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The Hardy Boyz Have Arrived! The Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Matt & Jeff Hardy Are IN STOCK!

It began with a stint as members of ‘The Brood’, following Gangrel to new heights. Soon after, The Hardy Boyz broke out on their own and became the charismatic, daredevil extremists we know and love today. Their look from their time of blossoming is now immortalized in this Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Hardy Boyz Elite 2-Pack!

Matt and Jeff Hardy are both sporting removable cloth red shirts. They also have molded necklaces and ‘extreme’ black ring gear. These figures include Tag Team Championship accessories, interchangeable hands and incredible, spot on detail. Check out images below and get yours before they’re sold out!

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Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition 1 Now IN STOCK at RSC!

Legends are forever and that couldn’t be truer with the latest effort from Mattel. The Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition raises the stakes to a level way above what many consider to be ‘elite’ with incredible articulation, multiple accessories and amazing detail. Mattel WWE Ultimate Edition 1 features Ronda Rousey and Ultimate Warrior and is now IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles!

Ultimate Warrior is sporting his infamous ring gear from Halloween Havoc 1998, complete with entrance coat, molded tassels, interchangeable hands and heads and incredible detail. The ‘baddest woman on the planet’ also makes an appearance as Ronda Rousey also has multiple heads and hands, fight ready ring gear and removable ‘casual’ accessories featuring her kilt and leather jacket! Check out images below:

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Mattel WWE Series 97 Now IN STOCK at Ringside!

Time to bring out the big guns for Mattel WWE Series 97! This star studded WWE Series set includes:

  • Jeff Hardy
  • AJ Styles
  • Bret Hart
  • The Miz
  • Razor Ramon

The Charismatic Enigma makes another incredible appearance in the Mattel WWE line with a purple and white, wild-eyed look that’s sure to make fans of Jeff Hardy go bonkers. Also sporting purple in this set is AJ Styles, featured with a phenomenal, athletic look. Bret Hart brings his excellence and legendary presence to the line with pink and black gear while The Miz stays AWESOME with another upside-down WWE logo appearance. Rounding the set out is Razor Ramon, flicking a toothpick and shaking his fists as he appears more energetic than ever. Check out images below:

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Mattel WWE Retro Series 10 Now Up For PRE-ORDER At RSC!

Four more Mattel WWE Retro figures are on the way to provide some nostalgia with a modern twist! This wildly popular series gets even bigger with Mattel WWE Retro Series 10! WWE Retro Series 10 includes:

  • Diesel
  • Matt Hardy
  • Elias
  • Junkyard Dog

‘Big Daddy Cool’ has an awesome look featuring sunglasses and black ring gear with ‘Diesel’ in the front as Diesel is finally featured! Also included is a ‘Broken’/’Woken’ version of Matt Hardy, complete with menacing smile. The throwback in this line comes in the form of Junkyard Dog, all smiles with star design ring gear. Also included is Elias, complete with a guitar that he can use for good by singing or for evil by smashing. Check out images below:

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When Will Lacey Evans Class Up the Mattel WWE Line?!

With the style of a southern belle and a look that breaks hearts across the world, Lacey Evans has made an incredible impact in the WWE in a very short time. After catapulting from NXT onto the WWE RAW brand, Evans has said that she will rid the WWE Universe of ‘nasties’ as she brings honor and class to the WWE Women’s Division. In the meantime, she has showcased many incredibly colorful looks, reflective of her classy personality. The question is…which of these will we see immortalized in Mattel WWE wrestling action figure form?

Lacey’s elaborate dresses have shown off some incredible fashion sense and made it clear she is ok with ‘dressing like a lady’ before getting into the ring to tear apart an opponent. Above, she’s featured in a black and white striped outfit which is notable because it is vastly different from what most WWE Women’s Division Superstars are seen sporting.

During her time in NXT, Lacey made all the boogie-woogie-bugle-boys go crazy for her military/army style ring gear. While she sported this two piece ring gear often, it proved she was implementing patriotism into her look and ultimately her fighting style. This would make a great debut figure as it could show up in Evan’s wardrobe again and would be a throwback to her NXT career.

More recently, Evans has sported a ‘sailor’ style outfit that features white gloves and further cements her as a top-shelf performer. With blue and white coloring featuring stripes, it would be an ideal figure for her as well because of how often she has worn the outfit. Along with this, she has worn many similar outfits that can be considered fairly outside-the-box ring gear.

Perhaps one of her most notable looks was during the Mae Young Classic, where Evans sported ring gear featuring cherry designs that matched the striking makeup she tends to wear on a regular basis. With a hat accessory and Elite articulation, this could be the perfect way to show off Evans’ in ring prowess.

Only time will tell what a debut Mattel WWE Lacey Evans figure will look like, but one thing is for certain, there are plenty of looks to choose from!

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Mattel WWE Series 95 Now IN STOCK at Ringside!

Make that collection bigger than ever! Mattel WWE Series 95 is now IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles! WWE Series 95 includes:

  • Rusev
  • Bray Wyatt
  • AJ Styles
  • Sonya DeVille
  • Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle gets thrown back to the days of your ‘Olympic hero’ with a classic look from the Attitude Era. Also included is Rusev, complete with chest hair painted on and fit for ‘Rusev Day’! The intensity of AJ Styles is well represented with newer, bluer ring gear and Sonya DeVille brings the definition of the word ‘intensity’ to a new level! Re-debuting in the WWE Series line is Bray Wyatt, complete with a wild-eyed look and ready for action. Check out images below!

