No One is Better Than the Mattel WWE Elite Top Talent!

Think you know who are the brightest WWE Superstars on the current roster? Think you know who will contend for WWE Championship gold and continue to fight harder than anyone else for their spot? Now the best of the best are available in a specialty Elite line with Mattel WWE Elite Top Talent 2018! Even more chances to get the absolute, top level WWE Superstars in your wrestling figure collection with unique looks and quality accessories! Read on to see who is included in the set this year…

Having an incredible run as WWE Champion, it’s no surprise that the consistent mainstay AJ Styles is featured in the set with an incredibly detailed look at his on point ring gear. Also included is Finn Balor, who has fluctuated between demonic and intense, with a look that the Balor Club can definitely agree is for everyone. Yet to be revealed are looks for The Architect himself Seth Rollins as he continues to fight harder than ever to maintain his status and Braun Strowman who is truly a monster among men as he tears through opponents (and sometimes set pieces) week after week! Check out a few preview images below:

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