Extreme Build-Up With WWE Stackdown Toys & Playsets!

Ever wanted to play with AND build your wrestling toys? The build-up to a match takes on an entirely new meaning with the new WWE Stackdown toys and playsets. Entirely combinable with other major building block brands, the WWE Stackdown toys offer rings, Superstars and a variety of unique playsets with each.

WWE Stackdown Ring with John Cena, The Miz & Referee figures!

WWE Stackdown Ring with John Cena, The Miz & Referee figures!

All wrestling matches need one core element, the ring! Starting off your WWE Stackdown collection with this Ring Playset will also get you John Cena, The Miz, and even a Referee figure! Building your Stackdown roster begins with building the place where your Stackdown matches take place.

WWE Stackdown Undertaker's Entrance Playset!

WWE Stackdown Undertaker’s Entrance Playset!

Deepen your Stackdown toys with the inclusion of The Undertaker, complete with motorcycle, entryway and American BadAss style figure! The Undertaker is one of the most powerful, well respected WWE Superstars ever and it’s no surprise he is one of the first to be enshrined as a Stackdown figure. Build his entrance to have him show up to your match in style!

High Flyin' Sin Cara WWE Stackdown Playset!

High Flyin’ Sin Cara WWE Stackdown Playset!

Sin Cara burst on to the WWE scene and has quickly become one of the most popular high flying WWE Superstars. His mysticism and masked mannerisms include matches showcased in different colors and incredible Lucha Libre moves. His Stackdown set includes a trampoline launcher and breakable entrance. Surely, Sin Cara isn’t the only Stackdown Superstar who would make use of such a device.

Build, play with or collect your WWE Stackdown toys for a miniature, more hands on approach to wrestling toys and action figures!

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