cesaro, after a successful run with the United States Championship, has taken to using the ‘Real Americans’ tag team to his advantage and showcasing a stronger, more efficient side, gaining himself a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Elimination Chamber and momentum going into WrestleMania 30. Since then, both men have been at odds with their manager, Jack Swagger’s uncle, Zeb Colter playing their praises against each other. No one is sure as to why Zeb Colter would cause distrust between his two protégés, but they have managed to remain a team leading up to the Tag Team Championship opportunity. Mattel WWE wrestling figure fans have perfect versions of all three members of the ‘Real Americans’ to re-create the mistrust…or to make it dive even quicker than before.

Mattel WWE Series 37 Zeb Colter!

Mattel WWE Series 37 Zeb Colter!

Zeb Colter is the mouthpiece of the ‘Real Americans’ tag team. With his shaking fists and dislike for anything he considers ‘anti-American’ he has been a loud, obnoxious presence in the WWE since coming to the aid of his nephew Jack Swagger. Recruiting Cesaro as another person he considers a ‘true Patriot,’ Colter often favors Cesaro and his outstanding ability over that of his nephew. In Mattel WWE Series 37, his spot on likeness is featured and in great detail, obvious by the likes of his dastardly mustache, combat vest and tie. You can almost expect the wrestling figure to shout ‘We the People’ in the middle of the night.

Mattel WWE Elite 23 Cesaro!

Mattel WWE Elite 23 Cesaro!

Cesaro was already doing his best to let the WWE Universe know that he considered himself more of an appreciative American than many of those who call the United States their home. Waving a flag and carrying the United States Championship as seen here in Mattel WWE Elite 23, Cesaro has since joined up with Swagger and Colter and offered a new level to the patriotism they carry. With the devastating ‘Cesaro swing,’ amazing uppercuts and brute strength, he’s one of the fastest rising WWE Superstars and clearly brings about the jealous ire of his partner, Jack Swagger.

Mattel WWE Elite 26 Jack Swagger!

Mattel WWE Elite 26 Jack Swagger!

Since opting to take a more ‘middle American’ approach to his wrestling style and demeanor, Jack Swagger has become scruffier, grumpier and more aggressive. No longer the smiling golden boy, Swagger feels, at the behest of his Uncle Zeb, that he is representative of what a true American really is. The ‘All American American’ is in Mattel WWE Elite 26 with his new look, waving a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag and a black and grey wrestling singlet. While he may be jealous of his uncle taking a liking to Cesaro, Jack Swagger has raw wrestling ability of his own that is not to be overlooked, especially when in contention for the WWE Tag Team Championships. The ‘Real Americans’ could walk out triumphant at WrestleMania 30 thanks to Jack Swagger.

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