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The UNDEAD! The Mattel WWE Zombies Series Has Arrived From Beyond the Grave!

Ever wondered what a world would be like with your favorite WWE Superstars…all dead…and now BACK TO LIFE? The Mattel WWE Zombies Series envisions that with some out of this world, supernatural Mattel WWE versions of the hottest WWE Superstars. Get a closer look at the WWE Zombies series here. It includes:

  • John Cena
  • The Rock
  • Paige
  • Undertaker
  • Triple H
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Roman Reigns
  • Dean Ambrose

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Mattel WWE Series 57 MOC Images and Pre-Order!

Rejoice, NXT and WWE Superstar fans! The Mattel WWE Series 57 has some HUGE names that you won’t be able to contain your excitement for! With a mix of both NXT and WWE Superstars, WWE Series 57 includes:

  • Ryback
  • Finn Balor
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Paige
  • Erick Rowan
  • The Big Show

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Ringside Fest XII Recap!

We had a great time seeing fans and enjoying the day at Ringside Fest 2015! Lana, Dolph Ziggler, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Paige had a great time meeting fans, signing autographs and talking Mattel WWE figures! Check out some images from the event below:

(Photo credit: Bob Mulrenin)

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Mattel WWE Elite 34 Now Up for Pre-Order!

Mattel WWE Elite 34!
Mattel WWE Elite 34!

Mattel WWE Elite 34!

The Mattel WWE Elite Series 34 has finally been put up for PRE-ORDER on Ringside Collectibles! This set includes not only long awaited Legend debuts, but long awaited roster debuts. The set includes:

  • Hulk Hogan
  • Paige
  • Doink the Clown
  • John Cena
  • Bad News Barrett
  • Rusev

Hulk Hogan finally makes his non-Defining Moments, Mattel WWE Elite debut and it’s set to be ground breaking. This version of the Hulkster will carry a modern day look based on his return to the WWE in 2014. Fans have been looking to get their hands on as much Hulk Hogan as possible in relation to Mattel WWE figures, so Hulkamania is truly running wild for wrestling figure fans.

Paige’s wild ways are finally making their way to Mattel WWE figure form. Debuting as an Elite figure just further shows the popularity of Paige and her high demand. With her now classic purple ring attire and full articulation, fans can re-create all the strange behavior she does so well in their figure collections.

Doink the Clown has been a WWE staple since his debut in the ’90’s. More often spoken about and heard as the butt of a joke than seen, everyone will be laughing away when he debuts in Mattel WWE Elite 34. Wrestling figure fans can only hope that Dink is right behind, ready to be released.

The WWE Universe is still firmly planted behind John Cena, who leads the CeNation into battle week in and week out. It’s no surprise that he receives another Mattel WWE Elite figure, this time showing off a new set of colors with his now legendary ring attire. The CeNation is still as strong as can be.

We’re afraid we have some GOOD news for fans of Bad News Barrett…he will finally be getting a ‘Bad News’ Elite treatment in Mattel WWE Elite 34! Speculation has run rampant as to his accessories but fans are keeping their fingers crossed for a podium or at the very least, a gavel. Hopefully Wade Barrett returns to the ring before the debut of this figure.

Rusev has proven that he will crush anyone and everyone who stands in his way in the WWE. With Elite articulation, that only proves truer as he can power his way through your entire wrestling figures roster. The Russian hero answers only to Lana and Vladimir Putin, looking to make his mark as the most memorable Russian in WWE history.

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The Mattel WWE Display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014! TONS of NEW Images!

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_049[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_050[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_051[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_052[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_053[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_054[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_055[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_056[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_057[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_058[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_059[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_060[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_061[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_062[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_063[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_064[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_065[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_066[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_067[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_068[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_069[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_070[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_071[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_072[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_073[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_074[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_075[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_076[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_077[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_078[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_079[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_081[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_082[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_083[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_084[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_085[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_086[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_087[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_088[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_089[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_090[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_091[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_092[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_093[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_094[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_095[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_096[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_097[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_098[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_099[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_100[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_101[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_102[1]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZoRvMVAU1Y

Arguably one of the most eventful San Diego Comic-Con’s ever for the Mattel WWE line, the Mattel WWE display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 showcased some amazing new wrestling figures and super detailed versions of extremely sought after Legends and Superstars!

