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Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania Journey Begins with Triple H!

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple a suit?

Since losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ‘fair and square’ to Randy Orton at Summerslam 2013, Daniel Bryan has been dealing with the constant abuse of power by the COO of the WWE and the man quickly growing to become one of Daniel Bryan’s biggest nemesis’ ever, Triple H. The Game has used his ability to manipulate goings on to make Bryan’s life and pursuit of the title a living hell. The American Dragon has prevailed, however, earning himself the chance to main event WrestleMania 30 if he defeats the one thing standing in his way…The King of Kings. Triple H and Daniel Bryan are both slotted for release in Mattel WWE Elite Series 28, and since fans have yet to see images of these wrestling figures, they can easily speculate on what they could look like.

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple a suit?

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple H…in a suit?

A Mattel WWE Triple H mail-away exclusive wrestling figure featured the former world champion wearing a grey suit from his more easy-going days as COO of the company. Since, he has opted for darker, harsher suits and cut his long, flowing locks. While Mattel has often stated they do not like to make suited figures, it is nearly impossible to deny that Triple H has appeared almost exclusively dressed up since Summerslam 2013 on WWE television. Anyone looking to re-enact Daniel Bryan’s struggles with the Cerebral Assassin would certainly need an updated, suited Triple H.

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Daniel Bryan...with The Beard Is Here shirt!

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Daniel Bryan…with The Beard Is Here shirt!

The savior of the WWE Universe and the YES! Movement leader, Daniel Bryan has made fans out of millions with his likeable personality, amazing wrestling ability and scruffy beard. His first reference to the ironclad facial hair style came in the form of a ‘The Beard is Here’ shirt in direct parody of John Cena’s ‘The Champ is Here’ shirt. Mattel may choose to commemorate this ever-popular look in Daniel Bryan’s style, despite it having evolved since.

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple H in wrestling attire!

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple H in wrestling attire!

Though he rarely appears in wrestling attire, Triple H manages to find his way into a competitive role every year at WrestleMania. He will do so again when he tries to stop Daniel Bryan dead in his tracks, and then head for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship himself. A short haired, Elite Triple H figure in wrestling attire has only been seen so far as an exclusive, and could easily make its way into the main line with the next Elite release of Triple H.

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Daniel Bryan...with Respect The Beard shirt!

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Daniel Bryan…with Respect The Beard shirt!

Daniel Bryan’s ‘Respect the Beard’ shirt accompanies one of his many red, grey and black designed attires and could easily be expected as a choice for Mattel WWE Elite 28. While it is a bit pre-mature to assume the figure would be the ‘Yes! Movement’ version of Bryan, this version is indeed a bit newer and just vintage enough to be considered. With a new headsculpt that further accentuates the bearded modesty of the humble American Dragon, Daniel Bryan’s latest Mattel WWE Elite release could satisfy fans everywhere, especially if he makes it to the WrestleMania 30 main event.

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Mick Foley DREAM WrestleMania 30 Vacation Raffle!

Mick Foley is god. Not just in the WWE ring, but now outside of it as he offers the chance to win an AMAZING WrestleMania 30 dream package! Fans will simply purchase tickets to the raffle for their chance to win a GRAND PRIZE package that would make their dreams come true. The prize package includes:

  • TWO Tickets to WrestleMania 30
  • TWO Tickets to the WWE Hall of Fame 2014
  • TWO Tickets to WrestleMania Axxess
  • TWO Tickets to Monday Night RAW
  • Breakfast with Mick Foley
  • Lunch with Brie Bella & WWE Divas
  • Two VIP tickets to Ringside: An Evening with Jim Ross
  • A VIP experience for two at the Ring of Honor Event in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • A VIP experience for two at a Dragon Gate Event in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • A Superticket for two at WrestleCon
  • A signed Velvet Sky poster with personal hug from Velvet Sky herself
  • A DDP Yoga workout with DDP himself
  • An original 20×32 Rob Schamberger piece of art of the wrestler of your choice
  • Round-trip airfare from ANYWHERE worldwide
  • 4 nights stay at 3-4 star hotel within a mile of Superdome
  • Limo transportation from airport to hotel
  • $1000 spending money

Additionally, Mick Foley stopped by the Ringside Collectibles headquarters to offer additional prizes!

Mick Foley’s WrestleMania XXX Dream Vacation Raffle is all for the benefit of RAINN, so it is for a good cause and offers the chance of a lifetime to any fan, anywhere, worldwide. Don’t miss out on the chance to enter as a minimum purchase of 5 tickets at $2 each is an absolute steal, especially for such a benefit.

