“Red & White” Hollywood Hulk Hogan by Storm Collectibles…IN STOCK, BROTHER!

Not only does Hulkamania always run wild but for anyone feeling a little rebellious, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan is and will always be here to stay! After the tremendous success of the “Hollywood Rules’ Hogan Exclusive by Storm Collectibles, an all new, badder than ever version of the most iconic superstar of all time is now available! The ‘Red and White’ Hollywood Hulk Hogan flexes his way into the roster of Ringside Collectibles Exclusives!

This time around, Hogan sports a colorful throwback to his days of ruling arenas across the world while leading one of the most infamous gangs ever. The treatment features clenched-teeth and removable white and black sunglasses along with a gold cross accessory in a completely new color.

Also new and improved are his black, white and red ‘Hogan’ shirt and tights with a completely new design taking it back to the lightning bolts of the mid-nineties! The white and blue boots are newly designed as well and feature a stern ‘Hollywood’ face. Hogan’s removable bandana is also newly designed with white lightning bolts and his weight belt is a ‘sophisticated’ white and black!

Of course, Hollywood Hogan wouldn’t be ‘Hollywood’ without his feather boa, this time around in red and white. Other accessories include new hand molds, a red and black ‘Hollywood’ Hogan stand and even red and white, exclusive packaging!

Made to scale with your other wrestling action figures, this is the perfect chance to bring a blast from the past into your wrestling figure roster to completely take over!

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