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Will Ronda Rousey Take Her Mattel WWE Ball and Go Home?!

Since joining WWE, we’ve been lucky enough as members of the WWE Universe to watch Ronda Rousey absolutely dominate the Women’s Division. With Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair nipping at her heels, she has been unmatched in her ability to bring a reality to the world of sports entertainment and has a gift of gab in running her mouth. Leading into WrestleMania 35, the question has been up in the air as to whether or not she will retain her championship title, and if she does not, whether or not she could walk away from professional wrestling for good. What would that mean for her Mattel WWE wrestling figures in the future?

While Ronda has made an exceptional impact on the WWE, no one has forgotten her time in the UFC where, after a devastating loss, she eventually walked away from the sport for good. As she has become more and more vicious in her attacks on other WWE Superstars, the crowd has slowly turned against her and refuses to support her selfish attitude. This hasn’t phased Ronda one bit, who has continued to say what she feels and continued to dominate. Fans will remember happier times thanks to her first Mattel WWE figure, Series 91, which featured a smiling Ronda, thrilled about joining the WWE:

Since getting a figure treatment, Ronda showed the world what she could do and how strong her personality was. Squaring off with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, she made it no secret that she has issues with authority and proved it at her contract signing, which was perfectly commemorated in Mattel WWE Elite 65. When this figure was finally released, Ronda had already settled in to being a dominant force, but it was clear from the beginning she would maintain that intensity:

Rousey has since wrestled in the WWE multiple times and defeated any and all comers as the WWE RAW Women’s Champion. Her dominance would then be perfectly suited for the new Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition line, where Ronda’s first wrestling figure treatment with actual ring gear becomes a reality.

Ronda has since changed up her look, which would be perfect for a new Mattel WWE wrestling figure, as seen at Royal Rumble 2019. With intimidating eye makeup and custom ring gear that showcases her frighteningly intense capabilities, Rousey would have another excellent figure treatment if her more recent looks were showcased:

The black and gold gear and braided hair is all style, all Rowdy, and all Rousey. The question remains to be seen, however, will Ronda Rousey be able to hang on to the WWE RAW Women’s Championship after WrestleMania 35? And then, will she take her ball and go home and be defeated, or continue to carve out her legacy in the WWE? If she does, you can bet more Ronda Rousey Mattel WWE figures will be on the way.

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Mattel WWE Elite 68 Up for PRE-ORDER at Ringside!

Rejoice! The latest and greatest in Mattel WWE Elite figures can be pre-ordered with WWE Elite 68! Elite 68 includes:

  • The Undertaker (American Badass)
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Brie Bella
  • King Mabel
  • Roman Reigns
  • Braun Strowman

Taking it back to the glory days of the post-Attitude Era surge, The Undertaker returns to the line with an absolutely ‘badass’ version of the deadman. Also included is King Mabel, larger than life and completely dominant with crown and purple ring attire. Roman Reigns hoists his WWE Universal Championship high as his empire continues to grow, while Braun Strowman takes a break from his dominance to ‘slappa da bass’ with one of the more unique Mattel WWE accessories. Also included in this set is Brie Bella, bringing real energy and intensity with ‘Brie Mode’ as she gets back in the ring for another challenge. Not to be outdone is WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, all smiles here as the environment finally improves for the better thanks to his courage and outcries. Check out images below:

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When Will the War Raiders Crash the Mattel WWE Party?!

The War Raiders have exploded onto the NXT team and quickly become one of the top tag teams not only for the yellow brand, but in the world of professional wrestling overall. With their wild-eyed, intense looks and over the top ability to take high risk maneuvers despite their hulking size, fans immediately took notice as they began to dominate the tag team division. Since become NXT champions, it’s only a matter of time before Rowe and Hanson become Mattel WWE War Raiders!

The War Raiders seem perfectly suited for Mattel WWE NXT figures. They have intense physiques with tattoos that would be perfect for an Elite figure or a series figure featuring Mattel’s attention to detail. Since capturing the NXT Tag Team Championships, they’d be perfectly suited to come with those titles as accessories as well.

Raymond Rowe’s beard and tattoos show a level of intensity not often seen in NXT. He’s a hard hitter, flies high and wears classic, dark trunks. He’d be a great addition to the Mattel WWE NXT family and likely will look just as intense when he’s inevitably on the main roster.

‘Warbeard’ Hanson also has a butt-kicking look with a wild beard that would be perfectly molded and a thick, muscular body type that could be immortalized in a Mattel WWE mold. What’s notable about Hanson is the entrance gear he chooses to come to the ring with. His is slightly more elaborate than Rowe’s, though they would both make perfect wrestling figures thanks to the detail of the very same gear.

As the War Raiders continue to dominate NXT, their future only looks up. Until then, we can speculate that they will have some just as dominant Mattel WWE NXT figures be released!

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Mattel WWE Series 95 Now IN STOCK at Ringside!

Make that collection bigger than ever! Mattel WWE Series 95 is now IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles! WWE Series 95 includes:

  • Rusev
  • Bray Wyatt
  • AJ Styles
  • Sonya DeVille
  • Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle gets thrown back to the days of your ‘Olympic hero’ with a classic look from the Attitude Era. Also included is Rusev, complete with chest hair painted on and fit for ‘Rusev Day’! The intensity of AJ Styles is well represented with newer, bluer ring gear and Sonya DeVille brings the definition of the word ‘intensity’ to a new level! Re-debuting in the WWE Series line is Bray Wyatt, complete with a wild-eyed look and ready for action. Check out images below!

