Ringside Fest 2015 Mattel WWE Figure Display!

By Robert Mulrenin

Ringside Fest 2015 was a huge success! Fans were treated to meetings with their favorite WWE Superstars, including WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, Lana, Paige, Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler! While waiting patiently to meet them, they were able to have a look at some new, upcoming Mattel WWE wrestling action figures, including the newly announced upcoming nWo Wolfpac Kevin Nash Exclusive! Also on the way were the first Kevin Owens, Sasha Banks and Bailey Mattel WWE figures. They were peppered into a lineup of returning favorites, like Sheamus with his new and improved look, a Flashback style Chris Jericho, Paul Bearer, Undertaker and even new looks for Lana and Wade Barrett.

On the classic side, fans could not believe their eyes at the sight of a WWE Hall of Fame Exclusive Elite pack featuring the Heenan Family! A new and improved Andre the Giant, Bobby Heenan, Curt Hennig and Big John Studd surprised everyone, and easily became a highlight. Also welcomed into the Flashback line were figures for Umaga, Jimmy Hart, IRS, Rick Rude and even a throwback version of both The Rock and Farooq representing the Nation of Domination! Fans were even shown an upcoming Mattel WWE Battle Pack that will feature Adam Rose and his party partner, the heavily requested ‘Bunny.’ Check out all the images of the event below, and thanks to everyone who attended! We will see you next year!