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The Action Gets REAL With WWE POP UPS From Wicked Cool Toys!

With a wide variety of wrestling figures and accessories available, it’s no surprise that figure fans want their setups to be as realistic and as open as possible. To solve for this, Wicked Cool Toys has come to the rescue again with WWE Pop Ups – authentic scale set-ups of the RAW and SmackDownLIVE! stages! They will also feature crowds like pictured above, so the feeling of the WWE Universe can be completely captured!

The WWE RAW stage features the red color scheme, arrows and platform just like showtime on Monday night. Fans can now walk the ramp that so many legendary WWE Superstars have walked and do it with the confidence and pride of any of their wrestling figure personalities.

Also up for grabs is the SmackDownLIVE stage, which features the setup for the blue brand. This is also authentically scaled and foldable for real scale play! All your wrestling figures can stand on the stage, walk down the stage and anything else you put your imagination to. They are incredibly detailed.

These will be available on WrestlingFigures.com and you can check out the accessories section for them!

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