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Three of the Best Mattel WWE Daniel Bryan Figures From 2013!

No doubt that Daniel Bryan has had a break out year! After becoming both a YES man and a NO man, the Superstar added another layer to his personality with that of a long, burly beard. On top of an amazing repertoire of moves, Daniel Bryan became WWE Champion! Let’s look at the three figures that defined him in 2013:

Daniel Bryan in Mattel WWE Series 30!

Daniel Bryan in Mattel WWE Series 30!

At the height of the GOAT face craze came Mattel WWE Series 30 Daniel Bryan, complete with subtle NO tights and a screaming, long bearded headsculpt!

Best of Pay Per View Elite EXCLUSIVE Daniel Bryan!

Best of Pay Per View Elite EXCLUSIVE Daniel Bryan!


I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Daniel Bryan’s memorable run as WWE Tag Team Champion with Kane produced this bearded, angry Elite Exclusive. Including two WWE Tag Team Championships, this one kept the gold all to himself.

WWE Series 35 Daniel Bryan!

WWE Series 35 Daniel Bryan!

Perhaps this years definitive Daniel Bryan, just in time for the holidays comes in Mattel WWE Series 35, complete with the new bearded headscan and current attire designed with an outline of white flame. A great look, a great style and true to the former WWE Champion and his quest to regain the glory he didn’t hold long enough.

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Mattel WWE Elite 25…One of This Holiday Season’s Hot Sets!

The Mattel WWE Elite Series 25 has included some of the most sought after WWE Superstars and one of the most sought after legends since Mattel began making WWE action figures! The lineup includes:

  • Seth Rollins (The Shield)
  • Sheamus
  • Bruno Sammartino
  • Dean Ambrose (The Shield)
  • Brodus Clay
  • Sin Cara

WWE wrestling action figure staples such as Sheamus, Brodus Clay and Sin Cara are sure to make the average WWE fan happy. What makes the set pack such a punch are the inclusions of the following:

Bruno Sammartino's FIRST Mattel WWE Elite figure!

Bruno Sammartino’s FIRST Mattel WWE Elite figure!

WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino includes a Hall of Fame Podium and plaque. Complete with hairy chest and arms, this one’s definitive.


Dean Ambrose's FIRST Mattel WWE Elite Figure!

Dean Ambrose’s FIRST Mattel WWE Elite Figure!

Key Shield member Dean Ambrose finally comes to Elite form with a folding chair and handheld camera, filming viral videos and sending threats to the WWE locker room.

Seth Rollins' FIRST Mattel WWE Elite Figure!

Seth Rollins’ FIRST Mattel WWE Elite Figure!

Seth Rollins remains a silent but deadly member of the Shield, waiting for his time to break out and wreak havoc.

The die hard WWE fan will appreciate the release of all three figures and their popularity is likely to only skyrocket. The Shield show no signs of stopping and Bruno Sammartino is a need-to-know classic. This set is GUARANTEED for Christmas delivery so it’s guaranteed to go quickly!

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Mattel WWE Battle Packs 26 Lineup!

For those who pre-order, just in time for Christmas delivery is the Mattel WWE Battle Packs 26! The lineup is as follows:

  • Curtis Axel vs. Triple H
  • Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (The Shield)
  • Nikki Bella and Brie Bella (The Bella Twins)

This set features sought after releases like Curtis Axel’s return to Mattel WWE and more Total Divas figures!

Triple H took on Curtis Axel when he first debuted in the WWE under his new moniker so you can recreate the action with the help of these figures and the included wooden pallet accessory:

Triple H vs. Curtis Axel!

Triple H vs. Curtis Axel!

Those Total Divas, the Bella Twins make their return to Mattel WWE figure action with revealing red ring attire and what else, the Divas Championship!

Total Divas: Nikki Bella and Brie Bella!

Total Divas: Nikki Bella and Brie Bella!

Believe in the Shield with two core members, Seth Rollins and United States Champion Dean Ambrose:

The Shield: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose!

The Shield: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose!

This set includes prominently featured WWE Superstars and has all around great detail! Make sure you PRE-ORDER it to get it in time for the holidays here!


Rob Van Dam Mattel WWE Figure Design Choices!

Mattel has confirmed the upcoming release of a Mattel WWE Rob Van Dam figure in both Elite and Basic! RVD has always sported colorful singlets and wrestling attire so it is everyone’s guess as to what he will wear, but here are a few looks that we hope are a possibility:


ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam wore this amazing attire, one of many with an incredible dragon on the front. An ECW Television Championship accessory would top it off.

Rob Van Dam's WWE Return- Who Approached Whom-

Mr. Money in the Bank and Intercontinental Rob Van Dam sported another ferocious dragon, this time in red with yin yang eyes. An RVD Money in the Bank briefcase and Intercontinental Championship would make for great accessories.


WWE Champion Rob Van Dam is wearing…you guessed it, a singlet with a Dragon, this time darker with more intense detail. A spinning WWE Championship accessory would top him off.


Rob Van Dam’s red return attire at Money in the Bank 2013 is a likely choice for either Elite or Basic and a strong possibility. An Elite figure may come with a tall ladder like he used in the event.

There are loads upon loads upon loads of choices for the first Mattel WWE Rob Van Dam figures! These are just a few, but whatever is selected there is no question Mattel will do a bang up job!

Follow Rob Van Dam’s page on to see all his latest items and find his Mattel WWE figures when they become available here!


John Cena vs. Randy Orton at Survivor Series 2013…WWE Championship Unification?!

Survivor Series 2013 has come and gone and John Cena came out to show Randy Orton that he, as World Heavyweight Champion, is not afraid of him! After interrupting The Viper’s celebration, John Cena stood face to face with him and held up his World Heavyweight Championship.

