NXT is NOW With This Authentic Scale Ring!

Since the release of the Wicked Cool Toys WWE Authentic Scale Ring, wrestling action figure fans have been able to make all their wrestling figure dreams come true by battling it out in a ring that is scaled larger than ever, accurately. Now, thanks to Wicked Cool Toys, fans can use their Mattel WWE and NXT figures in a ring modeled directly to the yellow brand with the NXT Authentic Scale Ring!

The NXT Authentic Scale Ring features 22.4 x 22.6 Authentic Scale, so it’s perfect when using your Mattel WWE wrestling action figures. It also creates a more accurate fight space as more and more NXT Superstars are released in the Mattel WWE line. The high gloss posts on the ring bear NXT branding and hook in NXT turnbuckles to yellow ropes, creating a colorful sense of accuracy. The official NXT ring skirt included makes it clear that this is the official version of the brand and looks just like the real thing. With a two piece mat, over 50 buildable pieces and size enough to hold fifty figures, the Authentic Scale NXT Ring is perfect to hold your wrestling figure matches for years to come.

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