Mattel WWE Elite 48 Has Arrived!

The fans are always clamoring for the latest Mattel WWE Elite set due to its high quality, Elite articulation and amazing detail. The latest in this case is Mattel WWE Elite 48! This set includes:

  • Cactus Jack
  • The Boogeyman
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Kalisto
  • Erick Rowan
  • Dolph Ziggler

The Ambrose Asylum traps each and every one of Dean Ambrose’s biggest fans on a weekly basis! When the Lunatic Fringe goes insane, the crowd goes wild and continues to cheer on the former Shield member as he does things his own way. With a microphone to talk smack and a removable black ‘DA’ shirt, he’s dressed to wrestle and dressed to calmly discuss his issues with his opponents!

The Boogeyman is comin’ to GETCHU, as he has been for years and years, in Mattel WWE figure form! The wild eyed, maddened ECW and WWE standout doesn’t come with any worms, but he does come with a cane and a clock to wiggle his way down your entrance ramp and into your heart!

One of the ‘three faces of Foley’, Cactus Jack is certainly the most dangerous personality in the personas that Mick Foley called his own. After a long hiatus from the Mattel WWE line, he returns with a flannel, Do Not Enter sign accessory and a look that could cause even the toughest hardcore opponent to shake in their boots.

Zig, then zag, then show off your athleticism with the latest Mattel WWE Dolph Ziggler! His dark hair still accentuates his handsome face, but his new, black and red ring gear with molded chains and speckled ring tights make him a force to be reckoned with and never underestimated.

The Wyatt Family may have different objectives and ideals as it grows and changes, but Erick Rowan will always be one of the biggest and most frightening members of the group. With two removable lamb masks that causes unforgettable fear, Rowan has a long, orange beard and black ‘jumpsuit’ ring gear.

The Lucha Dragons split up and Kalisto has made the best of it by going out on his own and wowing the WWE Universe! With a molded mask, green and black ring gear and even a trampoline accessory to make his way into the ring in a most unforgettable way.

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