The Authors of Pain Break Through the Mattel WWE Wrestling Figures Line!

Paul Ellering, former manager of the legendary team ‘The Road Warriors’ Hawk and Animal, knows a brutal, intense and powerful team when he sees one. Perhaps even he couldn’t have seen the power that is the Authors of Pain as he was rejected as their manager upon their joining of the WWE RAW roster! Without Ellering weighing them down, Akam and Rezar are now joining the Mattel WWE wrestling figure line!

First up, Akam will be released with full entrance gear, an entrance helmet and NXT Tag Team Championship accessory…perfect to not only reflect his time in NXT but also to catapult him to Monday nights. Not far behind, his partner does and will always have his back.

Rezar has just as much intensity as his boy, but he’s really showing it in the teeth! With his NXT Tag Team Championship accessory, entrance helmet and entrance gear, he’s also ready to rep the Authors of Pain against any and all comers.

Any fans of AOP can now collect perfected versions of their favorites!

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