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Mattel WWE Series 89 Now Available for Pre-Order!

More to come from the Mattel WWE Basic series with WWE Series 89 now available for pre-order at Ringside Collectibles! Series 89 includes:

  • Kurt Angle
  • Sheamus
  • Kalisto
  • Carmella
  • Cesaro

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Mattel WWE Elite 48 Has Arrived!

The fans are always clamoring for the latest Mattel WWE Elite set due to its high quality, Elite articulation and amazing detail. The latest in this case is Mattel WWE Elite 48! This set includes:

  • Cactus Jack
  • The Boogeyman
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Kalisto
  • Erick Rowan
  • Dolph Ziggler

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Mattel WWE Elite 42 Revealed!

The Mattel WWE Elite 42 has long been available for pre-order, but has not been revealed until now! We get a look at the mix of classic and up and coming WWE Superstars that will be available. Elite 42 includes:

  • Neville
  • Triple H
  • Brian Knobbs
  • Jerry Sags
  • Xavier Woods
  • Kalisto

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The Mattel WWE Series 60 Arrives With A Bang!

One of the largest sets in Mattel WWE history, Mattel WWE Series 60 has finally arrived at Ringside Collectibles. Featuring all new looks for old favorites and even some unexpected additions, fans have been waiting for its release for ages. Now, they can get their hands on every name in the set, both old and new. Mattel WWE Series 60 includes:

  • Seth Rollins
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Kalisto
  • Renee Young
  • John Cena
  • Randy Orton
  • Luke Harper
  • Kofi Kingston

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