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Hulk Hogan and John Cena at WrestleMania XXX!

Hulk Hogan and John Cena at WrestleMania 30!
Hulk Hogan and John Cena at WrestleMania 30!

Hulk Hogan and John Cena at WrestleMania 30!

Two of the most iconic faces to ever grace the WWE Universe are Hulk Hogan and John Cena. With Hulk Hogan’s return to a WWE ring on the way to WrestleMania XXX, he will be hosting the big event and has constantly eluded to the fact that he is not afraid of getting physical with any WWE Superstar that thinks he has lost a step. John Cena has never shown any aggression towards Hulk Hogan, but he has stated over the years that Hogan is one of his all time favorites, and with his problems he continues to have with the Wyatt Family, who better to call on than the Immortal Hulk Hogan for help? With a Hulk Hogan Mattel WWE figure on the horizon, fans will soon be able to re-enact Hulk Hogan rescuing John Cena from the Wyatt Family, whether it happens in the WWE or not!

Mattel WWE Series 39 John Cena!

Mattel WWE Series 39 John Cena!

John Cena sees more Mattel WWE releases than almost every other WWE Superstar, and his latest is a perfect representation of the leader of the CeNation. With his perfectly cropped haircut, huge muscles and shorts ring attire in WWE Series 39, John Cena is ready, will and able to defend his own honor anytime, any place. He will never admit to being anything other than indestructible, and despite the fear of the Wyatt Family he is experiencing, he would never ask for help from Hulk Hogan. If Hogan were to show up in his defense, however, Cena would be hard pressed not to accept.

Mattel WWE Series 39 Bray Wyatt!

Mattel WWE Series 39 Bray Wyatt!

Bray Wyatt is terrifying both John Cena and the WWE Universe with his cult-like attacks and targeting of Cena himself. With his first Mattel WWE release in Series 39, he is not only making his presence known in the ring, but in the wrestling figure world. The figure is a must have for those looking to really put the pressure on their John Cena collection. After all, one Bray Wyatt shouldn’t be able to successfully defeat over 100 John Cena figures, right?…Right?

Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan wrestling figure!

Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan wrestling figure!

Hulk Hogan has returned to the WWE and has (so far) stayed out of most of the affairs of the WWE Superstars. Looking as if he hasn’t changed a bit, Hulk Hogan could shock and surprise fans with a return to the ring in 2014 if he is in as good a shape as he claims to be. If he does return to the ring, a Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figure featuring his modern day look would be a necessity. Wrestling figure fans could face off their Hulk Hogan figure with any Superstar on the WWE roster that also has a figure, leaving an endless amount of possible fantasy match-ups. A boa accessory, bandana or sunglasses wouldn’t hurt, either.

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 28 Erick Rowan & Luke Harper!

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 28 Erick Rowan & Luke Harper!

If John Cena were indeed to receive back-up from Hulk Hogan in his challenges against Bray Wyatt, the Wyatt Family would be sure to follow. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have been part of the relentless attacks against Cena and would defend their Wyatt Family leader to the absolute end, even if it meant having to stand up to an icon like Hulk Hogan. With a Mattel WWE release in Battle Packs 28, both Harper and Rowan can join in on any conflict of Bray Wyatt’s against WWE figures, including Hogan.

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The Usos and Rikishi…Like Father Like Sons!

Mattel WWE Elite 27 Rikishi!
Mattel WWE Battle Packs 28 The Usos!

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 28 The Usos!

The Usos are the hottest tag team in the WWE today, and arguably the best in the world as they carry the WWE Tag Team Championships! Their island-style, urban personalities and excellent team-work have brought them great success and the foundation for this can at times be attributed to their equally successful father, former WWE wrestler and Superstar Rikishi Fatu. Rikishi was a staple of the WWE Attitude Era, dancing with Too Cool and chasing the WWE Championship at his pique. The Usos dance at the end of every successful match, just like their dad, and carry his fearless, carefree attitude.

Mattel WWE Elite 27 Rikishi!

Mattel WWE Elite 27 Rikishi!

Released in Mattel WWE Elite 27 with an entrance sarong accessory and sunglasses, Rikishi has always known how to get the fans on their feet and behind his in-ring challenges. Finishing his matches with the ‘stink face’ finisher, he left his mark on his opponent and shocked fans around the world regularly. He has returned to the WWE in recent years to celebrate with his sons, Jimmy and Jey Uso, when they happen to have victories on nights that he is around.

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 28 The Usos!

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 28 The Usos!

