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OHHH YOU DIDN’T KNOW? Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws, Reuniting in Mattel WWE Form!

Mattel WWE New Age Outlaws Package Deal!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day as people across the world think of the greatest pairings ever, many WWE Universe members are struck by the partnership of the New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg Jesse James and ‘Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn. After re-capturing the WWE Tag Team Championships following a 15 year absence, the duo, who may or may not be at the beck and call of COO Triple H, are taking the locker room by storm. Aside from a brief appearance on RAW’s 20th Anniversary and a quick entry into the 2013 Royal Rumble by Road Dogg, the New Age Outlaws have been mostly inactive in the ring since disbanding so many years ago. However, they are proving consistently that they still have what it takes to roll with the young superstars they are defending their championships again. Now, they finally have Mattel WWE figures for fans to re-enact their favorite modern day New Age Outlaws moments.

Mattel WWE Elite 26 Road Dogg Jesse James!

Mattel WWE Elite 26 Road Dogg Jesse James!

The Road Dogg Jesse James blows the roof off of any arena he enters, beckoning the WWE Universe to the ‘Dogg House’ and rhyming his way through a self-introduction to one of the greatest Tag Teams in the history of wrestling. His Mattel WWE figure includes a hat, a D-Generate Road Dogg t-shirt and a classic style D-Generation X t-shirt. With a spot on likeness, pants that bear the D-Generation X style logos that only Road Dogg can pull off, this figure comes ring ready for both classic collections and modern day collections.

Mattel WWE Elite 27 Bad Ass Billy Gunn!

Mattel WWE Elite 27 Bad Ass Billy Gunn!Mattel WWE Elite 27 Bad Ass Billy Gunn!

Also entering the Mattel WWE world is the ‘Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn, also affectionately known as ‘Mr. Ass.’ WWE’s resident ass man gets his first figure treatment in over 7 years, throwing back to his original style during the ‘Attitude Era’ but presenting a modern sentiment with interchangable headbands and two separate D-Generation X t-shirts. His trunks bear plenty of lips symbols and his knee pads are marked with ‘BA,’ which can only stand for ‘Bad Ass!’ The green color and white boots are a style choice Billy Gunn has made famous, making mothers everywhere turn their heads as he pulled his shorts down just enough to be inappropriate when entering the ring. His figure will not have this feature, but he is still just as much of a degenerate.

Mattel WWE New Age Outlaws Package Deal!

Mattel WWE New Age Outlaws Package Deal!

The New Age Outlaws have finally been immortalized in Mattel WWE plastic, but at what cost? The once happy-go-lucky rebels still maintain their wild personalities but carry out the biddings of the controlling, condescending and downright oppressive COO, their fellow D-Generation X member, Triple H. Could their WWE Tag Team Championship opportunity (they did win fair and square, at least) have come from strings being pulled by their friend in the highest possible place? No one knows except the members of D-Generation X themselves, but seeing how quickly the New Age Outlaws can jump to the defense of their old friend smells a little fishy.

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The New Age Outlaws…Part of the Machine?!

Since finding a new home in the WWE after years of absence, the New Age Outlaws have rekindled the fans love for their anti-authority antics and reinvigorated the true meaning of D-Generation X. However, they recently betrayed CM Punk and walked out on him in the middle of a tag team match with The Shield. While they claim they are not in cahoots with COO and fellow D-Generation X member Triple H, all arrows seem to point in that direction. In the meantime, modern day fans get to enjoy an Attitude Era staple that hasn’t changed much since it’s original run, the tag team of the New Age Outlaws. As the Outlaws continue to make their presence felt, their Mattel WWE figures add new depth to the rosters of wrestling figure collectors who love mixing the ‘old’ with the ‘new.’

Mattel WWE Elite 26 Road Dogg Jesse James!

Mattel WWE Elite 26 Road Dogg Jesse James!

Road Dogg Jesse James was released first in Mattel WWE Elite 26, complete with hat and two D-Generation X style shirts. His ‘shake, rattle and roll’ finish can be re-enacted and he can be posed like a true degenerate. Welcome to the Dogg house takes on entirely new meaning with such a detailed figure.

Mattel WWE Elite 27 Bad Ass Billy Gunn!

Road Dogg’s partner in crime, the ‘Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn has yet to be put on display by Mattel. Speculation runs rampant as to which outfit would best suit Mr. Ass, but the possibilities are endless. The most likely choices are either green with lips featured or pink with lips featured on the ‘rear’ and front. Billy Gunn looks almost exactly the same as he did during the Attitude Era, so fitting him in with the rest of your Mattel WWE figures should be no problem.

It is unknown whether or not DX has a corporate agenda, but after their actions against CM Punk on RAW it can only be assumed that even D-Generation X will do what’s ‘best for business.’

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Mattel WWE Elite 27 Finally Up For Pre-Order!

Mattel WWE Elite 27 is one of the most anticipated Mattel WWE wrestling action figures sets of all time. Featuring three Flashbacks and three sought after modern day Superstars, this set is bound to be one of the most popular Mattel WWE Elite sets ever. The set features:

  • Undertaker
  • Billy Gunn
  • Fandango
  • Rob Van Dam
  • Kofi Kingston
  • Rikishi

The Undertaker has yet to have a main line Mattel WWE Elite figure sporting his new hairdo. This will hopefully be the figure that those who love the current Phenom have been waiting for.

Fandango’s first Mattel WWE Elite figure has extra articulation and a vest so fans can re-enact all his entrance shenanigans and pose him as a true dancer.

Kofi Kingston’s figure is still a bit of a mystery. Will it include an Intercontinental Championship from his latest short-lived run? Or will he be sporting his new long tights?

Once one of the most popular WWE Superstars, Rikishi Fatu grooved his way into the hearts of many Attitude Era fans. His figure will most likely offer plenty of stink-faces to go around.
Rob Van Dam triumphantly returned to the WWE at Money in The Bank 2013. A classic and beloved Superstar, this is his first Mattel WWE figure so fans of The Whole F’n Show are truly excited.
Affectionately called Mr. Ass, Billy Gunn makes his return to WWE action figures following his long-time partner Road Dogg in Mattel WWE Elite 26. Having the New Age Outlaws together again will be perfect for Attitude Era enthusiasts.
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