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San Diego Comic-Con 2019 – Mattel WWE Panel Coverage & Images!

Another year, another San Diego Comic Con that presented absolutely incredible first looks at wrestling action figures from Mattel and WWE! Hosted by figure collectors and WWE Superstars Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder, the panel featured Becky Lynch, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and a special appearance from WWE 24/7 Championship standout Drake Maverick! You can watch that panel below:

For more serious collectors, the panel revealed new looks for both never before seen and staple WWE Superstars in the WWE Series and WWE Elite collection.  Heavyweights like Jinder Mahal, Dolph Ziggler, Matt Hardy, The New Day, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe, Lucha House Party and Jeff Hardy appeared with current looks. NXT and fresh main roster standouts and newcomers like Johnny Gargano, Kassius Ohno, Matt Riddle, Drake Maverick, Baron Corbin and Buddy Murphy appeared on the panel as well. From a Legends perspective, the panel showcased more than expected with Sting, Viscera, Don Muraco, Jim Neidhart, Gorilla Monsoon, Chyna, Rick Rude, Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine, Classy Freddie Blassie and classic looks for Booker T, Cactus Jack, Jeff Hardy, The Hurricane, Big Show and Christian! For WWE’s Women’s Division, Mandy Rose, Asuka, Carmella, Lita, Trish Stratus, Alicia Fox, Kairi Sane, Lacey Evans, Paige and Ronda Rousey have intense, high quality looks! Check out images below of the afformentioned WWE Superstars, new stylistic figure styles and more!

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Mattel WWE Battle Packs 61 Up for PRE-ORDER at Ringside!

The battles rage on with Mattel WWE Battle Packs 61 now up for PRE-ORDER at Ringside Collectibles! WWE Battle Packs 61 includes:

  • AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan
  • The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce)
  • The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso)

Facing off once again with incredible athletic prowess, Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles go head to head with new looks and excellent gear. Also showing up for the first time in the Mattel WWE line are the IIconics, as Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are ready to wow the WWE Universe and continue to take over the Women’s Division. Also included are The Usos, Jimmy and Jey, who have become one of the most talked about and winningest WWE Tag Teams in recent memory. Check out images below:

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Let Kairi Sane Take Over in the Mattel WWE Line!

Since coming up to the main WWE roster, Kairi Sane has proven that she was not a flash in the pan during her time in NXT. With an intense look and an unparalleled energy, she is ready for any challenges as she teams with Asuka as a member of ‘The Kabuki Warriors’. Her wild ring gear and entrance outfits would make for the perfect addition to the Mattel WWE line as we await her debut figure. As seen above, her typical look to the ring has featured an elaborate, sailor-style entrance. This would be the perfect look to establish her as a Mattel WWE Elite wrestling figure as the accessories, including the entrance coat and hat, would be incredibly detailed. 

Perhaps another look that could be showcased would be Sane’s Mae Young Classic look…at times worn in NXT, but featuring more of the nautical theme and excellently featuring detailed ring trunks and top. Her elbow pads would also have great design and detail. 


Certainly the best possible look for Sane would be her red, silver and blue ring gear next to Paige and Asuka as a member of the Kabuki Warriors. This would feature hair coloring based on one of her looks, and could be featured in a Battle Packs set with Asuka as they get ready for action. Time will tell as to when we will see Kairi Sane in the line, but chances are it will be sooner rather than later!

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Mattel WWE Battle Packs 60 IN STOCK at RSC!

The intense feuds will continue! Mattel WWE Battle Packs 60 is now finally IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles! WWE Battle Packs 60 includes:

  • Bill Goldberg & Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Alexa Bliss & Sasha Banks
  • Sheamus & Cesaro

Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks once again go toe to toe with entirely new looks as fans eagerly await their returns to the ring. Also included in this set is Sheamus and Cesaro, who have seldom been on opposite ends of the ring and continue to maintain a team-up relationship that helps them face some of the toughest that the WWE locker room has to offer. Perhaps the most exciting set comes with Goldberg and Steve Austin, included here in a fantasy match-up that unfortunately never took place…but can take place daily in an action figure federation! Check out images below:

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A Mattel WWE Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke Are Ready to Kick Ass!

The ‘Four Horsewomen’ have been running their mouths and backing it up since joining the WWE NXT brand as Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke, friends of Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler, create new levels of intensity as they battle the women’s division.