In Mattel WWE Battle Packs 28, the Usos are scheduled to make their long awaited return to the Mattel WWE line. It is a complete mystery as to what they will look like, but they have featured new, colorful outfits and elaborate face paint since their last Mattel WWE Battle Pack was released. The influence that Rikishi has had on the Usos is clear in that they tend to maintain a happy-go-lucky yet confidently aggressive approach to any and all matches they perform in. Their unique entrance is also similar to Rikishi’s in that it gets a reaction from the WWE Universe in attendance every time. Soon, fans will be able to have both Rikishi and the Usos in one place and have a tag team match featuring two generations.

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Christian vs. Sheamus…a Grudge Match Made in Heaven!

Mattel WWE Series 39 Christian!

Since returning to the WWE, both Sheamus and Christian have not been able to escape each other’s sights. Week after week, they both get under one another’s skin with Sheamus keeping Christian from reaching new heights in the WWE and Christian taking out his frustrations with unnecessary roughness and ruthless aggression on Sheamus. A classic feud has thus been born, much more meaningful and entertaining than the last time the two Superstars met. With plenty to offer from Mattel for WWE action figures of both Captain Charisma and the Celtic Warrior, you can either bring their feud to an end or keep it going forever with endless possibilities.

Mattel WWE Elite 20 Christian!

Mattel WWE Elite 20 Christian!

Perhaps Christian would do better with sensibilities closer to his old style, as featured in Mattel WWE Elite 20. The ‘old school’ Christian Flashback comes with Elite articulation and an aggressive style that was coupled with a sense of humor unlike any other. With removable sunglasses, long hair, and posing for the benefit of those with flash photography, Christian’s sillier days may have posed more of a speedy challenge for Sheamus as opposed to his current heavy, aggressive style. Most likely, Christian feels he is more successful taking his challenges more seriously.

Mattel WWE Elite 25 Sheamus!

Mattel WWE Elite 25 Sheamus!

The Mattel WWE Elite 25 Sheamus is perfect for any wrestling figure fans or members of the WWE Universe looking to end the feud with Christian with a swift, well placed Brogue Kick. In the ring Christian may come back despite being knocked down time and time again, but it may be more difficult for him when faced with such a well made wrestling figure. Complete with removable shirt and Celtic cross necklace, this Sheamus wrestling figure embodies what it means to be behind the man that loves to fight.

Mattel WWE Series 39 Christian!

Mattel WWE Series 39 Christian!

The latest Mattel WWE Christian in Series 39 shows off his new smug, aggressive behavior with a new hairstyle and an over-confident smile. With purple tights, Christian has changed colors as often as a chameleon over the years, but still remained the same skilled animal in the wild of the WWE underneath. This figure will represent his recent ruthlessness and relentless attacks on Sheamus and anything else standing between he and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Mattel WWE Series 38 Sheamus!

Mattel WWE Series 38 Sheamus!

The Mattel WWE Series 38 Sheamus figure includes a confident smirk and wears newly designed attire, the same style he has been wearing since his return to the WWE ring. This accurately depicts Sheamus (aside from the happy smile) during his current struggles with Christian and his constant need to take out his frustrations. Sheamus is powerful and has so far, always managed to prevail and this figure makes it clear he shows no signs of stopping.

Ringside Collectibles Exclusive 20 Piece Accessory Pack!

Ringside Collectibles Exclusive 20 Piece Accessory Pack!

Whether you want Sheamus to end Christian’s obnoxious reign or terror or Christian to put Sheamus down for the count once and for all, the Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Jakks 20 Piece Accessory Pack gives you all the necessary tools to have a memorable, hardcore fight. Reminiscent of the matches Sheamus and Christian have been having, the inclusion of a table cart, steel steps, traffic cones and kendo sticks will offer additional combat options.

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Mattel WWE Series 41 Lineup Revealed!

Mattel WWE Series 41 Lineup Revealed!
Mattel WWE Series 41 Lineup Revealed!

Mattel WWE Series 41 Lineup Revealed!

The Mattel WWE Series 41 lineup has recently been announced, and it features characters long in need of basic Mattel WWE attire updates. Wrestling figure fans are excited about the mix of newcomers and solid Superstars getting new treatments. WWE Series 41 includes:

  • Daniel Bryan
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Santino Marella
  • Antonio Cesaro
  • Fandango
  • Bray Wyatt

Daniel Bryan has been leading the Yes! Movement and proving just how important he is to the future and survival of the WWE. Praised by fans and fellow Superstars alike, he has received bearded wrestling figure treatments in the past, but none as scraggly and scruffy as his current look. This release gives the opportunity for a new and improved, Yes! Movement Daniel Bryan full of facial expression and bearded goodness.

