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FEED ME MORE! Comparing Two Ryback Mattel WWE Elites

Ryback has been an unstoppable and unpredictable force since crashing his way into the WWE. It is no surprise that Mattel got hard at work on his figure and came out with two very unique and detailed Elite wrestling figures.

First up, Ryback’s Mattel WWE Elite 21 with barbell accessories and Feed Me More sleeveless shirt showcases a meaner, darker side of the big fella.

Ryback in Mattel's WWE Elite Series 21!

Ryback in Mattel’s WWE Elite Series 21!

With a blue, white and black singlet complete with full details, this first released Elite Ryback is a must have.

Debuting in Mattel WWE Elite 24 was a possibly more heroic side of Ryback, complete with removable sleeveless shirt and folding chair but this time a more determined, triumphant headsculpt.

Ryback in Mattel's WWE Elite 24!

Ryback in Mattel’s WWE Elite 24!

This Ryback comes complete with an amazing red, black and white singlet design and provides a more colorful, but just as aggressive, option.

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