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Mattel WWE Elite 67 Now IN STOCK at Ringside!

It doesn’t get more charismatic than Mattel WWE Elite 67 being IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles! WWE Elite 67 includes:

  • Jeff Hardy
  • Shayna Baszler
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Velveteen Dream
  • Cedric Alexander
  • Randy Orton

With this release comes the first time Jeff Hardy has been given a face-painted Mattel WWE treatment in the regular Elite line. Now that he is back as a staple of the WWE brand, Hardy has continued to experiment with his looks! Also included is the resident ‘Queen of Spades’ Shayna Baszler, continuing to kick butt in NXT and capturing more gold than expected. Randy Orton is back in the Mattel WWE Elite line with a scruffy look, a jacket accessory and a veteran capability of delivering a focused ‘RKO’ at any time. Cruiserweight standout and championship material Cedric Alexander also gets a top-notch debut figure including a purple title and Elite articulation. Since making his debut in NXT, Velveteen Dream has become one of the wildest acts in sports entertainment today, so his first Mattel WWE figure has been highly sought after and can finally be picked up here. Perhaps the coolest and most legendary item featured in this release is Rey Mysterio, styled for WCW’s ‘Halloween Havoc’ where he had his fateful match against Eddie Guerrero that became part of what would catapult him to superstardom. Check out images below!

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BRO! Get us a Mattel WWE NXT Matt Riddle Already!!

Do you hear that, fellow bros? It’s the sound of Matt Riddle – the self-proclaimed ‘King of Bros’ – winning matches and taking the NXT brand by storm. Since leaving mixed martial arts behind, Riddle has become the talk of the wrestling world, winning matches on the independent scene before joining the NXT brand and making a splash like never before. With MMA-inspired ring gear, it’s only a matter of time before Riddle becomes one of the most sought after Mattel WWE figures!

With his debut suit and tie being the first step to an NXT ‘takeover’ of sorts, Riddle looked sharp and spiced it up with a sick fitted cap. Because of this, it wouldn’t be unlikely that a wrestling figure version of Riddle after signing with NXT would be something that fans could want in their collection. Bringing the style and look that no other ‘bro’ has, this would be a great first look before getting into his ring gear.

Riddle tends to stick to yellow looks and clothing, often wearing a fitted yellow track jacket that accompanies his ring gear. He has since worn gear featuring ‘BRO’ in the front custom made to reflect his personality. This is usually a tight trunks style that is perfect to call back to his UFC and MMA battling days.

Also worthy and of note are Riddle’s trunks during his run in the independent scene which closely match his current NXT trunks, and his incredible physique. With one of the more notably ripped physiques on the roster, Riddle will have to feature a wrestling action figure mold that reflects this or his figure will be done no justice.

Now that he has cemented his place in NXT, Riddle has mixed up his look about, branching out to looks like the red and black style above. He has also worn headbands and at times performed barefoot in the ring, so his figure could reflect those details as well. Since there is definitely a barefoot Mattel WWE mold, a barefoot Matt Riddle would be the ultimate ‘bro’ figure! As we wait for the debut NXT Matt Riddle figure to debut, his dominance in NXT will keep the entire WWE Universe entertained.

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Should Mattel Go Green With a New Mattel WWE Daniel Bryan??

Since returning to the WWE from retirement, Daniel Bryan has utterly destroyed the ‘YES!’ Movement and established a new, fan ‘unfriendly’ existence. He is angrier, more intense, and blaming those around him for things going wrong in the world today. The WWE Universe, needless to say, has not reacted well to this, but it has only made him that much more of a person fans love to hate. When it comes to Mattel WWE figures, his offerings to date have featured a smiley, excited demeanor. We will now see the ushering in of a more villainous Daniel Bryan!

With his flannel shirt straight out of Seattle, Daniel Bryan has now set the WWE Universe straight on multiple occasions thanks to a platform on SmackDown Live!. His gear has become darker and much less friendly than what he has previously worn, so it’s likely that our next WWE Elite or WWE Series turn of the old-school ‘goat face’ will feature that darker gear.

With a mouth and wrestling ability to back up his new demeanor, Daniel Bryan has taken the extra, smart step of having a like-minded enforcer by his side in Erick Rowan. Rowan has followed Bryan’s word very closely, believes in his ways and has proven to be a strong partner in this time of change for Bryan. It’s likely that a Mattel WWE Battle Packs set featuring Bryan and Rowan could come to fruition, with both ready to continue pushing their green, clean way of living!

Since winning the WWE Championship so aggressively from AJ Styles, Bryan has even gone as far as creating a custom ‘Organic Hemp’ based WWE Championship featuring eco-friendly production and glossy wood. This environmentally sound version of the title would make for a great accessory, and is very likely to be seen in the future in the Mattel WWE line. Bryan’s next appearance in the Elite line would be perfect if it featured his look after winning the WWE Championship from Styles, or any time after, as long as it featured this accessory.

Time will tell as to whether or not we will see a new version of Bryan, but it’s for certain that in the meantime he will continue to push his aggressive agenda on the WWE Universe!

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Rey Mysterio Hits a New 619 in the Mattel WWE Line?!

It’s been a while since Rey Mysterio, Lucha Libre mega superstar and WWE legend, has been a member of the WWE roster. With a surprise appearance at the WWE Royal Rumble this year, further participating in the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble and appearing in the WWE 2K19 video game, speculation has run rampant as to whether or not Rey would re-sign with the WWE. If he were to, his appearances would be perfect to re-introduce him to the Mattel WWE wrestling figures line!

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