The ‘Chosen One’ Drew McIntyre has come a long way since his days as the approved future by Mr. McMahon. Now a member of 3MB or 3 Man Band, he rocks a cowboy style and yells and screams on his way to the ring like a true musician. His new attire has long been sought after and fans will finally be treated to a Drew McIntyre more in the vein of rock and roll.

Antonio Cesaro has taken full advantage of his ‘friendship’ with Jack Swagger and approval of Zeb Colter, becoming one of the quickest rising Superstars in the WWE. His partnership with the ‘Real Americans’ may not last forever, but his latest Mattel WWE treatment will most likely reflect his time as the protégé of Zeb Colter and the man gaining the jealous ire of the All American American, Jack Swagger.

With one of the most popular figure treatments last year and one of the hottest holiday toys, Fandango has a lot to brag about when it comes to being represented as a wrestling figure. With his array of colorful outfits and dance-style ring pants, it was only a matter of time before Mattel released another, this time possibly carrying a new facial hair style.

Santino Marella attacks with the ‘cobra’ when no one is looking, but has lately not been hiding much in view of the WWE Universe. Teaming with NXT standout Emma and offering a silliness that no one else in the WWE seems to, Santino hasn’t changed his look much in the past few years, but with an unlimited amount of facial expressions there’s no telling what his Mattel WWE figure could offer.

The Wyatt Family has taken the WWE Universe by storm. Their leader, Bray Wyatt, has convinced many in the WWE and beyond to be extremely afraid of he and his band of followers. A thorn in the side of John Cena, Bray Wyatt will see a Mattel WWE release in Series 39, but this could offer a new facial expression or t-shirt as he has shown to be well versed in bayou-style fashion. Wrestling figure fans will no doubt follow the buzzards to Bray Wyatt’s latest release.

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Mattel WWE Elite 29 Lineup Revealed!

The Mattel WWE Elite 29 lineup has been revealed, and it is filled with surprises that WWE wrestling figure fans were not quite expecting. With veterans and newcomers, the lineup is fresh and will include:

  • CM Punk
  • Goldust
  • Damien Sandow
  • Erick Rowan
  • Luke Harper
  • Andre The Giant

CM Punk has made his way into another Mattel WWE wrestling figure set, this time an Elite set, despite leaving WWE for good. Unsure of the possibly look at this point, wrestling figure fans can only speculate as to whether or not this will be a good send-off for the Best in the World.

Providing intellect to the masses in the form of teachings and musings, Damien Sandow brings his unique brand of intelligence to another Mattel WWE set. Fans may expect a Money in the Bank briefcase accessory or a possible removable t-shirt of Damien Sandow’s theory of evolution.

Luke Harper, the gigantic and dirty-shirted behemoth of the Wyatt Family, sports a beard before sporting beards were a thing in the WWE and wears flexible blue jeans. He is ready to attack and with Elite articulation, he will be even more ready to dish out the Wyatt’s brand of punishment.

Erick Rowan is also featured in Elite 29, complete with his bright red hair and hopefully a removable sheep mask accessory, which would delight fans of both WWE figures and the Wyatt Family. He currently wrestles with a jumpsuit attire, so it remains to be seen how Mattel will produce him, either similar to The Shield with molded gear or with a cloth set.

Goldust’s inclusion surprised and excited many Mattel WWE wrestling figure fans as he hasn’t enjoyed an Elite figure since Elite 6. The question remains, however, of whether or not this treatment will be a modern day or classic look at Goldust, who has sported so many elaborate and different designs over the years. Fans will nonetheless be happy to get ‘Goldie’ back amongst their collection.

Andre The Giant, while featured in a short lived Matty Collector internet exclusive Mattel WWE Legends run, remains one of the most sought after and legendary WWE Superstars of all time. With his massive size and actually incredible wrestling ability, fans will continue to speak of him in ways that haven’t been matched. Sporting different hairstyles and different wrestling attires over his career, it remains a mystery as to what this Andre the Giant will look like, but it will be hard for Mattel to  move away from his iconic WrestleMania III look.

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WWE Slam City…and Mattel WWE Slam City!

Slam City, the innovative new cartoon from the WWE and soon to be featured on the WWE Network, showcases WWE Superstars in the wild and crazy world of Slam City! With zany antics and huge, stretchy muscles, the Slam City superstars are ready for things to get even wilder than they do in a WWE ring. Here, John Cena and Alberto Del Rio both speak about their fondness for the program:

Their Slam City ‘day jobs’ including an auto-mechanic and a barista, keep both Alberto Del Rio & John Cena busy during their time away from the ring!

