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San Diego Comic-Con 2016…is Coming!

It’s that time again…other than Ringside Fest, the most exciting, revealing time of year for the Mattel WWE line is happening July 20th, 21st and 22nd at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. With so many new, incredible additions to both the WWE and the NXT roster, it’s sure to be an exciting time as some of the hottest WWE Superstars today join the Mattel WWE panel.

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The Mattel WWE Series 64 Powers Into Pre-Order!

It’s time for some massive heavy hitters to throw down with Mattel WWE Series 64! With this set now available for pre-order, Series 64 includes:

  • Braun Strowman
  • Apollo Crews
  • Brock Lesnar
  • John Cena
  • Lana
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Xavier Woods

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Stardust & Goldust Descend Into Madness

It was a shock to everyone when the sad, depressed Cody Rhodes disappeared for good. It was an even bigger shock when he reemerged as Stardust, Goldust’s similarly bizarre, shining younger brother. It seemed Goldust’s strange ways had finally gotten the best of Cody and that after years of trying to break out on his own, he had finally found his place among the stars. The duo were friendly at first and fans were clamoring for more Goldust, more Stardust and a chance for the two to gain the Tag Team Championships. This, of course, would make the team an absolute must as Mattel WWE figures.  Goldust and Stardust team again and become more evil.


While Cody Rhodes and Goldust have appeared in Battle Packs together before, a Stardust Mattel WWE figure has yet to make his way into the cosmos. It would likely feature a smiling, bizarre version of Cody Rhodes with his entire body suit and his name printed on the back. It would fit perfectly with the already released Mattel WWE Elite 29 Goldust, one of the best ever made of the bizarre one:

Mattel WWE Elite 29 Goldust!


With so much detail going into the paint and coloration for the real life Goldust and Stardust, it’s only certain that Mattel would try to capture that bizarre look in their figures perfectly as they have here. A Mattel WWE Stardust would have to have spot on facepaint, dark, red eyes and possibly even stars in both of his hands to make his trademark symbol.

Goldust points his younger brother Stardust in an intense new direction!

Since delivering a brutal attack on The Usos, Stardust and Goldust have taken a turn for the more intense as they look to grab the WWE Tag Team Championships. Once friendly and parlaying for the fans, they are now aggressive and more than likely frightening the young audience members of the WWE Universe. Not since the Ministry of Darkness has a tag team struck such fear into the hearts of fans.

A Mattel WWE Stardust figure will be long awaited by fans!

With Goldust’s veteran presence and Stardust’s youthful stride, the team are a force to be reckoned with and are hopefully here to stay in the WWE. It looks as though Cody Rhodes had to lose his mind to finally capture the hearts and imaginations of the fans, and so far they seem to be ok with it if the desire for a Mattel WWE Stardust figure is any indication!

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Daniel Bryan…Free and On His Own! YES! YES! YES!

Daniel Bryan, after a calculated attack that had the entire WWE Universe fooled, has broken free from the control of the Wyatt Family and now stands to take on any and all challenges by himself! Luckily, the American Dragon was only playing possum when he fell victim to Bray Wyatt’s evil tactics. Now, Daniel Bryan is back to the bearded underdog that fans love, and he has more looks to add to his arsenal. Here are a few that would make great Mattel WWE figures.

Mattel WWE Daniel Bryan in Wyatt Family Attire!

Mattel WWE Daniel Bryan in Wyatt Family Attire!

Daniel Bryan didn’t only succumb to an attack by the Wyatt Family, he became one of them. Wrestling in a long coverall outfit reminiscent of the other members and even Michael Myers from Halloween, Bryan had many convinced he had joined the cult-like family for good. A Mattel WWE figure representing this would immortalize a dark time for him.

Money in the Bank Winner Daniel Bryan with jacket in Mattel WWE form!

Money in the Bank Winner Daniel Bryan with jacket in Mattel WWE form!

The look that began it all, Daniel Bryan’s confidence began to heat up as did his presence and the course of his actions. He sported a leather jacket and short haired, tight bearded attire on his way to the ring, ready to strike and capture the World Heavyweight Championship at any moment. The jacket and briefcase would make for two sought after accessories that wrestling figure fans would covet. A short haired look before the ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ days would also add to Bryan’s classic style figure.

Daniel Bryan Mattel WWE Figure with 'Respect the Beard' Shirt!

Daniel Bryan Mattel WWE Figure with ‘Respect the Beard’ Shirt!

Even Mr. McMahon can see that Daniel Bryan’s popularity is a force to be reckoned with. Pointing to the sky and leading fans along with chants of agreement, Bryan began wearing a ‘Respect the Beard’ shirt around the time of his WWE Championship win (and loss) at Summerslam 2013. The shirt cemented Bryan’s place as a top WWE Superstar with more than just a catch phrase, but a complete and total image. The attire underneath the shirt could no doubt be based on his match with John Cena and his subsequent match with Randy Orton.

