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Could a Mattel WWE Chyna be on the Way?

Since the untimely death of one of the most innovative and groundbreaking women’s wrestlers of all time, wrestling figure fans have speculated about the release of a Mattel WWE Chyna action figure. Though there has been no official confirmation as to when a version of the 9th Wonder of the World would come out, it’s still a major want for the WWE Universe to commemorate the once powerful and unstoppable force that was Chyna.

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The Darker Side of Sheamus, Mattel WWE Style


Since returning to the WWE, Sheamus has shown a more intense side that few were expecting to see. Calling back to his no-nonsense debut days, Sheamus has come back with a vengeance, showcasing his aggression on the likes of Daniel Bryan and others. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of his powerful return is the look he is currently sporting. With a new mohawk and wild beard, Sheamus is bringing out a scary side and looks more threatening than ever. Of course, wrestling figure fans will be waiting on this look to debut in the Mattel WWE figure line, but in the meantime, they have plenty of recent versions of Sheamus during happier times to be thankful for.

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Legendary Tag Teams Invade WWE RAW!

Mattel WWE nWo Action Figures!
The Ascension Mattel WWE Wrestling Action Figures!

The Ascension Mattel WWE Wrestling Action Figures!

The Ascension have been running their mouths for weeks since debuting on the WWE roster. With their bizarre looks and hulking physiques, they are using their words and intense actions to try and prove to the WWE Universe that they are destined to be one of the most memorable tag teams of all time. This drew the ire of some of the most memorable tag teams of all time as the nWo, New Age Outlaws and APA (Acolyte Protection Agency) decided to stop The Ascension short. With regular appearances on WWE TV, The Ascension Mattel WWE wrestling figures are likely on their way. Now that they’ve helped these legendary tag team players introduce themselves to an entirely new fan base, they should likely be given new Mattel WWE figures as well.

Mattel WWE nWo Action Figures!

Mattel WWE nWo Action Figures!

The three ‘Outsiders’ known as the ‘Wolf Pac’ in the early stages of the nWo takeover in WCW, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Syxx, have received Mattel WWE Elite incarnations at this point. The only one who has received a figure that can be argued as a member of the nWo, however, is Kevin Nash. Big Sexy’s red ring attire that he made famous in WCW has been produced by Mattel, but as a life-long nWo member, including being the ‘good guy’ nWo Red and Black leader, there are plenty of styles and colors that could bring an additional nWo Kevin Nash Mattel WWE wrestling figure. Scott Hall has yet to receive his first Mattel WWE figure treatment as the ‘Bad Guy,’ but with his Mattel WWE Defining Moments Razor Ramon figure having been produced, a Mattel WWE Scott Hall can’t be far behind. Syxx has appeared as X-Pac of D-Generation X, but could also appear as X-Pac, nWo 2002 member or as Syxx, nWo Black and White member.

Mattel WWE APA Wrestling Action Figures!

Mattel WWE APA Wrestling Action Figures!

Farooq & Bradshaw joined together as members of the Ministry of Darkness and eventually broke off to become the Acolyte Protection Agency. Since they are life long best friends and continue to dish out their unique brand of ass-kicking, the APA will, surprisingly and excitedly, have Mattel WWE figures in Elite 38. Rumored to included a door accessory and hopefully throwing back to their original looks, Farooq and Bradshaw will keep strong and continue their protection services.

Mattel WWE New Age Outlaws Wrestling Action Figures!

Mattel WWE New Age Outlaws Wrestling Action Figures!

The Road Dogg Jesse James and the Bad Ass Billy Gunn are staples in the DX Army, but they have continued to cement themselves as one of the best WWE Tag Teams of all time as the New Age Outlaws. One of the only classic tag teams to be active on the modern day WWE roster, the Outlaws have wrestled great matches with The Usos, Goldust & Stardust and more. With The Ascension now seemingly in their sights, new Mattel WWE Elite New Age Outlaws action figures with their modern day looks and wrestling attire seem to be no brainers. This legendary Tag Team will keep on fighting, and continue to shout ‘Oh You Didn’t Know?’ as they enter into arenas.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Mattel WWE Panel Revealed!

The Mattel WWE San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Panel!

The Mattel WWE San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Panel!

Mattel and WWE have made huge, strong showings at the San Diego Comic-Con since partnering up in 2010, and 2014 looks to be no different. With perhaps their most exciting panel ever, the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con brings top WWE Superstars and Legends to the stage and multiplies the excitement! The official statement reads:

Thursday, July 24 • 10:15am – 11:15am

Mattel and WWE: Over-the-Top-Action!
Two of the world’s top entertainment companies have teamed up for the ultimate panel at SDCC. WWE Superstars and Mattel designers will talk about the all-new WWE Network and give exclusive sneak peeks of Mattel’s upcoming WWE figure releases! Incredible guest appearances by Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan, Michael Cole, Paul Heyman, and you never know what else will be unveiled. This is a panel you won’t want to miss, brother!

The inclusion of Hulk Hogan opens a floodgate of questions that Mattel will hopefully (and likely) answer. With so many different iconic looks throughout his legendary career, a Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figure comes with endless possibilities. With the nWo, Hulk Hogan’s classic runs as WWE Champion or even his return to the WWE in 2002, Hogan will have the more impact on the Mattel WWE line than arguably anyone produced as a Mattel WWE figure before him.

Daniel Bryan is currently on the WWE ‘disabled list’ but after his appearance at Money in the Bank 2014, is clearly still beloved. His appearance at SDCC 2014 is his only announced appearance for WWE in the near future, so it will give fans a chance to see him again and to check out more of his updated (and spot on) Mattel WWE figures.

Michael Cole has history with Daniel Bryan and the entire WWE Universe as they love to hate him but deep down, wouldn’t be able to live without him. With only one Mattel WWE figure to date, it’s possible that he could be announced in another line or just be showing up to give fans a hard time. Depending on which of Michael Cole’s diverse personalities we are getting, he will add an element of fun.

Paul Heyman, legendary in his own right, will likely have plenty to say about Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker, and even Daniel Bryan. With underlying conflict floating through the air, the pot will likely be stirred by Heyman and wherever he is, his ‘clients’ can’t be far behind. With two Mattel WWE figure treatments to his name, Paul Heyman can always be due for more.

Also, Mattel will be offering sneak peeks at upcoming Mattel WWE figures as they do every year. With so many amazing wrestling figures produced so far, fans still have loads of legends and modern superstars they want to see given the treatment. San Diego Comic-Con is always a big step in filling that need for collectors and fans!

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