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The Action Gets REAL With WWE POP UPS From Wicked Cool Toys!

With a wide variety of wrestling figures and accessories available, it’s no surprise that figure fans want their setups to be as realistic and as open as possible. To solve for this, Wicked Cool Toys has come to the rescue again with WWE Pop Ups – authentic scale set-ups of the RAW and SmackDownLIVE! stages! They will also feature crowds like pictured above, so the feeling of the WWE Universe can be completely captured!

The WWE RAW stage features the red color scheme, arrows and platform just like showtime on Monday night. Fans can now walk the ramp that so many legendary WWE Superstars have walked and do it with the confidence and pride of any of their wrestling figure personalities.

Also up for grabs is the SmackDownLIVE stage, which features the setup for the blue brand. This is also authentically scaled and foldable for real scale play! All your wrestling figures can stand on the stage, walk down the stage and anything else you put your imagination to. They are incredibly detailed.

These will be available on and you can check out the accessories section for them!

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Mattel WWE Elite 67 Now IN STOCK at Ringside!

It doesn’t get more charismatic than Mattel WWE Elite 67 being IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles! WWE Elite 67 includes:

  • Jeff Hardy
  • Shayna Baszler
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Velveteen Dream
  • Cedric Alexander
  • Randy Orton

With this release comes the first time Jeff Hardy has been given a face-painted Mattel WWE treatment in the regular Elite line. Now that he is back as a staple of the WWE brand, Hardy has continued to experiment with his looks! Also included is the resident ‘Queen of Spades’ Shayna Baszler, continuing to kick butt in NXT and capturing more gold than expected. Randy Orton is back in the Mattel WWE Elite line with a scruffy look, a jacket accessory and a veteran capability of delivering a focused ‘RKO’ at any time. Cruiserweight standout and championship material Cedric Alexander also gets a top-notch debut figure including a purple title and Elite articulation. Since making his debut in NXT, Velveteen Dream has become one of the wildest acts in sports entertainment today, so his first Mattel WWE figure has been highly sought after and can finally be picked up here. Perhaps the coolest and most legendary item featured in this release is Rey Mysterio, styled for WCW’s ‘Halloween Havoc’ where he had his fateful match against Eddie Guerrero that became part of what would catapult him to superstardom. Check out images below!

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LJN Returns With the Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Young Bucks!

They’re arguably the most sought after, talked about and dynamic Tag Team in decades. The Young Bucks have become wrestling’s hottest commodity. Since signing with the new and exciting AEW promotion, they are as well liked as ever. Their wrestling universe credibility is about to get even stronger as they make their way into the wrestling figure world with the resurgence of LJN. Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson are now an LJN Ringside Collectibles Exclusive 2-Pack!

Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson are technically sound, super fast and strong in the face of some of wrestling’s toughest opponents. They’ve been in the ring with all time greats and future standouts on the independent scene. They’re now immortalized as the first crop of modern day LJN wrestling figures, taking a not-so-surprising step in breaking out on their own in a way that everyone knows them for.

As is the case with all LJN figures, they are classically posed in a signature flex. They’re also wearing matching ring gear and are perfectly aligned with the LJN figures of the good old days. Check out images below and pre-order yours before they’re all gone!

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BRO! Get us a Mattel WWE NXT Matt Riddle Already!!

Do you hear that, fellow bros? It’s the sound of Matt Riddle – the self-proclaimed ‘King of Bros’ – winning matches and taking the NXT brand by storm. Since leaving mixed martial arts behind, Riddle has become the talk of the wrestling world, winning matches on the independent scene before joining the NXT brand and making a splash like never before. With MMA-inspired ring gear, it’s only a matter of time before Riddle becomes one of the most sought after Mattel WWE figures!

With his debut suit and tie being the first step to an NXT ‘takeover’ of sorts, Riddle looked sharp and spiced it up with a sick fitted cap. Because of this, it wouldn’t be unlikely that a wrestling figure version of Riddle after signing with NXT would be something that fans could want in their collection. Bringing the style and look that no other ‘bro’ has, this would be a great first look before getting into his ring gear.

Riddle tends to stick to yellow looks and clothing, often wearing a fitted yellow track jacket that accompanies his ring gear. He has since worn gear featuring ‘BRO’ in the front custom made to reflect his personality. This is usually a tight trunks style that is perfect to call back to his UFC and MMA battling days.

Also worthy and of note are Riddle’s trunks during his run in the independent scene which closely match his current NXT trunks, and his incredible physique. With one of the more notably ripped physiques on the roster, Riddle will have to feature a wrestling action figure mold that reflects this or his figure will be done no justice.

Now that he has cemented his place in NXT, Riddle has mixed up his look about, branching out to looks like the red and black style above. He has also worn headbands and at times performed barefoot in the ring, so his figure could reflect those details as well. Since there is definitely a barefoot Mattel WWE mold, a barefoot Matt Riddle would be the ultimate ‘bro’ figure! As we wait for the debut NXT Matt Riddle figure to debut, his dominance in NXT will keep the entire WWE Universe entertained.

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