Mattel WWE Elite 42 Revealed!

The Mattel WWE Elite 42 has long been available for pre-order, but has not been revealed until now! We get a look at the mix of classic and up and coming WWE Superstars that will be available. Elite 42 includes:

  • Neville
  • Triple H
  • Brian Knobbs
  • Jerry Sags
  • Xavier Woods
  • Kalisto

It’s long been speculated that The Game himself, Triple H would have a classic version be released in this set. It’s now confirmed that this will be ‘Terminator’ Triple H, which the King of Kings showcased at WrestleMania 31. With removable Terminator style gear, he shows off what is now a classic ‘WrestleMania’ entrance.

The Nasty Boys make their return to the WWE action figure line with both Brian Nobbs and Jerry Sags! Nobbs includes a removable jacket, blonde hair and decorated sunglasses while Sags shows off his legendary teeth, a Nasty Boys shirt and black, accurate ring gear. All you need to do now is set up a ‘Pit Stop’ and you will be recreating classic moments!

Sounding the horn for the New Day, Xavier Woods finally gets a Mattel WWE Elite treatment! With blue and white New Day ring gear and a removable vest, he’s definitely ready for tag team action. A highlight here is that he comes with his trusty trombone to make sure to remind you that New…Day Rocks! New Day Rocks!

Kalisto has been taking the WWE Universe by storm since capturing the WWE United States Championship, and his first Mattel WWE Elite treatment makes him even more in touch with WWE fans. With a mask, molded ring gear and accurate tattoos, this half of the Lucha Dragons is ready to shout ‘Lucha! Lucha!’ on the way to the ring and fight harder than ever!

The man that gravity forgot, Neville is ready for high flying action and is dressed like never before with purple ring gear and a smirk on his face. His symbol is in the front of his trunks and he has a removable entrance cape and is ready to take off and fly.

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