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Could Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns be Headed for a Major Collision?

With Survivor Series on the immediate horizon, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns may no longer be able to maintain the friendship that has kept them strong since the betrayal of Seth Rollins. The Shield brethren have branched out on their own and become top level WWE Superstars in their own right, but they have maintained a close partnership when facing off against their common enemy in Rollins, The Authority, or anyone else who has decided to attack either of them on a consistent basis.

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Mattel WWE Elite 38 NEW Images Revealed and IN STOCK!

One of the most detailed, exciting sets in recent memory has finally debuted new, crystal clear images…just in time to be IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles! Check out these amazing images below. Mattel WWE Elite 38 includes:

  • Daniel Bryan
  • Farooq
  • Adam Rose
  • Roman Reigns
  • Bradshaw
  • ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

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Will Daniel Bryan Revive the YES! Movement?

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One of the most popular Superstars in recent memory and arguably of all time, the technical wrestling phenomenon Daniel Bryan, also known as the leader of the “Yes! Movement” has unfortunately been sidelined due to injury since WrestleMania. He has been sorely missed and fans constantly bring up his name when mentioning wrestlers that they want to return. With his recent WWE Tough Enough appearances and his RAW surprise showing, Daniel Bryan may be reviving the Yes Movement sooner than fans are expecting. His Mattel WWE wrestling figures have been on-point, following his ascent to super-stardom. Particularly, the Mattel WWE Elite Daniel Bryan figures have shown his change over time, where he has come from and what he has become, and will hopefully, return as.

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The Mattel WWE Elite 35 and Mattel WWE Elite 38 Lineups Revealed!

Mattel WWE Elite Series 35!

Mattel WWE wrestling figure fans have been treated to a few surprise line-ups to speculate on for upcoming sets! Coming out of nowhere like an RKO, two future Mattel WWE Elite sets now have confirmed lineups.

Mattel WWE Elite Series 35!

Mattel WWE Elite Series 35!

The Mattel WWE Elite 35 set includes:

  • Triple H
  • Earthquake
  • Diego (Los Matadores)
  • Fernando (Los Matadores)
  • Luke Harper
  • Randy Orton

With The Authority back in power, Triple H’s iron grip over the top of the WWE pile continues. An Elite Triple H may include a fully articulated suit version of the Cerebral Assassin, but it’s also possible he hops back into wrestling attire so he’s ring ready.

The classic and legendary Earthquake, a WWE Superstar with an unmatched size and intimidation factor, gets his first Mattel WWE figure treatment here. Much to the delight of Mattel WWE figure collectors, this figure will finally make its massive debut.

Luke Harper has been lurking in the shadows all his own since breaking off from the Wyatt Family. His evil, intense demeanor has only become more corrupt and his latest Mattel WWE Elite figure will likely reflect that. He still chooses rags over the look of riches like his sell out peer Seth Rollins, though.

Fernando and Diego of Los Matadores have stayed causing mischief in the WWE Tag Team scene with their little pal, El Torito. With elaborate entrance gear and an unmatched strangeness, the over the top style of Diego and Fernando with pink ring attire and masks will now have full Elite articulation.

Randy Orton has been sparingly featured on WWE television as of late, and fans don’t seem to know which side he truly stands for. But just like his patented move the RKO, no one ever seems to know where or when he will strike. A new Randy Orton will likely have a new take on the head sculpt of The Viper.

Mattel WWE Elite 38 Lineup!

Mattel WWE Elite 38 Lineup!

Also revealed is the Mattel WWE Elite 38 lineup! It includes:

  • Daniel Bryan
  • Adam Rose
  • WCW Macho Man Randy Savage
  • Roman Reigns
  • APA Faarooq
  • APA Bradshaw

Daniel Bryan will make his triumphant return at the WWE Royal Rumble 2015, but he never left the hearts or minds of fans in the Yes! Movement. Leading the charge against The Authority, a new Mattel WWE Elite Daniel Bryan could possibly have a new, spot on head sculpt and definitely a colorful, American Dragon inspired attire. Time will tell if it will be based on his Royal Rumble return.

Adam Rose makes his Mattel WWE Elite debut with no sign of any Rosebuds, but definitely a thirst for fun and partying. Fans speculate that the figure might come with a vest, a Bunny suit, or even a removable lollipop for the eccentric WWE Superstar.

The internet wrestling community have turned their backs on Roman Reigns, but the rest of the world has embraced him as the next ‘big thing’ in wrestling. With a devastating spear and powerful move set, his aggression connects with young fans and his good looks connect with the ladies. His latest will likely be wrestling attire ready as he breaks away from The Shield all on his own.

With the announcement of the induction of the Macho Man Randy Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame, his latest Mattel WWE Elite will be a WCW representation of the iconic superstar. With so many different styles and colors to choose from, it would be an exciting surprise as to what the Macho Man himself will look like when he was working for the biggest wrestling company in the world.

The Acolytes, Faarooq and Bradshaw, broke away from the Undertaker to create their own protection agency for any WWE Superstars that needed protection from overwhelming odds. Sticking up for the little guy, playing cards and drinking beer, these two no nonsense ass-kickers set up their own ‘office’ with a door, which is rumored to be included as an accessory. One of the most memorable WWE tag teams of all time, they had a penchant for punching and their first Mattel WWE Elite figures will pack a punch as well.

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