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Las Vegas 2015 Mattel WWE Figure Display! – Part II

As a last minute surprise, Mattel WWE wrestling figure fans were treated to an appearance at Wizard World Las Vegas by Mattel WWE Lead Designer Bill Miekina! Bill brought along some new looks at upcoming Mattel WWE figures, including a packaged version of the Ringside Collectibles Exclusive American Made Hulk Hogan, Defining Moments Sting, Bo Dallas’ first Mattel WWE Elite and more! To add to the excitement, the one and only Dean Ambrose arrived to take photographs of himself with his upcoming Mattel WWE figure! Stay tuned to Ringside Collectibles for the latest in Mattel WWE wrestling action figure news!

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Mattel WWE Battle Packs 35 & Mattel WWE Battle Packs 36 Line-Ups Announced!

Tag Team and team-up and rivalry fans, rejoice! The Mattel WWE Battle Packs 35 and Mattel WWE Battle Packs 36 line-ups have finally been announced.

The Mattel WWE Battle Packs 35 includes:

  • Curtis Axel & Ryback
  • Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter
  • Kane & Roman Reigns

Finding a common ground in talent and aggression, Curtis Axel and Ryback came together to create Rybaxel. Providing a unique blend of muscle and wrestling ability, they created a bit of an unmatched tag team with wins, but more conflict than success. Ryback always makes sure to bring colorful, airbrushed outfits forward. Curtis Axel has recently proven that ‘Axelmania’ is runnin’ wild, but that is highly unlikely to appear as an attire for this figure based on how recently it happened. Only time will tell.

Kane has been doing Triple H’s corporate bidding since his rise to authoritative power. This means stopping Roman Reigns from being the ‘next big thing,’ so it’s no surprise the two massive forces would collide. Kane has both worn his mask and wrestled without it as of late, so it’s possible he could be ‘corporate’ or a fiery, unleashed version of himself. Roman Reigns wrestles with the power of a super human, so the more figures that fans can get their hands on of him, the better. It’s important to have access to your hero.

Jack Swagger and his uncle Zeb Colter represent a down, dirty and extremely proud sense of what it means to be Americans, whether the people around them like it or not. Together, they make sure that upon their arrival, fans shout ‘WE THE PEOPLE!’ Since this is the first time Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter will appear together, it will likely provide an updated look for both the collegiate wrestling WWE Superstar and his grizzled veteran of an uncle.

The Mattel WWE Battle Packs 36 includes:

  • New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston)
  • Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose
  • The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash)

Since grooving and singing together on WWE television and praising about the coming of a ‘New Day,’ Big E and Kofi Kingston are brighter and bluer than ever! It’s extremely likely that the Mattel WWE Battle Packs 36 Kofi Kingston and Big E will be dressed in ‘New Day’ attire, possibly including vests and dusters, so fans can build depth for their tag team division.

Dean Ambrose took Seth Rollins’ betrayal of The Shield extremely personally. He’s now a loose cannon and will likely never be the same, with a newfound aggression that he loves to take out on the likes of villainous Superstars like Rollins himself. Though they have been running on separate paths since the breakup of The Shield took place, they will likely one day meet again with explosive results. Fans get that now with the Mattel WWE Battle Packs 36, which should included updated, non-Shield looks for both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

The Outsiders are one of the most legendary villainous tag teams of all time. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash invaded WCW and changed the wrestling world forever as founding members of the nWo. They wore colorful outfits along the way, but there is speculation that their most recent WrestleMania appearance could bring new, updated versions of The Outsiders to the Mattel WWE toy line. If not, it’s likely that Scott Hall will have his iconic red and black vest and gear, and ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash will be sporting a red or black ‘Outsiders’ style getup.

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Super Toy Con 2015 Offers Looks at TONS of New Mattel WWE Figures!


The Super Toy Con 2015 had a last minute addition that made wrestling figure fans as happy as possible. Mattel’s Bill Miekina showed off tons of surprise new items from the Mattel WWE wrestling figure line and collectors couldn’t have been more pleased. With looks at brand new version of current roster superstars and some legendary surprises, fans will be looking forward to everything Mattel has to release for WWE throughout the upcoming year.

