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Like A Boss! Mattel WWE Elite 44 Is Up For Pre-Order!

With some classic, legendary faces and some of the hottest, freshest members of the WWE roster, Mattel WWE Elite 44 is now available for pre-order! This brand new, fully articulated Elite series includes:

  • Braun Strowman
  • Tugboat
  • Big E
  • Sin Cara
  • ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage
  • Sasha Banks

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Wild Mattel WWE Battle Packs 42 Pre-Order Appears!

You saw that correctly…out of nowhere, the Mattel WWE Battle Packs 42 wrestling figures are now available for pre-order! Battle Packs 42 includes:

  • Edge & Christian
  • The Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara & Kalisto)
  • Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

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The Short and Sweet Mattel WWE Series 62!

Arriving in what many might consider a smaller set for the Mattel WWE series, but including great looks for sought after WWE Superstars, Mattel WWE Series 62 is now available for order on WrestlingFigures.com!

WWE Series 62 includes:

  • Sin Cara
  • Sting
  • Becky Lynch
  • The Miz
  • Roman Reigns

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Sin Cara’s Identity Crisis!

Fans remember Sin Cara’s original identity crisis. His usually explosively high flying and fan-friendly personality was suddenly replaced with a mean, angry demeanor that shocked everyone, including his opponent at the time, Daniel Bryan. Having matches with Daniel Bryan led to vicious attacks for the bearded one at the hands of Sin Cara, who he had before considered a friend and ally. Mattel commemorated their feud in Mattel WWE Battle Packs 17 with a Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara 2-pack.

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 15 Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan!

Mattel WWE Battle Packs 15 Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan!

Not only did this Battle Pack feature a folding chair, it included Sin Cara’s first ever Mattel WWE figure and an accurate Daniel Bryan figure to the time of the feud. Things were not all that they seemed, however, as Sin Cara returned to the WWE to confront…Sin Cara. It turned out that Hunico, at the time known as Sin Cara Negro, was imitating the masked warrior and causing trouble as he pretended to be the real Sin Cara. He was soon unmasked and has since adopted the Hunico look and style, as featured in this Mattel WWE Rumblers set with Rey Mysterio.

Mattel WWE Rumblers Hunico & Rey Mysterio!

Mattel WWE Rumblers Hunico & Rey Mysterio!

Hunico is a no-nonsense, street style wrestling performer who may have been put in his place by the real Sin Cara, but has proven he maintains his sneaky demeanor and is ready to attack at any moment.

In the meantime, Sin Cara went from a cold streak, to a hot streak, and back to a cold streak again, all the while gaining a tattoo that fans speculate looks mysteriously like Hunico’s. Hard to prove as no one knows exactly what Sin Cara looks like, but many wonder if Hunico has chosen to take up Sin Cara’s garb again. The question becomes, why has Hunico done this, and what has happened to the real Sin Cara, featured here in Mattel WWE Elite 25 with his latest (and possibly last) Elite figure?


Mattel WWE Elite 25 Sin Cara!

Mattel WWE Elite 25 Sin Cara!

With a watermelon-like, green zebra style print on his outfit, this Sin Cara may be the final incarnation of the ‘good’ Sin Cara the WWE Universe had gotten to know so well. A mystery that WWE refuses to comment on, as they have made no official statement as to the whereabouts, or even possibility of disappearance of any Sin Cara at all. In the meantime, fans have not seen Hunico appear and have only seen a Sin Cara that appears to have a tattoo extremely similar to that of Hunico’s tattoo. A possible coincidence or even a third person wearing the Sin Cara mask would surprise no member of the WWE Universe at this point. For now, Sin Cara figures continue to be released as normal (and without any additional tattoos) like the new 12-inch line in white.

Mattel WWE 12-Inch Sin Cara!

Mattel WWE 12-Inch Sin Cara!

Sin Cara’s 12-inch articulation and high flying ability may soon be a thing of the past, but for now fans continue to speculate about who the man behind the mask actually is.

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Extreme Build-Up With WWE Stackdown Toys & Playsets!

Ever wanted to play with AND build your wrestling toys? The build-up to a match takes on an entirely new meaning with the new WWE Stackdown toys and playsets. Entirely combinable with other major building block brands, the WWE Stackdown toys offer rings, Superstars and a variety of unique playsets with each.

WWE Stackdown Ring with John Cena, The Miz & Referee figures!

WWE Stackdown Ring with John Cena, The Miz & Referee figures!

