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Let Kairi Sane Take Over in the Mattel WWE Line!

Since coming up to the main WWE roster, Kairi Sane has proven that she was not a flash in the pan during her time in NXT. With an intense look and an unparalleled energy, she is ready for any challenges as she teams with Asuka as a member of ‘The Kabuki Warriors’. Her wild ring gear and entrance outfits would make for the perfect addition to the Mattel WWE line as we await her debut figure. As seen above, her typical look to the ring has featured an elaborate, sailor-style entrance. This would be the perfect look to establish her as a Mattel WWE Elite wrestling figure as the accessories, including the entrance coat and hat, would be incredibly detailed. 

Perhaps another look that could be showcased would be Sane’s Mae Young Classic look…at times worn in NXT, but featuring more of the nautical theme and excellently featuring detailed ring trunks and top. Her elbow pads would also have great design and detail. 


Certainly the best possible look for Sane would be her red, silver and blue ring gear next to Paige and Asuka as a member of the Kabuki Warriors. This would feature hair coloring based on one of her looks, and could be featured in a Battle Packs set with Asuka as they get ready for action. Time will tell as to when we will see Kairi Sane in the line, but chances are it will be sooner rather than later!

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Mattel WWE Series 99 Now IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles!

Another day, another great set has arrived for you to get your paws onto – it’s Mattel WWE Series 99! WWE Series 99 includes:

  • Rey Mysterio
  • Becky Lynch
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Ariya Daivari
  • Shinsuke Nakamura

A classic version of the master of the 619, Rey Mysterio appears in orange ring gear here with a throw back to WCW and ECW times! Also included is Ariya Daivari, a member of the 205 Live roster that has certainly been a superstar that Mysterio paved the way for as he wows the WWE Universe. Drew McIntyre, once known as the ‘Chosen One’, has a resurgence here like never before with his newer, more intense look. Also included in this set is Shinsuke Nakamura, continuing to capture singles gold and maintain his spot as a top WWE Superstar. The set is rounded out with ‘The Man’ herself, Becky Lynch, sporting comic-style patriotic ring gear that perfectly aligns with her personality. Check out images below:

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Mattel WWE Battle Packs 60 IN STOCK at RSC!

The intense feuds will continue! Mattel WWE Battle Packs 60 is now finally IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles! WWE Battle Packs 60 includes:

  • Bill Goldberg & Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Alexa Bliss & Sasha Banks
  • Sheamus & Cesaro

Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks once again go toe to toe with entirely new looks as fans eagerly await their returns to the ring. Also included in this set is Sheamus and Cesaro, who have seldom been on opposite ends of the ring and continue to maintain a team-up relationship that helps them face some of the toughest that the WWE locker room has to offer. Perhaps the most exciting set comes with Goldberg and Steve Austin, included here in a fantasy match-up that unfortunately never took place…but can take place daily in an action figure federation! Check out images below:

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Surprise! Alexander Wolfe is a Mattel WWE Elite 66 Exclusive!

In recent history, SANity was one of the most popular factions in NXT and in the WWE. When Nikki Cross and Eric Young made it into the Elite line, fans were clamoring and wondering when a Killian Dane and Alexander Wolfe would follow. While we have yet to see a figure of Dane, the WWE Universe can now be treated to the surprise of Wolfe, a Mattel WWE Elite 66 Exclusive! Wolfe has accurate ring gear and accessories, including a jacket, suspenders and interchangeable hands. It’s the perfect figure for taking SANity to a new level! Check out images below and pick it up before it’s disbanded!

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Kofi Kingston…CHAMPION and Mattel WWE Elite!

Kofi Kingston defied odds and has made a major impact by becoming the first African-born world champion in WWE history. After capturing singles gold on his own and then having a successful run as part of the New Day, Kofi was able to capture the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35! The new, all-winning version of Kofi is prime for a new Mattel WWE Elite figure that should feature some of his signature looks during the time of his success.

Kofi’s WWE Fastlane look had a sparkly New Day color scheme that is unlike anything the team has worn in the past. The galactic tights have stars, outer space energy and Kofi designs on the side and New Day symbols on the kickpads. This is perfect for an Elite figure as it reflects Kofi’s struggle to get to the very top and the adversity he had to face on a universal scale.


Another excellent look for Kofi would be the green ring gear he sported when originally facing the gauntlet as requested by Vince McMahon. This ring attire is similar to what the New Day has worn in the past, but has new artistic designs on the sides of the tights and could feature Kofi’s orange athletic shoes.


A conversation about a new Mattel WWE Kofi Kingston Elite figure would be incomplete without referencing the multicolored design he wore for his WrestleMania moment. Carrying the WWE Championship and sporting the tights with the crown design in the front would be perfect. An Epic Moments set, in fact, with all three members of the New Day would be an excellent way to commemorate Kofi’s unprecedented win. It’s very likely we will see some version of Kofi in the Elite line, in this way, moving forward!

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Mattel WWE Series 98 NOW IN STOCK!

It’s a new day and a new set with Mattel WWE Series 98 now IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles! WWE Series 98 includes:

  • Ultimate Warrior
  • Ruby Riott
  • Finn Balor
  • Elias
  • Tony Nese

The Ultimate Warrior is stronger than ever as a new yellow and orange look brings him back to the line. Ruby Riott makes her Mattel WWE figure debut with her trademark tattoos and intense look! Elias also returns in this set, ready for a song and ready for a match right after if you’re lucky. Rounding out the set are Finn Balor with a classic ‘Balor Club’ look and Tony Nese, taking over 205 Live with tremendous skill. Check out images below:

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A Mattel WWE Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke Are Ready to Kick Ass!