See the images from the event below including upcoming figures like Stephanie McMahon, a Mattel WWE Four Horseman Four Pack, Stardust’s debut Mattel WWE figure, the future of the Mattel WWE line with NXT superstars, a long awaited Mattel WWE Tito Santana, Ringside’s next Mattel WWE Exclusive and more!

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Can Cesaro & Jack Swagger Remain the Real Americans?

Mattel WWE Series 37 Zeb Colter!

Leading up to the WrestleMania 30 Tag Team Championship match, Cesaro and Jack Swagger have had their share of differences. Jack Swagger, once a main event player and powerful rookie, has taken a back seat as of late to his unsolicited partner, Cesaro. Cesaro, after a successful run with the United States Championship, has taken to using the ‘Real Americans’ tag team to his advantage and showcasing a stronger, more efficient side, gaining himself a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Elimination Chamber and momentum going into WrestleMania 30. Since then, both men have been at odds with their manager, Jack Swagger’s uncle, Zeb Colter playing their praises against each other. No one is sure as to why Zeb Colter would cause distrust between his two protégés, but they have managed to remain a team leading up to the Tag Team Championship opportunity. Mattel WWE wrestling figure fans have perfect versions of all three members of the ‘Real Americans’ to re-create the mistrust…or to make it dive even quicker than before.

Mattel WWE Series 37 Zeb Colter!

Mattel WWE Series 37 Zeb Colter!

Zeb Colter is the mouthpiece of the ‘Real Americans’ tag team. With his shaking fists and dislike for anything he considers ‘anti-American’ he has been a loud, obnoxious presence in the WWE since coming to the aid of his nephew Jack Swagger. Recruiting Cesaro as another person he considers a ‘true Patriot,’ Colter often favors Cesaro and his outstanding ability over that of his nephew. In Mattel WWE Series 37, his spot on likeness is featured and in great detail, obvious by the likes of his dastardly mustache, combat vest and tie. You can almost expect the wrestling figure to shout ‘We the People’ in the middle of the night.

Mattel WWE Elite 23 Cesaro!

Mattel WWE Elite 23 Cesaro!

Cesaro was already doing his best to let the WWE Universe know that he considered himself more of an appreciative American than many of those who call the United States their home. Waving a flag and carrying the United States Championship as seen here in Mattel WWE Elite 23, Cesaro has since joined up with Swagger and Colter and offered a new level to the patriotism they carry. With the devastating ‘Cesaro swing,’ amazing uppercuts and brute strength, he’s one of the fastest rising WWE Superstars and clearly brings about the jealous ire of his partner, Jack Swagger.

Mattel WWE Elite 26 Jack Swagger!

Mattel WWE Elite 26 Jack Swagger!

Since opting to take a more ‘middle American’ approach to his wrestling style and demeanor, Jack Swagger has become scruffier, grumpier and more aggressive. No longer the smiling golden boy, Swagger feels, at the behest of his Uncle Zeb, that he is representative of what a true American really is. The ‘All American American’ is in Mattel WWE Elite 26 with his new look, waving a ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag and a black and grey wrestling singlet. While he may be jealous of his uncle taking a liking to Cesaro, Jack Swagger has raw wrestling ability of his own that is not to be overlooked, especially when in contention for the WWE Tag Team Championships. The ‘Real Americans’ could walk out triumphant at WrestleMania 30 thanks to Jack Swagger.

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Mattel WWE Series 37 Makes Its Way to Pre-Order!

WrestleMania is rich with wrestling history, heritage and stories. Mattel commemorates WrestleMania with the WrestleMania Heritage series, currently showcased in Mattel WWE Series 37. This set has hot up-and-comers, classic stars and even a colorful manager that have all made impactful appearances at the WWE’s biggest show, WrestleMania. The set includes:

  • Randy Orton
  • Roman Reigns
  • Mr. Perfect
  • Batista
  • Zeb Colter
  • Ryback
Mattel WWE Series 37 Mr. Perfect!
Still in question is what Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig’s figure in this set will look like. Many fans are hoping for the classic yellow and blue look that made an appearance in Mattel WWE Legends 3, but Mr. Perfect has one many other perfect colors, including red, orange and green.
Mattel WWE Series 37 Batista!
The Animal Batista is making a major return to the WWE ring on January 20th, 2014. Just in time is his Mattel WWE Series 37 figure with a classic WrestleMania style look. Parted hair and less tattoos show a softer, more heroic side of Batista that hasn’t been seen in a long, long time.
Mattel WWE Series 37 Roman Reigns!
Roman Reigns is one of the hottest rising WWE Superstars. With a masterful spear and an intimidating size, he’s headed for super stardom and beloved by fans despite his association with the villainous stable, The Shield. His Mattel WWE Series 37 figure is intense, sporting a shouting headsculpt and embodies the power of his first WrestleMania appearance.
Mattel WWE Series 37 Ryback!

