All New Mattel WWE Elite 39 Images!


Mattel WWE Elite 39 has received new MOC and Prototype images! This groundbreaking set features plenty of Legends and modern day roster members, or in Sting’s case…both! Mattel WWE Elite 39 includes:

  • Sting
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Damien Sandow (Damien Mizdow)
  • British Bulldog
  • The Godfather
  • Sycho Sid

Sting has made his way into the WWE family with a vengeance. After being a thorn in Triple H’s side, he unsuccessfully bid for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins, but not before wowing everyone with an amazing effort. He has proven that he deserves to be in the WWE just as any legend does, and his Elite 39 figure showcases his modern day look.

Dolph Ziggler has shown time and time again how valuable he is to the WWE and how hard he fights, whether with or without the WWE Universe behind him. It isn’t so bad that he is that good for us, though, because some of the most memorable matches of the past half decade have come from this heel!

Looking just like his counterpart, Damien Mizdow became everything The Miz wished he were to the people around him. Though his work as The Miz’s ‘stunt double’ was short lived, Damien Sandow’s turn as Damien Mizdow will now never be forgotten thanks to Mattel WWE Elite 39!

The legendary British Bulldog returns to the Mattel WWE Elite line with an over the top version and extremely memorable look! From the height of his time as a member of the British Bulldogs, Davey Boy Smith gets what’s likely one of his best wrestling action figure treatments ever.

Sycho Sid smiles his way into insanity and into WWE legendary status, grinning from ear to ear in Mattel WWE Elite 39! Sid Vicious original WWF run is featured here, and it is an unmatched version of Sid with a removable vest, depicting him like never before.

Pimpin’ ain’t easy, indeed! The Godfather is ready to party even if it means skipping having an actual match in Mattel WWE Elite 39! Complete with his pimp gear, he’s featured in more detail than ever before.

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