Modern Day Mattel WWE Daniel Bryan!

Modern Day Mattel WWE Daniel Bryan!

Daniel Bryan has worn wrestling tights with more of a reddish-maroon base these days, making a brighter color his style. With his long hair, sometimes messily combed back and big ol’ beard, his modern day look into 2014 is a clear composite of all Daniel Bryan’s qualities. With dragons still included and sheer wrestling ability to boot, his nickname ‘The American Dragon’ is extremely fitting. A new figure could be based on his appearance at Royal Rumble 2014 or even better, a close look at his likely WrestleMania XXX appearance! Daniel Bryan is in the WWE for good, making his mark and whether ‘upper management’ likes it or not, becoming one of the most popular WWE Superstars the world has ever seen.

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Hall of Fame Inductee Ultimate Warrior’s Perfect Mattel WWE Looks!

The Ultimate Warrior will (in the eyes of many) finally be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at WrestleMania XXX. His wild and intense demeanor and colorful attires have always been easy on the eyes of wrestling fans both young and old. His presence in the world of wrestling and influence are undeniable and now that he will forever be a WWE fixture, more Mattel WWE wrestling action figures based on the Warrior are bound to be produced. Here are a few speculative possibilities:

A Mattel WWE Ultimate Maniacs Warrior!

A Mattel WWE Ultimate Maniacs Warrior!

Ultimate Warrior teamed with his one-time nemesis ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage to form the Ultimate Maniacs. When the two powerhouses got together, they became an unstoppable tag team and faced off with many WWE staples at the time of their friendship. Ultimate Warrior sported a bright red and yellow color scheme with detailed logos and even sunglasses to match Randy Savage. With a brick-like design and arm tassels, this is a previously unmanufactured Warrior that would get wrestling figure fans talking.

A solo Mattel WWE Ultimate Warrior!

A solo Mattel WWE Ultimate Warrior!

The Ultimate Warrior, of course, made his biggest impact on the world of wrestling all by himself. This look captures Ultimate Warrior at the height of his solo career, complete with amazing airbrushing techniques on his trunks and pastel colors that separate him from any and every other wrestling superstar. Such a figure could be considered a definitive look, reminding fans of Warrior at any point during his solo career.

Mattel WWE WCW Halloween Havoc Ultimate Warrior!

Mattel WWE WCW Halloween Havoc Ultimate Warrior!

Though panned by many fans, Halloween Havoc ’98 remains memorable as a staple of Ultimate Warrior’s short lived WCW run and a showcase of one of his most incredibly detailed outfits to date. The Halloween Havoc look has been a sought after figure for many wrestling figure fans of Ultimate Warrior due to its incredible detail and dark, colorful look. Though the match may not be remembered through wrestling history, the outfit always will.

Modern Day Mattel WWE Ultimate Warrior!

Modern Day Mattel WWE Ultimate Warrior!

With his Hall of Fame induction, it wouldn’t be a disappointing surprise for the Ultimate Warrior, who is in great shape, to step into the WWE ring, either at the 2014 Royal Rumble or at WrestleMania XXX! If this were the case, a Mattel WWE figure based on his modern look would be a must have. It would be perfect for fans old and new to bring Ultimate Warrior’s presence into their current wrestling figure roster, to play with as a veteran competitor or even an authority figure! Warrior’s potential for wrestling figures can not be denied and Mattel will certainly not disappoint.

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Rob Van Dam Mattel WWE Figure Design Choices!

Mattel has confirmed the upcoming release of a Mattel WWE Rob Van Dam figure in both Elite and Basic! RVD has always sported colorful singlets and wrestling attire so it is everyone’s guess as to what he will wear, but here are a few looks that we hope are a possibility:


ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam wore this amazing attire, one of many with an incredible dragon on the front. An ECW Television Championship accessory would top it off.

Rob Van Dam's WWE Return- Who Approached Whom-

Mr. Money in the Bank and Intercontinental Rob Van Dam sported another ferocious dragon, this time in red with yin yang eyes. An RVD Money in the Bank briefcase and Intercontinental Championship would make for great accessories.


WWE Champion Rob Van Dam is wearing…you guessed it, a singlet with a Dragon, this time darker with more intense detail. A spinning WWE Championship accessory would top him off.


Rob Van Dam’s red return attire at Money in the Bank 2013 is a likely choice for either Elite or Basic and a strong possibility. An Elite figure may come with a tall ladder like he used in the event.

There are loads upon loads upon loads of choices for the first Mattel WWE Rob Van Dam figures! These are just a few, but whatever is selected there is no question Mattel will do a bang up job!

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