Could Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns be Headed for a Major Collision?

With Survivor Series on the immediate horizon, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns may no longer be able to maintain the friendship that has kept them strong since the betrayal of Seth Rollins. The Shield brethren have branched out on their own and become top level WWE Superstars in their own right, but they have maintained a close partnership when facing off against their common enemy in Rollins, The Authority, or anyone else who has decided to attack either of them on a consistent basis.

Whether Survivor Series 2015 sees Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns leave as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, it seems that they will eventually have to face off with each other. The Mattel WWE Elite 36 Dean Ambrose and the Mattel WWE Elite 38 Roman Reigns are the perfect wrestling action figures to make that happen ahead of time.

With a kendo stick, ring jeans, a removable jacket and a look of absolute insanity, the Mattel WWE Elite 36 Dean Ambrose brings not just athletic ability but a memorable personality to the top of the WWE mountain. The head sculpt is a spot on rendition of what an over the edge version of Dean Ambrose would look like.

Roman Reigns seems to be the ‘chosen one’ as time moves on and more and more happens for the former members of The Shield. His strength and intensely good look have made him the heir to the throne that the top WWE Superstars like John Cena and Undertaker will have to give up with age. The only member of The Shield who still comes in from the crowd, Roman Reigns is a man of the people. He proves it in his Mattel WWE Elite 38 figure, smiling away as his adoring fans look on.

With two removable vests, his logo showcased and even a breakable barricade, Roman Reigns can deliver a spear like no other and draws upon superhuman powers to become one of the most feared competitors the WWE has to offer.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns may be friends now, but the time may come where they are forced to put their friendship aside and really see who can create the stronger storm in the WWE. Whether they are truly evenly matched or one will overtake the other remains to be seen.

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