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Mattel WWE Series 54 and Series 55 Prototype & MOC Images Revealed!

By Robert Mulrenin

They’re coming in hot! The Mattel WWE Series 54 AND Series 55 sets now have prototype images! That’s one set, Mattel WWE Series 54 with the standard number of 6 figures and another set, Mattel WWE Series 55 with a massive 8 figures to be included! Have a look at the new prototype images below.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2015 – Mattel WWE Preview Night Display!

It’s San Diego Comic-Con again, and as always, Mattel has not disappointed in offering us a few WWE surprises with their Preview Night display! With a look at WWE Superstars and Legends both previously announced and debuting, Mattel’s attention to detail and excellent offerings are better than ever.


Offering a first look at previously announced figures like Tyson Kidd, Sting, and the nWo in Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, Mattel also displayed new, never before announced figures like The Ascension, Jimmy Hart, J & J Security and more! Also on display were updated versions of Mattel WWE Elite 37 standouts and a special WrestleMania 31 Seth Rollins. To see these and more, read on!

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Mattel WWE Series 55 Officially Announced!


Hold on to your hats, wrestling action figure fans! Mattel #WWE Series 55 has been officially announced, and includes MORE figures than usual at a full lineup of 8!

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Super Toy Con 2015 Offers Looks at TONS of New Mattel WWE Figures!


The Super Toy Con 2015 had a last minute addition that made wrestling figure fans as happy as possible. Mattel’s Bill Miekina showed off tons of surprise new items from the Mattel WWE wrestling figure line and collectors couldn’t have been more pleased. With looks at brand new version of current roster superstars and some legendary surprises, fans will be looking forward to everything Mattel has to release for WWE throughout the upcoming year.

See the images from the event below including upcoming figures like Stephanie McMahon, a Mattel WWE Four Horseman Four Pack, Stardust’s debut Mattel WWE figure, the future of the Mattel WWE line with NXT superstars, a long awaited Mattel WWE Tito Santana, Ringside’s next Mattel WWE Exclusive and more!

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Mattel WWE Battle Packs 34 Lineup Revealed!

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 34!
Mattel WWE Battle Packs 34!

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 34!

The latest in intense teams and rivalries are arriving with Mattel WWE Battle Packs 34! The Mattel WWE Battle Packs 34 lineup has been announced. It includes:

  • Hornswoggle vs. El Torito
  • The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal)
  • Rusev & Lana

Hornswoggle and El Torito faced off with each other, showing a meaner, darker side of everyone’s favorite extremely tiny leprechaun. The rivalry culminated in a miniature match not seen in a WWE ring in a long time. A new Hornswoggle Mattel WWE figure will likely showcase many of his tattoos and the shirtless, ‘bountiful’ in-ring look he sported. With a few different colors, fans are likely hoping for a white scheme El Torito here.

The legendary tag team the Road Warriors can never be beaten in style and intensity. Both Hawk and Animal as the Legion of Doom will remain one of the most dominant tag teams of all time. This being their first time as basic Mattel WWE figures, the trademark Road Warriors shoulder pads will likely be included.

The ravishing Russian Lana is the highlight of a Mattel WWE Battle Pack with Rusev as it’s her first time appearing in the Mattel WWE line. Diva collectors and fans of the beauty alike are excited to see which suit she’ll be included in when figured into the line. Rusev’s crushing power will also be represented in his latest Mattel WWE figure, possibly with a new look on his face to showcase some clenched teeth or even more intensity.

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Mattel WWE Battle Packs 29 Lineup Revealed!

The Mattel WWE Battle Packs 29 lineup has been revealed, much to the excitement of wrestling action figure fans. Including new releases and a possible now-missing old favorite, this set is going to be hotly anticipated. It includes:

  • Los Matadores (Diego & Fernando) with 2 hat accessories
  • Ryback & CM Punk with table accessory
  • Cody Rhodes & Goldust with two Tag Team Championship accessories

Since making their way onto the tag team scene of WWE, Los Matadores  have become fan favorites as they are accompanied by El Torito and wear flamboyant, colorful outfits. With wrestling skill to back up their antics, wrestling figure fans will likely pit them against their other established tag teams.

Although CM Punk has disappeared from the WWE radar, the now disgruntled Ryback still attempts to make as much of an impact as possible. With a table accessory, this Battle Pack could be a wrestling figure fan’s way to send CM Punk out the door correctly, with a massive loss to the machine, Ryback. Or, the Battle Pack could set the stage for CM Punk’s triumphant return.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust are living out their dream of being siblings working together and taking the WWE by storm. This Battle Pack will likely commemorate their hugely successful WWE Tag Team Championship run, capturing the titles from The Shield and defending them against worthy suitors. An updated Mattel WWE Goldust figure has been sought after by fans so they likely won’t be disappointed!

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