Walk With Elias in the Mattel WWE Line with an Elite Sneak Peek!

Hear that sound? It’s the smooth, tortured stylings of Elias! The WWE RAW standout is bringing his unmatched guitar skills to the Mattel WWE line eventually. Here is a look at his first Mattel WWE wrestling figure!

To know Elias means to truly ‘walk with Elias’ and the WWE Universe has been doing it for weeks upon weeks with his debut. His first Mattel WWE Elite figure has not quite found a home, but it is very detailed and will come with a scarf, black ring pants and a guitar accessory! Fans can now strum along as Elias knocks each and every city he enters each and every week!

From the days of NXT to the current days of the WWE main roster, Elias has proven he’s a voice to be remembered like never before!

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