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The Future is NOW With the NXT Authentic Scale Ring!

WWE Authentic Scale Rings have been a wildly popular way for wrestling action figure fans to make their play larger than life. With both RAW and Smackdown versions making their way into collector’s hands, it was only a matter of time before NXT took over! Now on the way is a WWE Authentic Scale Ring – specifically designed for the NXT brand!

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NXT is NOW With This Authentic Scale Ring!

Since the release of the Wicked Cool Toys WWE Authentic Scale Ring, wrestling action figure fans have been able to make all their wrestling figure dreams come true by battling it out in a ring that is scaled larger than ever, accurately. Now, thanks to Wicked Cool Toys, fans can use their Mattel WWE and NXT figures in a ring modeled directly to the yellow brand with the NXT Authentic Scale Ring!

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