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WWE Pop Ups Entrance Stages & Crowd now IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles!

Your wrestling figure experience is about to explode with the arrival of the WWE Pop Ups Entrance Stages by Wicked Cool Toys! Now IN STOCK at Ringside Collectibles, these entrance stages are for both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown LIVE! Also in stock is the Crowd Pop Up to give you a massive audience!

The Raw, SmackDown and Crowd Pop Ups feature detailed looks that are meant to give the full WWE Universe experience and are sized to work with any WWE Authentic Scale sized ring! These pop-ups are made from durable cardboard and are meant to provide even more locations and set ups for wrestling figure play. Check out images below!

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The Modern Day Maharaja Arrives With the Mattel WWE SmackDown LIVE Elite Scale Ring!

Love him or hate him, Jinder Mahal made a splash like never before in becoming WWE Champion and now cementing his existence as a major player in the WWE locker room. For a time, he was the standout star of the SmackDown brand, going toe to toe with AJ Styles. While he’s moved on to greener pastures with more opportunities on RAW, the Mattel WWE SmackDown LIVE! Elite Scale Main Event Ring comes with the first ever Elite Jinder Mahal figure.

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The Iconic Duo Become The IIconics…Now Destined to be Mattel WWE Figures?!

After spending time as NXT standouts, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are now wowing the WWE Universe as members of the SmackDown Live! roster. After making a massive splash as ‘The Iconic Duo’, the two have graduated to calling themselves ‘The IIconics’ and bring a wild, Australian intensity to the women’s division. As their appeal broadens and their fan base grows, it’s only a matter of time before The IIconics receive Mattel WWE wrestling figure treatments!

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A GLORIOUS Debut for Bobby Roode in Mattel WWE Entrance Greats!

The newly revamped Mattel WWE Entrance Greats Series has offered yet another surprise with Bobby Roode! The NXT standout and now WWE SmackDown Live! staple is ready for action with his first ever Mattel WWE action figure!

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Layeth the Smacketh Down or get RAW with a NEW WWE Authentic Scale Ring & SmackDown Ringskirt!

If you’re following the excitement and action that is the WWE, you know that professional wrestling is in competition with itself! The RAW brand and the SmackDown brand face off on a weekly basis, neck and neck in the ratings and viewership of the WWE Universe. With so many fans remaining loyal to their favorite WWE Superstars, it’s no surprise that many wrestling action figure collectors collect the best wrestling personalities from each show. With the latest WWE Authentic Scale Ring available being based off the modern day WWE RAW ring and a SmackDown ring skirt available, fans can relive the action from BOTH shows and create their own rosters with their figures!

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James Ellsworth…the Mattel WWE Figure That Could?!

By now, everyone knows James Ellsworth as the independent wrestling opportunist with the greatest luck in the world. After being spotted by SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan, he has been included in major matches in the WWE. Getting a chance to not only team up but go toe to toe with The Phenomenal One, AJ Styles, Ellsworth has been highly sought after by Mattel WWE wrestling figure fans…arguably more than any other name in the wrestling world today!

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PROTO Images of the NEW Upcoming Mattel WWE Ultimate Entrance Stage!


Get ready to head towards the ring in style, fans! The Mattel WWE Ultimate Entrance Stage toy wrestling figure playset is new, improved & like nothing the WWE Universe has had available before. This newly updated playset is bringing you two playsets in one, with a classic entrance stage in front and backstage area right behind it to maximize a location for your wrestling figures to brawl.

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