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Mattel WWE The Shield – Epic Moments IN STOCK!

The time has come for The Shield to triumphantly return as Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are together again and IN STOCK thanks to Mattel WWE Epic Moments!

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The Shield Reunite in Mattel WWE Epic Moments!

The WWE Universe loves Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins – all in their own ways, of course, but it’s clear they can’t help but to explode with joy when The Shield, the original group featuring all three WWE Superstars, knuckle up for a reunion! Mattel WWE figure fans can now reunite the group any time and in any way with the Mattel WWE Epic Moments Shield Reunion Pack!

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Milk-O-Mania Runs Wild With the NEW Mattel WWE Epic Moments Set!

During “The Invasion,” the world was rocked when Stone Cold Steve Austin took over as the leader of The Alliance! On his side was Stephanie McMahon, trying to lead a hostile takeover of WCW and ECW stars, ending the ‘Attitude’ of WWE once and for all. Thankfully, Kurt Angle was heroically able to save the day and that is now immortalized in the Mattel WWE Milk-O-Mania Epic Moments set!

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Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy Epic Moments Crashes Into the Mattel WWE Line!

By Robert Mulrenin

The news has BROKEN, everyone’s favorite ‘xtreme’ brotherly duo Matt and Jeff Hardy will finally make their return to the Mattel WWE line with the upcoming Epic Moments series!

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