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Mattel WWE Series 99 Now IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles!

Another day, another great set has arrived for you to get your paws onto – it’s Mattel WWE Series 99! WWE Series 99 includes:

  • Rey Mysterio
  • Becky Lynch
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Ariya Daivari
  • Shinsuke Nakamura

A classic version of the master of the 619, Rey Mysterio appears in orange ring gear here with a throw back to WCW and ECW times! Also included is Ariya Daivari, a member of the 205 Live roster that has certainly been a superstar that Mysterio paved the way for as he wows the WWE Universe. Drew McIntyre, once known as the ‘Chosen One’, has a resurgence here like never before with his newer, more intense look. Also included in this set is Shinsuke Nakamura, continuing to capture singles gold and maintain his spot as a top WWE Superstar. The set is rounded out with ‘The Man’ herself, Becky Lynch, sporting comic-style patriotic ring gear that perfectly aligns with her personality. Check out images below:

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THE MAN Becky Lynch Needs a New Mattel WWE Figure!

She is definitely ‘The Man’ and she is definitely on everyone’s list! Becky Lynch has become quite possibly the biggest star in the WWE Universe and is reshaping the way fans watch wrestling. While she continues to hit harder than ever before, fans want to make sure they are adding this new, fierce version of Lynch to their collections. A new, more extreme and accurate Mattel WWE ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch should be well on the horizon!

To say that Becky Lynch has grown into her own is an understatement. Since breaking out on to the WWE main roster, she has become a staple of the Women’s Division and showcased some incredible skill, will and personality. She has had many dynamic looks in the ring, including this Royal Rumble appearance with a studded top. Her intensity always shines through in her attire and shows she would never back down from a fight, so it would be great to have a figure that further reflects her ability to hit back against any nonsense!

One notable look since Becky’s career surge has been her black shirt featuring the words ‘I’m The Man’ on the front. This moniker has changed the way she is viewed by the WWE Universe and puts her on the path to join some legendary ranks. With a cool jacket, cool demeanor and oh yeah, a little thing called the WWE Women’s Championship on her shoulder, Lynch could really make an impact as a figure with this ‘mic-ready’ look.

Perhaps the most notable moment for Lynch since becoming ‘The Man’ was the moment she lead a team of WWE Superstars to invade the WWE RAW show and lay a beatdown on their roster. After becoming bloodied during the battle, she still stood tall and absolutely owned the pain and intensity, making people in the crowd look at her in a way that no one has before. With a ‘SmackDownLIVE’ shirt and a bloody face, this would make a perfect, defining look for the moment she cemented herself as ‘The Man’. While Mattel has never made a ‘bloodied’ wrestling action figure as was what would happen during the days of Jakks Pacific producing WWE figures, this would be the perfect opportunity to break the edgy mold and release a version of Lynch that wows fans young and old alike!

Time will tell what types of Becky Lynch Mattel WWE figures we will see in the future, but one thing will be for certain…she will remain ‘The Man’!

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Mattel WWE Battle Packs 55 Up for PRE-ORDER!

When it’s time to knuckle up and fight, no one does it like Mattel in the new WWE Battle Packs Series 55! The latest WWE Battle Packs Series is now up for pre-order and includes:

  • Big Show & Big Cass
  • Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch
  • Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

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Architect Your Wrestling Figure Roster With Mattel WWE Series 81, 82 and 83 PRE-ORDERS!

Whether you’re a collector, playing just for fun or building the biggest, most intense wrestling action figure federation of all time, Mattel always takes care of you with their WWE figures! It’s time to expand on each and every roster with new offerings in Mattel WWE Series 81, 82 and 83!

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San Diego Comic-Con 2017: Mattel WWE Fashion Dolls & Women Superstars Revealed!

For the first time ever, Mattel and WWE will join together to release a brand new line of Mattel WWE Fashion Dolls and Women Superstar action figures! Revealed at SDCC 2017, these dolls will feature exclusive accessories and outfits, and the action figures will feature stylized versions of all your favorite WWE Women Superstars!

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The Mattel Elite 49 & 50 Blast on to the Wrestling Figure Scene!

At New York Toy Fair 2017, the Mattel WWE Elite 49 and 50 lineups were revealed at once, stunning wrestling figure fans by surprising them with looks at some of the most sought after and anticipated WWE Superstars!

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The Short and Sweet Mattel WWE Series 62!

Arriving in what many might consider a smaller set for the Mattel WWE series, but including great looks for sought after WWE Superstars, Mattel WWE Series 62 is now available for order on WrestlingFigures.com!

WWE Series 62 includes:

  • Sin Cara
  • Sting
  • Becky Lynch
  • The Miz
  • Roman Reigns

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The Mattel WWE Diva Revolution!

An unexpected revolution is now taking place every week on Monday Night RAW. The Divas of the WWE main roster have been overshadowed by the young, hungry Divas of NXT coming to make names for themselves. Among these Divas, Charlotte and Becky Lynch would ally with Paige. However, the so-bad-she’s-good Sasha Banks aligned with Naomi and Tamina, showing that the new Divas aren’t all on the same page. With so many differences between these new WWE Divas, many different Mattel WWE figures won’t be far behind.

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