Hollywood Takes Over! It’s the Storm Collectibles Hulk Hogan Exclusive!

It’s been a long time since the wrestling world has been able to enjoy a Hulk Hogan wrestling action figure. Thanks to Storm Collectibles, Ringside Collectibles and a little bit of ‘Hollywood,’ Hulk Hogan returns for an exclusive wrestling action figure!

Commemorating Hulk Hogan’s heelish existence as ‘Hollywood’ Hogan, this exclusive from Storm Collectibles comes in at 6 – 7″ scale, putting it in line with all your favorite wrestling action figures. Based on Hogan’s look in the mid-1990’s, it features plenty of Hollywood style regalia and a completely accurate, spot on headsculpt. With a removable bandana, boa, Hollywood Rules shirt, necklace, interchangeable hands, weight belt and stand!

It’s not all black and white this time…Hollywood Hogan definitely rules!

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