Mattel WWE Elite 39 Lineup Revealed, PRE-ORDER Available!

After waiting an entire summer filled with some amazing Mattel WWE releases, the Mattel WWE Elite 39 lineup has finally been revealed! With a ‘Flashback’ heavy lineup, many are surprised to find exactly who is included in the set.

Mattel WWE Elite 39 includes:

  • Sting
  • Sycho Sid
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Damien Sandow (Damien Mizdow)
  • Godfather
  • British Bulldog

– Sting has returned and made an immediate mark in the WWE, fighting against the corruption of The Authority and proving that he still has what it takes to stand tall in the face of evil. It’s possible that we will see an updated, modern day version of Sting in this Mattel WWE Elite set, hopefully including his duster and trademark baseball bat. Sting’s sophisticated face paint choices prove that he has aged gracefully and still can to battle with the best that the WWE has to offer, like Triple H and Seth Rollins.

– Damien Sandow spent the better part of last year serving time as a ‘stunt double’ for the new and improved, Hollywood style The Miz. He came to find, however, that fans enjoyed his version of The Miz better than The Miz himself! Finally breaking out on his own, Damien Sandow has returned to form and no longer fights with the flash of ‘Damien Mizdow,’ but his Mattel WWE Elite 39 figure will likely memorialize his ‘stunt double for hire’ time.

– The British Bulldog has been longingly absent since Mattel WWE Legends Series 3. There is room to see new versions of The Bulldog that haven’t been seen in wrestling figure lines in a long, long time. What could be seen is a different style of ring gear for Davey Boy Smith, possibly long tights or even jeans in the later years of his career. Another factor to consider is the different hairstyles that the British Bulldog sported throughout his career, which could be shown off in this new Elite Flashback.

– You know what it means to hop aboard the ‘HO TRAIN?!’ That means you definitely know that ‘Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy!’ The Godfather finally makes his Mattel WWE wrestling figure debut in Elite 38! Not exactly the most ‘kid-friendly’ WWE Superstar to grace the squared circle, The Godfather nonetheless always brought cheer and joy to the WWE Universe with his carefree attitude. Now, he’s ready to bring the party to  wrestling figure collectors everywhere.

– Sycho Sid knows what it’s like to be crazy, and it’s even crazier to see this intense, former world champion return to the Mattel WWE figure line! It’s likely that this Sycho Sid will be an adaptation of his championship WWE days, and it’s even better to see the Mattel WWE Legends roster expand.

– Dolph Ziggler has proven time and time again that he is as skilled as any WWE Superstar in history. He fights to get to the top of the WWE ladder as hard as he can and his athleticism is unprecedented. He is now a staple in the WWE Universe and manages to come up in every conversation about where the WWE’s future is headed. Dolph Ziggler gets his latest figure treatment, and it will likely be spot on.

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