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WALK…With Elias in Mattel WWE Entrance Greats…Now IN STOCK!

You’ve heard his tunes, you’ve seen him fight (kind of), and now Elias joins your Mattel WWE figure collection thanks to WWE Entrance Greats! Elias is rockin’ and rollin’ on his guitar, has a stool that’s perfect for taking a seat and playing a tune.

Now in stock, he also includes a scarf accessory, white ring pants and an entrance base with his name and button that, when pressed, plays some truly beautiful music! Check out images below:

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WHO’S NEXT?! Mattel WWE Entrance Greats Goldberg is IN STOCK!

That’s right, folks. The WCW standout and perhaps one of the most intense figures of the Attitude Era, Goldberg has arrived in Mattel WWE Entrance Greats!

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A GLORIOUS Debut for Bobby Roode in Mattel WWE Entrance Greats!

The newly revamped Mattel WWE Entrance Greats Series has offered yet another surprise with Bobby Roode! The NXT standout and now WWE SmackDown Live! staple is ready for action with his first ever Mattel WWE action figure!

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No More Words…No More Waiting For the Mattel WWE Entrance Greats Jeff Hardy!

Since the debut of the Mattel WWE wrestling action figure line in 2009, fans have waited and wanted extremely patiently for the first ever Mattel WWE Jeff Hardy action figure. Now almost, a decade after the initial Mattel WWE launch, they will get their hands on an amazing treatment of the Charismatic Enigma. The next WWE Superstar in the Entrance Greats line is Jeff Hardy!

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It’s TRUE! Your Olympic Hero Kurt Angle is the FIRST Mattel WWE Entrance Greats Relaunch Figure!

It’s true…it’s DAMN true! Fans have been clamoring for a Mattel WWE Kurt Angle since his return to the WWE as RAW General Manager and they are finally going to get their wish! In the newly re-launched Mattel WWE Entrance Greats line, Angle is smiling, powerful and athletic! Now up for PRE-ORDER and with new MOC images, this has become one of the most must-have debut figures for a WWE Superstar or Legend ever!

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Finally…a Mattel WWE Kurt Angle! It’s True! It’s True!

Since debuting as the WWE Raw General Manager (and causing controversy with his son, Jason Jordan), fans have been speculating on when we would see the first ever Mattel WWE Kurt Angle wrestling action figure! That time has finally come as Angle was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 as the first in a revival of the Mattel WWE Entrance Greats Series!

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