The ‘Four Horsewomen’ have been running their mouths and backing it up since joining the WWE NXT brand as Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke, friends of Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler, create new levels of intensity as they battle the women’s division.

With Ronda Rousey making an intense impact on the WWE roster, it’s only a matter of time before the other members of the Four Horsewomen crew will follow her influence. Shafir and Duke have stepped into the ring and crushed opponents and also assisted Baszler as she has made runs with the NXT Women’s Championship.


A Mattel WWE Shafir and Duke would make a perfect debut in the Mattel WWE Battle Packs series featuring their assisting looks that have ‘Let’s Play’ and ‘Let’s Fight’ shirts paired with athletic pants. 

As they accompany Shayna Baszler, they definitely could step into the ring and hit hard at any time and could dominate as a tag team force in your wrestling figure collection. Individual figures in the WWE Series line could be perfectly featured with these same looks. 

Shafir and Duke have since continued to dominate and adjust their looks so Mattel WWE Elite figures of them both should feature their enhanced ring gear and accurate tattoos. With cargo pants and ring trunks, they’re also geared up with knee pads and sporting ring boots. 

As the Four Horsewomen continue to hit harder than ever, when they arrive in the Mattel WWE line they will kick ass. Time will tell if we see Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir and Shayna Baszler in the ring at once as one of the most intense forces of all time!

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Mattel WWE MUSCLE Figures Are Perfectly Pocket-Sized!

Mattel has done it again by providing a small-but-detailed set of wrestling figures that throw back to a retro style! The Mattel WWE MUSCLE Figures have legendary names included and are extremely collectible, both in size and look. The set includes:

  •  Million Dollar Man
  • Sgt. Slaughter
  • Jim Duggan
  • Ric Flair
  • Iron Sheik
  • “Mean” Gene Okerlund
  • Roddy Piper
  • Andre the Giant
  • Macho Man Randy Savage
  • Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts
  • The Ultimate Warrior
  • Junkyard Dog

The exciting thing about the MUSCLE Series is it is currently easy to collect each WWE Legend in their entirety. As the collection grows, the possibilities are endless, not just with Legends, but with modern WWE Superstars like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley and AJ Styles! Daniel Bryan would be another great fit in a continuation of the series along with more Legends like Sting, Hulk Hogan and even Triple H. Check out images below!

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Mattel WWE Retro Figures…Where Will We Go Back in the Future?!

The Mattel WWE Retro line has brought incredible treasures to our collections, creating fresh looks and figures for both new and classic WWE superstars. These figures are styled in the old-school Hasbro likeness with over-the-top features. To celebrate Mattel’s latest WWE Retro Series 10 coming in stock at Ringside Collectibles, let’s look at some possible names that could appear as Retros in future lines:


Dusty Rhodes was grooving and shaking as the ‘American Dream’ in both WCW and the WWF. His yellow poka-dotted ring gear would be perfectly suited as a Mattel WWE Retro figure. Despite existing in the old school line, having a new look and new version would be a great call back to the original that was made for him!


With Bobby Lashley’s continued dominance on the WWE RAW roster and his debut as a Mattel WWE Elite figure, he would be a perfect inclusion in the WWE Retro line with his massive physique and modern day headband look. Including a ‘Hasbro-style’ action move, he would fit right in!


As the WWE Retro line expands, it’s a perfect time to begin to include the WWE’s rich roster of women superstars. Starting with the colorful, adventurous and always smiling Bayley, the WWE Retro line could feature a figure of her with some sort of ‘Bayley-to-Belly Suplex’ action that would mean she could battle in line with all the other WWE Retro figures!


After King Mabel’s wildly popular debut in the Mattel WWE Elite line, his joining the Mattel WWE Retro line would be a larger-than-life presence like never before! With a removable crown or even a bodyslam action, he would be a massive addition to the line and be a perfect legend that never got the treatment previously.


To keep the legendary styles going, the New Age Outlaws of D-Generation X fame would be a great addition of a Mattel WWE Retro tag team. Bringing their ‘Attitude Era’ looks would be a perfect way to continue throwing back old school additions to the line. This would also open the door for future retro tag teams to be included like The Nation, The Hardy Boyz, the Legion of Doom and more!

Time will tell as to what wrestling figures will appear in Mattel WWE Retro Series 11, WWE Retro Series 12 and beyond, but for now we can always wish for more of our favorites!

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The Hardy Boyz Have Arrived! The Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Matt & Jeff Hardy Are IN STOCK!

It began with a stint as members of ‘The Brood’, following Gangrel to new heights. Soon after, The Hardy Boyz broke out on their own and became the charismatic, daredevil extremists we know and love today. Their look from their time of blossoming is now immortalized in this Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Hardy Boyz Elite 2-Pack!

Matt and Jeff Hardy are both sporting removable cloth red shirts. They also have molded necklaces and ‘extreme’ black ring gear. These figures include Tag Team Championship accessories, interchangeable hands and incredible, spot on detail. Check out images below and get yours before they’re sold out!

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