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John Cena vs. Randy Orton at Survivor Series 2013…WWE Championship Unification?!

Survivor Series 2013 has come and gone and John Cena came out to show Randy Orton that he, as World Heavyweight Champion, is not afraid of him! After interrupting The Viper’s celebration, John Cena stood face to face with him and held up his World Heavyweight Championship.

Mattel WWE Elite 23 John Cena!

Mattel WWE Elite 23 John Cena!

The World Heavyweight Champion could have his eye on something bigger…unifying his championship with the WWE Championship!

That is, not if Randy Orton has anything to say about it! The Apex Predator is the reigning WWE Champion and could be a dangerous foe for the hero, unifying the two titles himself!

Mattel WWE Elite 21 Randy Orton!

Would Randy Orton accept a title unification challenge? Is what we saw happen at Survivor Series 2013 the first step to WrestleMania XXX?!  Could ANY other WWE Superstar get involved, or is this just between these two mega stars? Only time will tell!

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Big E Langston…Intercontinental Champion!

Big E Langston has come a long way since he broke on to the WWE scene with a major impact, attacking John Cena. He is now the Intercontinental Champion and will be defending that title against the man he won it against, Curtis Axel, at Survivor Series 2013! Luckily, Big E Langston’s first ever Mattel WWE figures are just in time for his successes. First up is his basic Mattel WWE figure in Series 36:

Big E Langston in Mattel WWE Series 36!

Big E Langston in Mattel WWE Series 36!

Wearing a black singlet with a lion symbol on the front, this figure defines power.

His Mattel WWE Elite 26 figure on the other hand takes power to new heights:

Big E Langston in Mattel WWE Elite 26!

Big E Langston in Mattel WWE Elite 26!

This figure includes a giant red barbell, a breakaway bench and an Elite Big E figure wearing a red singlet with lion symbol in the front.

Whether he retains his Intercontinental Championship or not come Survivor Series, Big E Langston is still a force to be reckoned with. See all his items here!