They even run into other WWE Superstars, like Damien Sandow, and zaniness ensues with crazy, over-the-top happenings!

John Cena, of course, runs into trouble with The Big Show, who is as big in Slam City as his real life counterpart! With crazy combat, this is one of the most memorable WWE ‘fights’ ever!

Other WWE Superstars, like Kane & Santino Marella, come to blows during their wild day jobs! Here, they fight in a cafeteria, the likes of which WWE fans have never seen before!

Mattel has done it again, this time with Slam City, making sure all the episodes have excellent Mattel WWE toys to go along with them for fans! With launchable arms and perfectly adapted stylized versions, the Mattel WWE Slam City toys feature all your favorites, like John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler & many, many more as part of the Slam City universe!

Mattel WWE Slam City Toys!

Mattel WWE Slam City Toys!

Don’t just enjoy the WWE Slam City cartoon, but re-enact all the wild, out of this world excitement with Mattel WWE Slam city toys and figures!

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Mattel WWE Series 40 (Local Heroes) Lineup Revealed!

Make way for the hometown heroes coming back where they belong, the Mattel WWE Series 40 wrestling action figures have been announced! With flavor based on a famous Superstar’s love for where they come from, the lineup features a vast array of talent. Mattel WWE Series 40 includes:

  • CM Punk (Chicago)
  • Alberto Del Rio (Mexico)
  • Rey Mysterio (San Diego)
  • Great Khali (India)
  • Zack Ryder (Long Island)
  • Edge (Toronto)

CM Punk is missing and no one knows if, or when, he will ever return to the WWE so his release in a Mattel WWE set is surprising. It may be one of his last Mattel WWE action figures ever, so it’s great to keep an eye out as to what attire it could feature, especially in tribute to his hometown (and the place he probably is right now) Chicago.

Alberto Del Rio is an aristocrat from Mexico who is rich and powerful and the people from his home country know it. His figure will no doubt feature a smile with how happy he is to carry that type of wealth, or a spoiled, angry demeanor fit for a rich jerk.

Rey Mysterio has long claimed San Diego as his home, dialing up the 619 as a move and featuring it on all of his ring attire. He will be masked, for sure, but it is a curiosity as to which of his many colorful looks represents San Diego best.

One of the most recognizable faces in all of India, The Great Khali is the Punjabi Playboy both at home and abroad. With WWE, he has worn black ring pants and maroon ring pants, the latter of which he has worn for years and will most likely be featured in here.

Zack Ryder loves Long Island and Long Island loves Zack Ryder, as is proof any time he comes into town with the WWE. Getting more praise at times than The Rock while in New York, Zack Ryder holds up the LI on the way to the ring regularly and proves he is a hometown hero.

A career cut too short, but luckily with the health of the Rated R Superstar still in tact, no city loves a Superstar like Toronto loves Edge. Even with John Cena at his heels, Edge is always massively cheered by the Toronto fans and always was during his storied career. If only it could have lasted just a little longer!

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Mattel WWE Battle Packs 29 Lineup Revealed!

The Mattel WWE Battle Packs 29 lineup has been revealed, much to the excitement of wrestling action figure fans. Including new releases and a possible now-missing old favorite, this set is going to be hotly anticipated. It includes:

  • Los Matadores (Diego & Fernando) with 2 hat accessories
  • Ryback & CM Punk with table accessory
  • Cody Rhodes & Goldust with two Tag Team Championship accessories

Since making their way onto the tag team scene of WWE, Los Matadores  have become fan favorites as they are accompanied by El Torito and wear flamboyant, colorful outfits. With wrestling skill to back up their antics, wrestling figure fans will likely pit them against their other established tag teams.

Although CM Punk has disappeared from the WWE radar, the now disgruntled Ryback still attempts to make as much of an impact as possible. With a table accessory, this Battle Pack could be a wrestling figure fan’s way to send CM Punk out the door correctly, with a massive loss to the machine, Ryback. Or, the Battle Pack could set the stage for CM Punk’s triumphant return.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust are living out their dream of being siblings working together and taking the WWE by storm. This Battle Pack will likely commemorate their hugely successful WWE Tag Team Championship run, capturing the titles from The Shield and defending them against worthy suitors. An updated Mattel WWE Goldust figure has been sought after by fans so they likely won’t be disappointed!

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