With Ronda Rousey making an intense impact on the WWE roster, it’s only a matter of time before the other members of the Four Horsewomen crew will follow her influence. Shafir and Duke have stepped into the ring and crushed opponents and also assisted Baszler as she has made runs with the NXT Women’s Championship.


A Mattel WWE Shafir and Duke would make a perfect debut in the Mattel WWE Battle Packs series featuring their assisting looks that have ‘Let’s Play’ and ‘Let’s Fight’ shirts paired with athletic pants. 

As they accompany Shayna Baszler, they definitely could step into the ring and hit hard at any time and could dominate as a tag team force in your wrestling figure collection. Individual figures in the WWE Series line could be perfectly featured with these same looks. 

Shafir and Duke have since continued to dominate and adjust their looks so Mattel WWE Elite figures of them both should feature their enhanced ring gear and accurate tattoos. With cargo pants and ring trunks, they’re also geared up with knee pads and sporting ring boots. 

As the Four Horsewomen continue to hit harder than ever, when they arrive in the Mattel WWE line they will kick ass. Time will tell if we see Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir and Shayna Baszler in the ring at once as one of the most intense forces of all time!

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When Will Lacey Evans Class Up the Mattel WWE Line?!

With the style of a southern belle and a look that breaks hearts across the world, Lacey Evans has made an incredible impact in the WWE in a very short time. After catapulting from NXT onto the WWE RAW brand, Evans has said that she will rid the WWE Universe of ‘nasties’ as she brings honor and class to the WWE Women’s Division. In the meantime, she has showcased many incredibly colorful looks, reflective of her classy personality. The question is…which of these will we see immortalized in Mattel WWE wrestling action figure form?

Lacey’s elaborate dresses have shown off some incredible fashion sense and made it clear she is ok with ‘dressing like a lady’ before getting into the ring to tear apart an opponent. Above, she’s featured in a black and white striped outfit which is notable because it is vastly different from what most WWE Women’s Division Superstars are seen sporting.

During her time in NXT, Lacey made all the boogie-woogie-bugle-boys go crazy for her military/army style ring gear. While she sported this two piece ring gear often, it proved she was implementing patriotism into her look and ultimately her fighting style. This would make a great debut figure as it could show up in Evan’s wardrobe again and would be a throwback to her NXT career.

More recently, Evans has sported a ‘sailor’ style outfit that features white gloves and further cements her as a top-shelf performer. With blue and white coloring featuring stripes, it would be an ideal figure for her as well because of how often she has worn the outfit. Along with this, she has worn many similar outfits that can be considered fairly outside-the-box ring gear.

Perhaps one of her most notable looks was during the Mae Young Classic, where Evans sported ring gear featuring cherry designs that matched the striking makeup she tends to wear on a regular basis. With a hat accessory and Elite articulation, this could be the perfect way to show off Evans’ in ring prowess.

Only time will tell what a debut Mattel WWE Lacey Evans figure will look like, but one thing is for certain, there are plenty of looks to choose from!

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When Will the War Raiders Crash the Mattel WWE Party?!

The War Raiders have exploded onto the NXT team and quickly become one of the top tag teams not only for the yellow brand, but in the world of professional wrestling overall. With their wild-eyed, intense looks and over the top ability to take high risk maneuvers despite their hulking size, fans immediately took notice as they began to dominate the tag team division. Since become NXT champions, it’s only a matter of time before Rowe and Hanson become Mattel WWE War Raiders!

The War Raiders seem perfectly suited for Mattel WWE NXT figures. They have intense physiques with tattoos that would be perfect for an Elite figure or a series figure featuring Mattel’s attention to detail. Since capturing the NXT Tag Team Championships, they’d be perfectly suited to come with those titles as accessories as well.

Raymond Rowe’s beard and tattoos show a level of intensity not often seen in NXT. He’s a hard hitter, flies high and wears classic, dark trunks. He’d be a great addition to the Mattel WWE NXT family and likely will look just as intense when he’s inevitably on the main roster.

‘Warbeard’ Hanson also has a butt-kicking look with a wild beard that would be perfectly molded and a thick, muscular body type that could be immortalized in a Mattel WWE mold. What’s notable about Hanson is the entrance gear he chooses to come to the ring with. His is slightly more elaborate than Rowe’s, though they would both make perfect wrestling figures thanks to the detail of the very same gear.