– A Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan is now a reality, along with a Mattel WWE Razor Ramon, Mattel WWE Ric Flair and a Mattel WWE Sting! After a surprising reveal, fans got to have a close look at early builds of each on display.

– Showing off the latest Mattel WWE Elite 30, Mattel WWE Elite 31 and Mattel WWE Elite 32 sets, some standouts included the Legion of Doom in new, spot on attire and a Wyatt Family member Daniel Bryan. Also making their way into the display was a Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio and the Lex Express himself, Lex Luger.

– Big Van Vader himself, Vader has made his way back into the Mattel WWE line with an elaborate representation of his helmet and ‘It’s Vader Time’ tights! Also featured was a Mattel WWE Elite Rocky Maivia, the happy version of The Rock before he became the thrilling Superstar he is today.

– Fans have been clamoring for a Mattel WWE Paige figure and Mattel placed one on display just to give them a taste of what is in store! This accurate Paige figure looks as though she could begin screeching at any moment, just like in real life.

See images of the entire display and video above and below!

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_001 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_002 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_003 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_004 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_005 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_006 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_007 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_008 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_009 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_010 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_011 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_012 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_013 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_014 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_015 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_016 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_017 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_018 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_019 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_020 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_021 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_023 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_024 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_025 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_026 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_027 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_028 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_029 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_030 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_031 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_032 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_033 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_034 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_035 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_036 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_037 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_038 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_039 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_040 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_041 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_042 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_043 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_044 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_045 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_046 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_047 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_048

Paige Takes the WWE and Our Hearts By Storm!

Paige first captures the WWE Diva's Championship!
WWE Diva Paige, now the rightful owner of the WWE Diva's Championship!

WWE Diva Paige, now the rightful owner of the WWE Diva’s Championship!

Since bursting on to the WWE NXT scene, many wrestling fans have been singing the praises of Paige, a wild, unpredictable and sometimes even a little out there WWE Diva. With a whooping howl and wrestling ability to boot, fans of the Diva during her NXT run anxiously awaited news of her being called up to the main WWE talent roster. Their wish was soon granted as Paige has recently jumped on to the WWE scene, attacked the Divas division and stood triumphant in a matter of weeks. A Mattel WWE Paige figure should in turn not be far behind.

WWE Diva Paige during her stay in NXT!

WWE Diva Paige during her stay in NXT!

Paige’s wild outfits directly reflect her wild personality, like this one showing off a look she sported during her time in NXT. With different color schemes, textures and even a leather jacket, it will be exciting to see what approach Mattel decides to take for a Mattel WWE Paige figure. Despite Mattel claiming several times that they were choosing not to produce NXT figures, Paige could be the first possible test of that with her unique looks.

Paige triumped as WWE NXT Women's Champion!

Paige triumped as WWE NXT Women’s Champion!

Paige is also the inaugural NXT Diva’s Champion, so the case could be made for a Mattel WWE Paige figure to come with the NXT Women’s Championship as an accessory. It would celebrate her time in the promotion, give an already classic look to a fresh Diva and make belt collectors happy.

Paige first captures the WWE Diva's Championship!

Paige first captures the WWE Diva’s Championship!

Of course, the more likely attire choice would be the outfit that Paige debuted in, won the WWE Diva’s Championship from AJ Lee in and continues to wear during her successful reign. With a purple top and shorts and some wild looking crossovers and studs, Paige sets hearts on fire as she displays tenacity and aggression with her headlocks and noises.

Mattel has hopefully begun preliminary work on a Mattel WWE Paige figure and we could be seeing her sooner rather than later.

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