Mattel WWE Elite 36 Prototype Images Revealed!

There are now PROTOTYPE images for the Mattel WWE Elite 36! These images give a detailed look at what the Mattel WWE Elite 36 set will look like once released and making their way into the hands of the fans! The Mattel WWE Elite 36 includes:

  • Dean Ambrose
  • DDP (Diamond Dallas Page)
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Stardust
  • Goldust
  • Bo Dallas

Bray Wyatt has made his mark as the ‘New Face of Fear’ in the WWE. Now that he has shown that he can stand toe to toe with legends like The Undertaker, he looks to become just as impactful and just as frightening as someone like The Phenom himself. In his Mattel WWE Elite 36 figure, he carries a lantern to light his own way and an apron to cover himself from the dirty situations he may get into!

Bo Dallas asks that the WWE Universe “BOLIEVE” in his abilities and skills. Thought they might be annoyed when he makes his way to the ring, fans are soon won over by his silly intellect and massive smile. The Mattel WWE Elite 36 Bo Dallas clearly ‘bolieves’ in himself as he arrives with a Bolieve shirt and his white ring gear.

Get ready for your first taste of instability in the Elite line with the Mattel WWE Elite 36 Dean Ambrose. With a vastly improved head sculpt and a jacket and kendo stick accessory, fans will finally get the version of Dean Ambrose they have been looking for. The Lunatic Fringe will burst on to the figure scene with what is likely to be one of the hottest commodities for the WWE Universe this year.

Always an amazing veteran presence, the career renaissance of Goldust saw a darker side when he teamed with his brother, Stardust. The Mattel WWE Elite 36 captures the darker side of Goldust perfectly, as he gets more aggressive and wears a detailed duster. This version captures a style of swiped face paint and is one of the most detailed Goldust figures ever produced.

Embedded image permalinkYo! It’s me, it’s me, it’s DDP, Diamond Dallas Page in Mattel WWE Elite 36! Fans finally have another chance to feel the BANG with DDP hitting the Diamond Cutter. This is a slightly different, WCW version of Page from his previously released Mattel WWE Legends release, with what many consider to be wearing a far more iconic outfit.

The cosmic key is in the discovery zone for Stardust! Cody is nowhere to be found and won’t be coming home in Mattel WWE Elite 36, as the man from the stars descends to join Goldust as a WWE Tag Team Champion. Coming with two Mattel WWE Tag Team Championship belts, Stardust’s Elite 36 figure will carry more articulation to show off his athletic ability.

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