The Undisputed Era Are the Next Mattel WWE Epic Moments!

Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly have maintained that they are amongst an UNDISPUTED era of new wrestling power, control and most importantly, talent. It is imperative that they make their way into the Mattel WWE line as quickly as possible and the team has managed to do that by blowing past the main line and debuting in Mattel WWE Epic Moments! It is time to truly usher in an ‘Undisputed Era’ with these new figures!

With other members likely on the way (we’re looking at you, Roderick Strong)  the original core members of Undisputed Era will debut in this new Mattel WWE 3-Pack!

Standing as a unit, the team include removable black ‘Undisputed Era CFO’ shirts and accurate ring gear! Check out images below of each individual figure and keep an eye on for availability – and pre-order!

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