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Mr. Perfect and Curtis Axel FACE OFF!

The late, great Mr. Perfect was known the world around for his perfect demeanor, perfect attitude and perfect executions of athleticism. Wowing fans with incredible skill, tossing a towel from one hand to the other was sometimes all it would take for Curt Hennig to show his greatness. The word ‘Perfect’ in the wrestling world will always be synonymous with Hennig and rightfully so. His son, Curtis Axel, aims to follow in his father’s footsteps, hoping to match some of his dad’s perfect achievements both genetically and socially. Both men are receiving Mattel WWE figures just in time for fans to decide for themselves whether or not Curtis Axel can truly walk along side his dad in a wrestling ring.

Mattel WWE Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig!

Mattel WWE Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig!

Finally making his way into a Mattel WWE series for just the second time, Mr. Perfect sports a yellow and black singlet with white boots and a ‘perfect’ headsculpt. It looks just like him, but it’s up to fans playing with this wrestling figure to perfectly re-enact Mr. Perfect’s Perfectplex. This figure is part of the WrestleMania Heritage Series, so it commemorates Mr. Perfect’s participation in the biggest event of the year.

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 26 Curtis Axel!

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 26 Curtis Axel!

Curtis Axel’s only Mattel WWE appearance up to this point had been under the guise of ‘Michael McGillicutty,’ forgotten ex-Nexus member who left WWE with a whimper. Now, in Mattel WWE Battle Packs 26 (included with his boss, Triple H) Curtis Axel tears his way back into the WWE scene. With an adjusted hairline, more accurate body mold and tights reflecting his new name, Curtis Axel is ready to capture the Intercontinental Championship like his father before him and make a unique name for himself.

So who wins out, Mr. Perfect or Curtis Axel? If father and son stepped into the ring together, sparks would no doubt fly but the only way fans can truly know which performer would defeat the other is to re-enact what would no doubt be a classic match themselves with these Mattel WWE wrestling figures.

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Mattel WWE Series 37 Makes Its Way to Pre-Order!

WrestleMania is rich with wrestling history, heritage and stories. Mattel commemorates WrestleMania with the WrestleMania Heritage series, currently showcased in Mattel WWE Series 37. This set has hot up-and-comers, classic stars and even a colorful manager that have all made impactful appearances at the WWE’s biggest show, WrestleMania. The set includes:

  • Randy Orton
  • Roman Reigns
  • Mr. Perfect
  • Batista
  • Zeb Colter
  • Ryback
Mattel WWE Series 37 Mr. Perfect!
Still in question is what Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig’s figure in this set will look like. Many fans are hoping for the classic yellow and blue look that made an appearance in Mattel WWE Legends 3, but Mr. Perfect has one many other perfect colors, including red, orange and green.
Mattel WWE Series 37 Batista!
The Animal Batista is making a major return to the WWE ring on January 20th, 2014. Just in time is his Mattel WWE Series 37 figure with a classic WrestleMania style look. Parted hair and less tattoos show a softer, more heroic side of Batista that hasn’t been seen in a long, long time.
Mattel WWE Series 37 Roman Reigns!
Roman Reigns is one of the hottest rising WWE Superstars. With a masterful spear and an intimidating size, he’s headed for super stardom and beloved by fans despite his association with the villainous stable, The Shield. His Mattel WWE Series 37 figure is intense, sporting a shouting headsculpt and embodies the power of his first WrestleMania appearance.
Mattel WWE Series 37 Ryback!

Ryback has been on a bit of a slump as of late, and he even took a loss to Mark Henry at WrestleMania, but everyone remembers his marching power over the World’s Strongest Man and the sound it made when he went down. He’s wearing the same outfit from WrestleMania 29 in Mattel WWE Series 37.

Mattel WWE Series 37 Zeb Colter!

Mattel WWE Series 37 Zeb Colter!

Zeb Colter appeared in 2012 claiming to be the uncle of Jack Swagger and speaking with the attitude of a man fit for a tea party. At WrestleMania 29 he spoke of his disappointment in the values of every American except himself and The All American American. He finally gets his first Mattel WWE figure in Series 37.

Mattel WWE Series 37 Randy Orton!

Mattel WWE Series 37 Randy Orton!

Randy Orton has been a staple at many WrestleManias, taking on John Cena, CM Punk and even Triple H among others. He may not have had his career topping moments at the big event but to leave his name out of the WrestleMania conversation is nearly impossible to do. He looks just like the Apex Predator in Mattel WWE Series 37, calculated and cocky.

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Mattel WWE Series 37 Figure Lineup – WrestleMania Heritage!

The lineup for Mattel WWE Series 37 is a WrestleMania Heritage lineup, celebrating classic looks of your favorite WWE icons at WrestleMania! The lineup is:

Mr. Perfect – WrestleMania VI

Batista – WrestleMania XXI

Roman Reigns – WrestleMania XXIX

Randy Orton – WrestleMania XXV

Zeb Colter – WrestleMania XXIX

Ryback – WrestleMania XXIX


It seems as though WrestleMania XXIX will be getting showcased this time around, as three figures from this set are from that event!

Zeb Colter gets his first Mattel WWE figure here and is as unique as can be. Notice the different colors in his facial hair:

A real American - Zeb Colter!

A real American – Zeb Colter!

Making his return to Mattel WWE action is The Animal, Batista, with his first figure since 2011:

The Animal Batista returns to Mattel WWE!

The Animal Batista returns to Mattel WWE!

Also in the set but not yet seen is Curt Hennig, Mr. Perfect! Mattel’s response to his absence was, “…we wanted him to be PERFECT before you saw him!”

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