Ryback has been on a bit of a slump as of late, and he even took a loss to Mark Henry at WrestleMania, but everyone remembers his marching power over the World’s Strongest Man and the sound it made when he went down. He’s wearing the same outfit from WrestleMania 29 in Mattel WWE Series 37.

Mattel WWE Series 37 Zeb Colter!

Mattel WWE Series 37 Zeb Colter!

Zeb Colter appeared in 2012 claiming to be the uncle of Jack Swagger and speaking with the attitude of a man fit for a tea party. At WrestleMania 29 he spoke of his disappointment in the values of every American except himself and The All American American. He finally gets his first Mattel WWE figure in Series 37.

Mattel WWE Series 37 Randy Orton!

Mattel WWE Series 37 Randy Orton!

Randy Orton has been a staple at many WrestleManias, taking on John Cena, CM Punk and even Triple H among others. He may not have had his career topping moments at the big event but to leave his name out of the WrestleMania conversation is nearly impossible to do. He looks just like the Apex Predator in Mattel WWE Series 37, calculated and cocky.

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Jack Swagger…a REAL All American American!

Jack Swagger took a leave of absence from the WWE in late 2012, only to re-emerge in 2013 more American than ever. He had always touted being an All American American, but with his ‘uncle’ Zeb Colter, suddenly his ideals were different. He was more American than ever, no longer sporting a golden boy smile but a rough, scruffy look and a huskier base than ever. It was no surprise that his new, subtle changes would be something fans of Mattel WWE figures sought to update their collections with. After a few hiccups and plenty of time, finally Jack Swagger arrived in Mattel WWE Elite 26, simply telling the rest of the world “Don’t Tread On Me!”

Mattel WWE Elite 26 Jack Swagger!

Mattel WWE Elite 26 Jack Swagger!

For those looking for a more basic Swagger, the same updated look luckily appeared in Mattel WWE Series 36. We The People, indeed:

Don't Tread on Me! Jack Swagger in Mattel WWE Series 36!

Don’t Tread on Me! Jack Swagger in Mattel WWE Series 36!

Jack Swagger’s new ideals have given him a unique quality that even caught the attention of political figureheads like Glenn Beck. Perhaps it wouldn’t be the same without the addition of his Uncle Zeb Colter, whose Tea Party-like ideals have influenced Swagger. Luckily, he will be able to accompany either of your Swagger figures as he is appearing in an upcoming Mattel WWE WrestleMania Heritage set!

Defender of the American Way, Mattel WWE Zeb Colter!

Defender of the American Way, Mattel WWE Zeb Colter!

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Mattel WWE Series 37 Figure Lineup – WrestleMania Heritage!

The lineup for Mattel WWE Series 37 is a WrestleMania Heritage lineup, celebrating classic looks of your favorite WWE icons at WrestleMania! The lineup is:

Mr. Perfect – WrestleMania VI

Batista – WrestleMania XXI

Roman Reigns – WrestleMania XXIX

Randy Orton – WrestleMania XXV

Zeb Colter – WrestleMania XXIX

Ryback – WrestleMania XXIX


It seems as though WrestleMania XXIX will be getting showcased this time around, as three figures from this set are from that event!

Zeb Colter gets his first Mattel WWE figure here and is as unique as can be. Notice the different colors in his facial hair:

A real American - Zeb Colter!

A real American – Zeb Colter!

Making his return to Mattel WWE action is The Animal, Batista, with his first figure since 2011:

The Animal Batista returns to Mattel WWE!

The Animal Batista returns to Mattel WWE!

Also in the set but not yet seen is Curt Hennig, Mr. Perfect! Mattel’s response to his absence was, “…we wanted him to be PERFECT before you saw him!”

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