As the War Raiders continue to dominate NXT, their future only looks up. Until then, we can speculate that they will have some just as dominant Mattel WWE NXT figures be released!

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BRO! Get us a Mattel WWE NXT Matt Riddle Already!!

Do you hear that, fellow bros? It’s the sound of Matt Riddle – the self-proclaimed ‘King of Bros’ – winning matches and taking the NXT brand by storm. Since leaving mixed martial arts behind, Riddle has become the talk of the wrestling world, winning matches on the independent scene before joining the NXT brand and making a splash like never before. With MMA-inspired ring gear, it’s only a matter of time before Riddle becomes one of the most sought after Mattel WWE figures!

With his debut suit and tie being the first step to an NXT ‘takeover’ of sorts, Riddle looked sharp and spiced it up with a sick fitted cap. Because of this, it wouldn’t be unlikely that a wrestling figure version of Riddle after signing with NXT would be something that fans could want in their collection. Bringing the style and look that no other ‘bro’ has, this would be a great first look before getting into his ring gear.

Riddle tends to stick to yellow looks and clothing, often wearing a fitted yellow track jacket that accompanies his ring gear. He has since worn gear featuring ‘BRO’ in the front custom made to reflect his personality. This is usually a tight trunks style that is perfect to call back to his UFC and MMA battling days.

Also worthy and of note are Riddle’s trunks during his run in the independent scene which closely match his current NXT trunks, and his incredible physique. With one of the more notably ripped physiques on the roster, Riddle will have to feature a wrestling action figure mold that reflects this or his figure will be done no justice.

Now that he has cemented his place in NXT, Riddle has mixed up his look about, branching out to looks like the red and black style above. He has also worn headbands and at times performed barefoot in the ring, so his figure could reflect those details as well. Since there is definitely a barefoot Mattel WWE mold, a barefoot Matt Riddle would be the ultimate ‘bro’ figure! As we wait for the debut NXT Matt Riddle figure to debut, his dominance in NXT will keep the entire WWE Universe entertained.

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Mattel WWE Battle Packs 59 Up for PRE-ORDER at RSC!

The time to face off and team up has once again arrived In Mattel WWE Battle Packs 59! WWE Battle Packs 59 includes:

  • Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy
  • Jinder Mahal & AJ Styles
  • Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

For what may be the final time, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins reunite in a Mattel WWE wrestling figures pack. Whether they’re facing off or teaming up, is up to you as the collector! Also appearing are Jinder Mahal and AJ Styles, who are definitely coming to blows as Mahal tries to reestablish himself as a main event player, and Styles keeps on keeping on as one of the best WWE has to offer. A classic pairing is also included of Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy, bringing Team XTreme to new heights as they are a staple of any good wrestling figure collection! Check out preview images below:

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A Mattel WWE Mustafa Ali Ready to Break Out?!

No one has had a year like Mustafa Ali has had in the WWE. Since Breaking out on 205 Live and now competing on the SmackDown LIVE brand, Ali has become one of the biggest rising WWE Superstars. It’s no surprise that fans are clamoring for a Mattel WWE action figure of the standout. Here are a few looks that he could showcase when he does finally make it to the line!

Mustafa Ali normally sports long tights, as seen in the above image with AJ Styles. His wet hair look and long tights with ring boots would be a perfect figure for a Mattel WWE Battle Packs appearance, likely with a top WWE Superstar he has been able to mix it up with, like Styles.

Ali would do well to come with a leather entrance coat, a great look that showcases his personality and confidence. This may be difficult as he normally sports a ‘zipped’ look which would be hard to make removable on a Mattel WWE figure, but if anyone can figure out a way, it’s the Mattel WWE Design Team!

A look that Ali sported regularly on 205 Live, his tank top shirt features a ‘6-pack’ design in white and was removed before in ring competition. It would definitely be a great look to showcase Ali’s time as a spotlight competitor on the Cruiserweight brand.

Perhaps the most notable look for Mustafa Ali is how his entrance gear has looked during his most recent appearances on SmackDownLIVE. With a mask that lights up in red and a sleeveless entrance coat that sports lights as well, Ali has a unique, Mortal Kombat-esque look that no other WWE Superstar anywhere on the roster has. a Mattel WWE Mustafa Ali could easily feature this removable entrance gear and perfectly showcase a definitive figure for Ali as soon as he debuts! Time will tell, but there are a lot of great looks to work with.

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