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Will Daniel Bryan Revive the YES! Movement?

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One of the most popular Superstars in recent memory and arguably of all time, the technical wrestling phenomenon Daniel Bryan, also known as the leader of the “Yes! Movement” has unfortunately been sidelined due to injury since WrestleMania. He has been sorely missed and fans constantly bring up his name when mentioning wrestlers that they want to return. With his recent WWE Tough Enough appearances and his RAW surprise showing, Daniel Bryan may be reviving the Yes Movement sooner than fans are expecting. His Mattel WWE wrestling figures have been on-point, following his ascent to super-stardom. Particularly, the Mattel WWE Elite Daniel Bryan figures have shown his change over time, where he has come from and what he has become, and will hopefully, return as.

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Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania Journey Begins with Triple H!

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple H...in a suit?

Since losing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship ‘fair and square’ to Randy Orton at Summerslam 2013, Daniel Bryan has been dealing with the constant abuse of power by the COO of the WWE and the man quickly growing to become one of Daniel Bryan’s biggest nemesis’ ever, Triple H. The Game has used his ability to manipulate goings on to make Bryan’s life and pursuit of the title a living hell. The American Dragon has prevailed, however, earning himself the chance to main event WrestleMania 30 if he defeats the one thing standing in his way…The King of Kings. Triple H and Daniel Bryan are both slotted for release in Mattel WWE Elite Series 28, and since fans have yet to see images of these wrestling figures, they can easily speculate on what they could look like.

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple H...in a suit?

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple H…in a suit?

A Mattel WWE Triple H mail-away exclusive wrestling figure featured the former world champion wearing a grey suit from his more easy-going days as COO of the company. Since, he has opted for darker, harsher suits and cut his long, flowing locks. While Mattel has often stated they do not like to make suited figures, it is nearly impossible to deny that Triple H has appeared almost exclusively dressed up since Summerslam 2013 on WWE television. Anyone looking to re-enact Daniel Bryan’s struggles with the Cerebral Assassin would certainly need an updated, suited Triple H.

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Daniel Bryan...with The Beard Is Here shirt!

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Daniel Bryan…with The Beard Is Here shirt!

The savior of the WWE Universe and the YES! Movement leader, Daniel Bryan has made fans out of millions with his likeable personality, amazing wrestling ability and scruffy beard. His first reference to the ironclad facial hair style came in the form of a ‘The Beard is Here’ shirt in direct parody of John Cena’s ‘The Champ is Here’ shirt. Mattel may choose to commemorate this ever-popular look in Daniel Bryan’s style, despite it having evolved since.

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple H in wrestling attire!

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Triple H in wrestling attire!

Though he rarely appears in wrestling attire, Triple H manages to find his way into a competitive role every year at WrestleMania. He will do so again when he tries to stop Daniel Bryan dead in his tracks, and then head for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship himself. A short haired, Elite Triple H figure in wrestling attire has only been seen so far as an exclusive, and could easily make its way into the main line with the next Elite release of Triple H.

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Daniel Bryan...with Respect The Beard shirt!

Mattel WWE Elite 28 Daniel Bryan…with Respect The Beard shirt!

Daniel Bryan’s ‘Respect the Beard’ shirt accompanies one of his many red, grey and black designed attires and could easily be expected as a choice for Mattel WWE Elite 28. While it is a bit pre-mature to assume the figure would be the ‘Yes! Movement’ version of Bryan, this version is indeed a bit newer and just vintage enough to be considered. With a new headsculpt that further accentuates the bearded modesty of the humble American Dragon, Daniel Bryan’s latest Mattel WWE Elite release could satisfy fans everywhere, especially if he makes it to the WrestleMania 30 main event.

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