Mattel WWE Series 55 Officially Announced!


Hold on to your hats, wrestling action figure fans! Mattel #WWE Series 55 has been officially announced, and includes MORE figures than usual at a full lineup of 8!

Mattel WWE Series 55 includes:

  • Charlotte
  • El Torito
  • Kane
  • John Cena
  • Sting
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Randy Orton
  • Undertaker

Charlotte gets her first ever Mattel WWE NXT figure treatment in this series. Quickly proving that talent runs deep in her family, Charlotte has stood atop the NXT brand as champion and shown the world through amazing matches that she is ready for anything. With a fair bit of ‘flair,’ her first Mattel WWE figure could easily be one of the most spot on Diva figures ever.

Making his debut in the Mattel WWE Series line, Sting makes a massive splash in the WWE. We have seen a WCW style Sting with the release of the WWE Defining Moments version, but have yet to see a modern take on everyone’s favorite vigilante legend. Mattel WWE Series 55 leaves that option open.

Since being recruited to do The Authority’s bidding, the corporate version of Kane has been a thorn in the side of anyone and everyone trying to defy their corrupt ways. Wrestling figure fans have seen one corporate version of Kane in wrestling attire. With a look that could retire CM Punk, Kane is ready to fight in the name of the upper office. We will likely see some version of the Devil’s Favorite Demon like this, as opposed to a return to masked form.

El Torito has shown that he can hold his own and charge without the likes of Los Matadores as he has had countless classic matches with Hornswoggle. He has also showcased many different, bullish attires that prove he can colorfully make his way into any conflict with a rush of energy. The latest Mattel WWE El Torito will likely show off one of these different colors.

The Viper, Randy Orton has been dormant in his current WWE state, waiting for the best time to strike. His calm, calculated ways have shown that he carefully choses sides that work towards his advantage. A new Mattel WWE Randy Orton will likely carry a new look on the face of someone who is now a veteran like no other in the WWE locker room.

The Cenation will all rise as John Cena makes another return to the Mattel WWE wrestling figure series. With his United States Championship open challenge in full swing, many opponents have tried and failed to make a dent in the man who stands tall atop the WWE locker room. With a new, teal color scheme, we can expect John Cena to continue to be included in sets as his latest colorful version.

Showing up at WrestleMania to close the mouth of the man claiming to be the ‘new face of fear,’ the Undertaker is still a classic example of a legendary, larger than life figure. His latest Mattel WWE figure simply can only be based on his ‘Mania appearance as he is seldom seen otherwise. Look for this one to have accurate hair and attire.

That very same ‘new face of fear’ that Undertaker attempted to hush in Bray Wyatt is constantly lurking in the shadows in the modern day landscape of WWE. A new Mattel WWE Bray Wyatt would likely show just how terrifying that ‘new face of fear’ is, and either have a maniacal headsculpt or one of calculating psychosis.

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