Mattel WWE Elite 23 John Cena!

Mattel WWE Elite 23 John Cena!

The World Heavyweight Champion could have his eye on something bigger…unifying his championship with the WWE Championship!

That is, not if Randy Orton has anything to say about it! The Apex Predator is the reigning WWE Champion and could be a dangerous foe for the hero, unifying the two titles himself!

Mattel WWE Elite 21 Randy Orton!

Would Randy Orton accept a title unification challenge? Is what we saw happen at Survivor Series 2013 the first step to WrestleMania XXX?!  Could ANY other WWE Superstar get involved, or is this just between these two mega stars? Only time will tell!

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Big E Langston…Intercontinental Champion!

Big E Langston has come a long way since he broke on to the WWE scene with a major impact, attacking John Cena. He is now the Intercontinental Champion and will be defending that title against the man he won it against, Curtis Axel, at Survivor Series 2013! Luckily, Big E Langston’s first ever Mattel WWE figures are just in time for his successes. First up is his basic Mattel WWE figure in Series 36:

Big E Langston in Mattel WWE Series 36!

Big E Langston in Mattel WWE Series 36!

Wearing a black singlet with a lion symbol on the front, this figure defines power.

His Mattel WWE Elite 26 figure on the other hand takes power to new heights:

Big E Langston in Mattel WWE Elite 26!

Big E Langston in Mattel WWE Elite 26!

This figure includes a giant red barbell, a breakaway bench and an Elite Big E figure wearing a red singlet with lion symbol in the front.

Whether he retains his Intercontinental Championship or not come Survivor Series, Big E Langston is still a force to be reckoned with. See all his items here!

Hardcore KANE vs. Hardcore LEGEND Cactus Jack!

These two popular Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusives are no strangers to the world of HARDCORE wrestling. Kane and Mick Foley have faced off before so they are no strangers to each other, but lets see how their figures stack up:

Mattel WWE Ringside Exclusive Hardcore Kane!

Mattel WWE Ringside Exclusive Hardcore Kane!

The Big Red Machine, Kane, is the Hardcore Champion in his figure, complete with mask and Hardcore Championship! Detailed with flames and mesh from the Attitude Era.

Mattel WWE Ringside Exclusive Cactus Jack!

Mattel WWE Ringside Exclusive Cactus Jack!

Cactus Jack comes with his most wanted shirt, a Stop sign, handcuffs AND black steel ring steps!

If these two figures go at it, Cactus Jack definitely has the accessories to battle with but Kane has the (battered) gold! A champion doesn’t let go easy and Kane wouldn’t give up to Cactus Jack even though he has been hardcore wrestling all over the world!


Get these two in a package deal and decide for yourself here!


FEED ME MORE! Comparing Two Ryback Mattel WWE Elites

Ryback has been an unstoppable and unpredictable force since crashing his way into the WWE. It is no surprise that Mattel got hard at work on his figure and came out with two very unique and detailed Elite wrestling figures.

First up, Ryback’s Mattel WWE Elite 21 with barbell accessories and Feed Me More sleeveless shirt showcases a meaner, darker side of the big fella.

Ryback in Mattel's WWE Elite Series 21!

Ryback in Mattel’s WWE Elite Series 21!

With a blue, white and black singlet complete with full details, this first released Elite Ryback is a must have.

Debuting in Mattel WWE Elite 24 was a possibly more heroic side of Ryback, complete with removable sleeveless shirt and folding chair but this time a more determined, triumphant headsculpt.

Ryback in Mattel's WWE Elite 24!

Ryback in Mattel’s WWE Elite 24!

This Ryback comes complete with an amazing red, black and white singlet design and provides a more colorful, but just as aggressive, option.

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Mattel WWE Series 37 Figure Lineup – WrestleMania Heritage!

The lineup for Mattel WWE Series 37 is a WrestleMania Heritage lineup, celebrating classic looks of your favorite WWE icons at WrestleMania! The lineup is:

Mr. Perfect – WrestleMania VI

Batista – WrestleMania XXI

Roman Reigns – WrestleMania XXIX

Randy Orton – WrestleMania XXV

Zeb Colter – WrestleMania XXIX

Ryback – WrestleMania XXIX


It seems as though WrestleMania XXIX will be getting showcased this time around, as three figures from this set are from that event!

Zeb Colter gets his first Mattel WWE figure here and is as unique as can be. Notice the different colors in his facial hair:

A real American - Zeb Colter!

A real American – Zeb Colter!

Making his return to Mattel WWE action is The Animal, Batista, with his first figure since 2011:

The Animal Batista returns to Mattel WWE!

The Animal Batista returns to Mattel WWE!

Also in the set but not yet seen is Curt Hennig, Mr. Perfect! Mattel’s response to his absence was, “…we wanted him to be PERFECT before you saw him!”

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When Will The Undertaker Rise Again??

The Undertaker has been missing since a vicious Smackdown! attack at the hands of The Shield. The Deadman has, as expected, slowed down and not made as many appearances, but his name is always mentioned around big Pay Per Views like Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and WrestleMania.

In his latest figure release, Undertaker defends his legendary streak against CM Punk in Mattel WWE Battle Packs 25!

CM Punk faces off with the Undertaker!

CM Punk faces off with the Undertaker!

If you’re an Undertaker fan, his latest t-shirt will help you show your pride in style.

Stylin' and profilin' Undertaker t-shirt!

Stylin’ and profilin’ Undertaker t-shirt!

One of Undertaker’s classic looks is in Mattel WWE Elite 23 and is hopefully not his last!

Classic Undertaker in Mattel WWE Elite 23!

Classic Undertaker in Mattel WWE Elite 23!


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