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Butt-Kicking 101 With CM Punk!

Mattel WWE Elite 29 CM Punk!

CM Punk has shocked the world and WWE fans everywhere time and time again with his words. He shocked the world and WWE fans everywhere once again when he left the WWE after the 2014 Royal Rumble. And he shook the the WWE Universe and the Mixed Martial Arts fanbase as well as the entire sports world when he signed with the UFC! Sadly, this means it is extremely unlikely that we ever see CM Punk in a WWE ring again. This also means it’s extremely likely that we’ve seen our last CM Punk Mattel WWE wrestling action figure. Unless he is produced as a UFC action figure, your chances to get a CM Punk figure lie with these newly released Mattel WWE versions of the Straight Edge Superstar. With CM Punk’s popularity now only set to rise, these are going to become even more difficult to find as time goes on.

Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive ECW CM Punk!

Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive ECW CM Punk!

The Mattel WWE ECW CM Punk Exclusive appeared only at Ringside Collectibles and commemorated the beginning of CM Punk’s WWE career, wrestling for the ECW brand. Complete with ECW microphone, ECW Championship and gear accurate to the time frame, this smiling CM Punk recalls ‘happier times’ with the WWE. It also shows a CM Punk that is ready to fight.

CM Punk vs. The Undertaker - Mattel WWE Battle Packs 25!

CM Punk vs. The Undertaker – Mattel WWE Battle Packs 25!

The Mattel WWE Battle Packs 25 featured the attempt of the Best in the World to break apart the WrestleMania streak of The Phenom himself, The Undertaker. While CM Punk was unsuccessful in his attempt, the WWE Universe saw a grouchy, angry CM Punk that was capable of making a cerebral impact on such a massive Superstar like the Undertaker. After stealing the show at WrestleMania 29, WWE fans knew that CM Punk would never be forgotten and they have the perfect Mattel WWE Battle Pack to commemorate that.

Mattel WWE SummerSlam 2014 Series CM Punk!

Mattel WWE SummerSlam 2014 Series CM Punk!

CM Punk has paid tribute to the all time greats before, including Macho Man Randy Savage, but at SummerSlam he paid tribute to the Excellence of Execution with gear in the style of Bret Hart. This often requested and demanded Mattel WWE figure had fans finally feeling satisfied with a ‘Bret Hart’ version of CM Punk in what will likely be a crown jewel of the ongoing SummerSlam Heritage Series.

Mattel WWE Elite 29 CM Punk!

Mattel WWE Elite 29 CM Punk!

In what may be the final CM Punk Mattel WWE Elite appearance, Mattel WWE Elite 29 CM Punk includes a version of the weary, war torn and grizzled veteran. He has been to hell and back and still sees a future for himself beating whoever stands in front of him. With a removable fabric hoodie and Elite articulation, this CM Punk offers a version that hits his final appearances in the WWE right on the head. The Mattel WWE Elite 29 CM Punk proves that during his time in WWE, CM Punk truly was a butt-kicker.

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Stardust & Goldust Descend Into Madness

It was a shock to everyone when the sad, depressed Cody Rhodes disappeared for good. It was an even bigger shock when he reemerged as Stardust, Goldust’s similarly bizarre, shining younger brother. It seemed Goldust’s strange ways had finally gotten the best of Cody and that after years of trying to break out on his own, he had finally found his place among the stars. The duo were friendly at first and fans were clamoring for more Goldust, more Stardust and a chance for the two to gain the Tag Team Championships. This, of course, would make the team an absolute must as Mattel WWE figures.  Goldust and Stardust team again and become more evil.


While Cody Rhodes and Goldust have appeared in Battle Packs together before, a Stardust Mattel WWE figure has yet to make his way into the cosmos. It would likely feature a smiling, bizarre version of Cody Rhodes with his entire body suit and his name printed on the back. It would fit perfectly with the already released Mattel WWE Elite 29 Goldust, one of the best ever made of the bizarre one:

Mattel WWE Elite 29 Goldust!


With so much detail going into the paint and coloration for the real life Goldust and Stardust, it’s only certain that Mattel would try to capture that bizarre look in their figures perfectly as they have here. A Mattel WWE Stardust would have to have spot on facepaint, dark, red eyes and possibly even stars in both of his hands to make his trademark symbol.

Goldust points his younger brother Stardust in an intense new direction!

Since delivering a brutal attack on The Usos, Stardust and Goldust have taken a turn for the more intense as they look to grab the WWE Tag Team Championships. Once friendly and parlaying for the fans, they are now aggressive and more than likely frightening the young audience members of the WWE Universe. Not since the Ministry of Darkness has a tag team struck such fear into the hearts of fans.

A Mattel WWE Stardust figure will be long awaited by fans!

With Goldust’s veteran presence and Stardust’s youthful stride, the team are a force to be reckoned with and are hopefully here to stay in the WWE. It looks as though Cody Rhodes had to lose his mind to finally capture the hearts and imaginations of the fans, and so far they seem to be ok with it if the desire for a Mattel WWE Stardust figure is any indication!

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Mattel WWE Elite 29 Lineup Revealed!

The Mattel WWE Elite 29 lineup has been revealed, and it is filled with surprises that WWE wrestling figure fans were not quite expecting. With veterans and newcomers, the lineup is fresh and will include:

  • CM Punk
  • Goldust
  • Damien Sandow
  • Erick Rowan
  • Luke Harper
  • Andre The Giant

CM Punk has made his way into another Mattel WWE wrestling figure set, this time an Elite set, despite leaving WWE for good. Unsure of the possibly look at this point, wrestling figure fans can only speculate as to whether or not this will be a good send-off for the Best in the World.

Providing intellect to the masses in the form of teachings and musings, Damien Sandow brings his unique brand of intelligence to another Mattel WWE set. Fans may expect a Money in the Bank briefcase accessory or a possible removable t-shirt of Damien Sandow’s theory of evolution.

Luke Harper, the gigantic and dirty-shirted behemoth of the Wyatt Family, sports a beard before sporting beards were a thing in the WWE and wears flexible blue jeans. He is ready to attack and with Elite articulation, he will be even more ready to dish out the Wyatt’s brand of punishment.

Erick Rowan is also featured in Elite 29, complete with his bright red hair and hopefully a removable sheep mask accessory, which would delight fans of both WWE figures and the Wyatt Family. He currently wrestles with a jumpsuit attire, so it remains to be seen how Mattel will produce him, either similar to The Shield with molded gear or with a cloth set.

Goldust’s inclusion surprised and excited many Mattel WWE wrestling figure fans as he hasn’t enjoyed an Elite figure since Elite 6. The question remains, however, of whether or not this treatment will be a modern day or classic look at Goldust, who has sported so many elaborate and different designs over the years. Fans will nonetheless be happy to get ‘Goldie’ back amongst their collection.

Andre The Giant, while featured in a short lived Matty Collector internet exclusive Mattel WWE Legends run, remains one of the most sought after and legendary WWE Superstars of all time. With his massive size and actually incredible wrestling ability, fans will continue to speak of him in ways that haven’t been matched. Sporting different hairstyles and different wrestling attires over his career, it remains a mystery as to what this Andre the Giant will look like, but it will be hard for Mattel to  move away from his iconic WrestleMania III look.

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