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WWE Slam City…and Mattel WWE Slam City!

Slam City, the innovative new cartoon from the WWE and soon to be featured on the WWE Network, showcases WWE Superstars in the wild and crazy world of Slam City! With zany antics and huge, stretchy muscles, the Slam City superstars are ready for things to get even wilder than they do in a WWE ring. Here, John Cena and Alberto Del Rio both speak about their fondness for the program:

Their Slam City ‘day jobs’ including an auto-mechanic and a barista, keep both Alberto Del Rio & John Cena busy during their time away from the ring!

They even run into other WWE Superstars, like Damien Sandow, and zaniness ensues with crazy, over-the-top happenings!

John Cena, of course, runs into trouble with The Big Show, who is as big in Slam City as his real life counterpart! With crazy combat, this is one of the most memorable WWE ‘fights’ ever!

Other WWE Superstars, like Kane & Santino Marella, come to blows during their wild day jobs! Here, they fight in a cafeteria, the likes of which WWE fans have never seen before!

Mattel has done it again, this time with Slam City, making sure all the episodes have excellent Mattel WWE toys to go along with them for fans! With launchable arms and perfectly adapted stylized versions, the Mattel WWE Slam City toys feature all your favorites, like John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler & many, many more as part of the Slam City universe!

Mattel WWE Slam City Toys!

Mattel WWE Slam City Toys!

Don’t just enjoy the WWE Slam City cartoon, but re-enact all the wild, out of this world excitement with Mattel WWE Slam city toys and figures!

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