Things Get BIG in Mattel WWE Series 63!

The trend of huge Mattel WWE series sets continues with Mattel WWE Series 63! More of the most sought after WWE Superstars get immortalized in figure form and these figures are now available at! Mattel WWE Series 63 includes:

  • Rusev
  • The Undertaker
  • Ryback
  • Paul Heyman
  • Sid Justice
  • Baron Corbin
  • Seth Rollins
  • Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio makes his long awaited return to the WWE, and now to the Mattel WWE line! With his angry face and furrowed brow, he’s not accepting any nonsense from any members of the WWE locker room. He knows that he is ‘El Patron,’ and because of that he will always be in control with top level wrestling ability.

Feed Me More has taken on an entirely new meaning for Ryback as he continues to eat his way to the top through more and more opponents. With a new, detailed singlet, the ‘Big Guy’ has his symbol built in to the back as well.

Seth Rollins is waiting in the wings to return to the WWE, but his Mattel WWE wrestling figures are still coming and giving you the chance to help him return even soon! With an excited face and accurate ring gear, will he be sneaky and calculated when he returns, or will he feel more heroic than ever?

The impact will be made by Sid Justice in the Mattel WWE Series 63. Catapulting a memorable career for Sycho Sid and Sid Vicious, Sid Justice wears blue ring gear and has accurate hair that looks exactly as he did during those days of absolute Justice in the WWF.

The wide eyed, insane look for The Undertaker that we all saw at SummerSlam 2015 will now be forever immortalized! This modern day Undertaker has that short hair and accurate ring gear that the Undertaker uses to take on foes like Brock Lesnar and Triple H as he cements his legacy in the twilight stages of his career.

Getting back into a the swing of CRUSHING things, Rusev returns in Mattel WWE Series 63. With painted on chest hair and a head sculpt featuring a ponytail, Rusev has accurate tattoos and ‘Bulgarian Brute’ ring gear with those green, red and black colors. He will continue to crush for years to come.

Though we have not been able to see what the Mattel WWE Series 63 Paul Heyman will look like, one thing is for sure, we know his name and we know that he will aid Brock Lesnar in continuing to be the most devastating, dominating force that the WWE has ever seen. It’s likely he will be featured in one of his many sharp suits that he likes to wear.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal found a winner in Baron Corbin this year, lasting longer than giants like Shaq, Kane and The Big Show to become the new biggest guy in town. His first ever Mattel WWE figure features accurate tattoos, black ring pants and sets him up for success as one of the hottest new WWE Superstars in a long, long time.

mfa63_alberto_del_rio mfa63_baron_corbin mfa63_rusev mfa63_ryback mfa63_seth_rollins mfa63_sid_justice mfa63_undertaker

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