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Mattel WWE Series 41 Now Available For Pre-Order!

The Mattel WWE Series 41 wrestling action figures!
The Mattel WWE Series 41 wrestling action figures!

The Mattel WWE Series 41 wrestling action figures!

The newly announced Mattel WWE Series 41 will feature some of the most powerful, intense and silly WWE Superstars that the WWE has to offer! The set is now up for pre-order and includes:

  • Santino Marella
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Antonio Cesaro
  • Fandango

Santino Marella receives his first Mattel WWE figure treatment since the pique of the “Cobra era” and he still carries the old, trusty snake around. This figure could possible feature that Cobra built in once again, but chances are we could be seeing a standard Santino this time around.

The whole world is in the hands of Bray Wyatt, who just recently enjoyed the release of his first ever Mattel WWE figure. This time around we can likely see a more colorful shirt or a different type of ring pants from the frightening Wyatt Family leader. Hopefully his Mattel WWE action figure won’t hypnotize the young owners who enjoy playing with it!

Antonio Cesaro has cemented his place as one of the strongest members of the WWE roster after winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and swinging some of the biggest WWE Superstars like rag dolls. He has proven to be a literal super man, and will more than likely receive a new headsculpt treatment after his previous Mattel WWE Series figure left fans with a bit to be desired in that respect.

Fandango has danced his way into our hearts and souls providing arrogant comic relief amongst his wrestling talent. His latest Mattel WWE figure could feature a different style of facial hair and with so many colorful attire choices, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the most colorful Fandango yet, and that’s saying a lot.

Drew McIntyre has let his intensity hang loose to take a much more laid back approach to the WWE as a member of the 3 Man Band. 3MB finds McIntyre wearing leather pants, head bands and rocking out with the other members. This will be the first Drew McIntyre Mattel WWE wrestling figure in quite a while, so fans will more than likely be excited to expand their roster with him if they didn’t get the chance when he was a bit more…serious.

The leader of the Yes! Movement, Daniel Bryan has followed his dreams and made them all come true. He shows up in Mattel WWE Series 41 and will hopefully have a new headsculpt and an excited demeanor. His outfit will likely show off his style as WWE World Heavyweight Champion or even throw back to the challenges he faced while chasing that championship glory. Either way, the WWE Universe will be able to get behind their current leader.

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