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Jake The Snake Roberts Returns!…To Mattel WWE?!

The WWE Universe exploded with surprise when Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts returned to the WWE for the first time in well over 15 years at Old School RAW. Bringing a new snake with him, he gave Dean Ambrose the surprise of his life and looked better than ever. Fans immediately began to speculate as to what the extent of Roberts’ return would be. Would it be full time, a one off appearance or perhaps an entry in the 2014 Royal Rumble? Along with career speculation, there is always wrestling figure speculation. Jake Roberts has been lucky enough to receive two Mattel WWE treatments so far, one in Mattel WWE Legends Series 2 and one in a two pack with The Viper, Randy Orton. Despite generally keeping his outfits similar, here are additional attires that many believe would make great Mattel WWE Jake the Snake figures:

Jake The Snake Roberts Mattel WWE Return?

Jake The Snake Roberts Mattel WWE Return?

This standard look is another of Jake’s many attires from his peak in the WWE. With this version sporting a caricature of his own face and stylistic ‘snake hair,’ it would make a colorful, well designed Mattel WWE figure. Of course, the inclusion of Damien would help.

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts at WrestleMania with Alice Cooper!

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts at WrestleMania with Alice Cooper!

One of Jake the Snake’s most famous WrestleMania appearances came with famed shock-rocker Alice Cooper in his corner at WrestleMania III. The tights Jake wore reflected Cooper’s wild style, perfectly capturing the friendship between the two and Jake the Snake’s WrestleMania Appearance. Notable WrestleMania appearances include WrestleMania V against Andre the Giant and WrestleMania VI against Million Dollar Man.

Jake Roberts vs. Steve Austin - King of the Ring 1996!

Jake Roberts vs. Steve Austin – King of the Ring 1996!

Many argue this match is the beginning of the Attitude Era, as Steve Austin defeated Jake the Snake Roberts at King of the Ring 1996. A memorable match indeed, also memorable for Jake’s vest and teal ring attire featuring snake designs. The ‘reformed Christian’ would soon go on to compete for ECW and would not return to the WWE for 15 years.

The next step for Jake The Snake Roberts in Mattel WWE form depends on whether or not his appearance was only once. If he continues to show up, or even competes at Royal Rumble 2014, a modern day Snake figure would be ideal for Mattel WWE collectors and fans.

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