All wrestling matches need one core element, the ring! Starting off your WWE Stackdown collection with this Ring Playset will also get you John Cena, The Miz, and even a Referee figure! Building your Stackdown roster begins with building the place where your Stackdown matches take place.

WWE Stackdown Undertaker's Entrance Playset!

WWE Stackdown Undertaker’s Entrance Playset!

Deepen your Stackdown toys with the inclusion of The Undertaker, complete with motorcycle, entryway and American BadAss style figure! The Undertaker is one of the most powerful, well respected WWE Superstars ever and it’s no surprise he is one of the first to be enshrined as a Stackdown figure. Build his entrance to have him show up to your match in style!

High Flyin' Sin Cara WWE Stackdown Playset!

High Flyin’ Sin Cara WWE Stackdown Playset!

Sin Cara burst on to the WWE scene and has quickly become one of the most popular high flying WWE Superstars. His mysticism and masked mannerisms include matches showcased in different colors and incredible Lucha Libre moves. His Stackdown set includes a trampoline launcher and breakable entrance. Surely, Sin Cara isn’t the only Stackdown Superstar who would make use of such a device.

Build, play with or collect your WWE Stackdown toys for a miniature, more hands on approach to wrestling toys and action figures!

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Move Over, Ken…Barbie Has a New Love Interest! 12″ Mattel WWE Figures!

A surprise release to everyone but Mattel, the WWE can now add 12-inch style action figures to its expansive list of toys! Featuring Alberto Del Rio, John Cena and Sin Cara, these will definitely give Ken a run for his money and make Barbie blush at their bulging muscles. Generally 12 inch toys are reserved for those geared towards girls, but these prove that anyone can play with dolls…or action figures, as we like to call them.

Mattel WWE 12 Inch Alberto Del Rio Figure!

Mattel WWE 12 Inch Alberto Del Rio Figure!

Alberto Del Rio, sporting a handsome smile and elegant demeanor, proves bigger is better with gold trunks and knee pads and a pair of white wrestling boots. Aristocracy and class.

Mattel WWE Sin Cara 12 Inch Figure!

Mattel WWE Sin Cara 12 Inch Figure!

Sin Cara is the strong, silent type and sports white and gold ring attire and a Lucha Libre style mask to protect his mysterious face. The Mexican superstar suddenly seems new and improved and has been on a tear in the WWE so his action figure reflects his larger than life personality.

John Cena Mattel WWE 12 Inch Figure!

John Cena Mattel WWE 12 Inch Figure!

Of course, John Cena is featured as the highlight of this line, sporting his current tan cargo look and 10 Years Strong bands. With an All American, golden boy attitude and square jaw, Ken is in big trouble now that the WWE has taken over the 12 inch toy market.

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Mattel WWE Elite 25…One of This Holiday Season’s Hot Sets!

The Mattel WWE Elite Series 25 has included some of the most sought after WWE Superstars and one of the most sought after legends since Mattel began making WWE action figures! The lineup includes:

  • Seth Rollins (The Shield)
  • Sheamus
  • Bruno Sammartino
  • Dean Ambrose (The Shield)
  • Brodus Clay
  • Sin Cara

WWE wrestling action figure staples such as Sheamus, Brodus Clay and Sin Cara are sure to make the average WWE fan happy. What makes the set pack such a punch are the inclusions of the following:

Bruno Sammartino's FIRST Mattel WWE Elite figure!

Bruno Sammartino’s FIRST Mattel WWE Elite figure!

WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino includes a Hall of Fame Podium and plaque. Complete with hairy chest and arms, this one’s definitive.


Dean Ambrose's FIRST Mattel WWE Elite Figure!

Dean Ambrose’s FIRST Mattel WWE Elite Figure!

Key Shield member Dean Ambrose finally comes to Elite form with a folding chair and handheld camera, filming viral videos and sending threats to the WWE locker room.

Seth Rollins' FIRST Mattel WWE Elite Figure!

Seth Rollins’ FIRST Mattel WWE Elite Figure!

Seth Rollins remains a silent but deadly member of the Shield, waiting for his time to break out and wreak havoc.

The die hard WWE fan will appreciate the release of all three figures and their popularity is likely to only skyrocket. The Shield show no signs of stopping and Bruno Sammartino is a need-to-know classic. This set is GUARANTEED for Christmas delivery so it’s guaranteed to go quickly!

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